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Tuna canned sauce imports 2017-08-18 19:07:11Which brand of tuna canned? - Can you add food to canned food which brand of tuna canned? 279,603,402 Chen Xiaohou this sister I have seen. 61 push Calvo Kai Fu, the Spanish brand that began in 1941. Just a canned tuna, there are five flavors to choose from. Olive oil immersion turkey: salt water immersion: vegetable oil immersion: tomato juice dip: vinegar dip: the last kind of vinegar did not buy, but also later in the official website to understand calvo know the fifth taste. Taobao Amazon also did not find. Above the four tastes can try, Taobao can be assembled with four together, my personal favorite is the olive oil and tomato flavor. Calvo's tuna series is also: Tuna smear sauce: original flavor, olive oil taste, tomato flavor. With biscuits. (Peas, carrots, red peppers, onions, corn kernels, black olives) Soya Tuna (peas, carrots, red peppers, onions) Salad (onion, corn kernels, olives, white beans, tomatoes) rough as me, in the school dormitory is not easy to do big action, introduced a few more than I am also a rough eating it 1. Canned or sauce sliced ​​toast fruit. 2. Lettuce, purple cabbage, small tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, onions and a series of vegetables can be washed to eat, hot boiled, according to the taste plus corn or peas canned, sugar, salt, olive oil , Salad, tuna sauce / canned, mix a mix can eat. (Tip: the first picture is the olive oil immersion turkey, this canned food will be left with olive oil, mixed salad just! A must!) 3. bedroom with low-power pot, boiled rice gruel, with salty Duck egg yolk and canned tuna. 4. Low-power pot should cook unfounded, but steamed glutinous rice can be. Glutinous rice bubble for an hour, steaming thirty minutes can be cooked. Do sushi, clip tuna. Eat canned tuna do not need too much processing, a little with the staple food and vegetables, properly ~ Finally, Calvo's sardines can also be the main product, you can try Oh ~ Posted at 2015-04-246112 users 13 This is the marketing stickers The The I was not terribly enough to go back to the golden sauces. Fold me 2015-02-11136 more 1 be folded (why?) Download client and world knowledge, long-term cans to eat tuna any harm? - What is the harm to eat long-term tuna tuna? 494343510 La Anna a girl 1 already has an answer that canned food is no problem, ah, there is no preservative. From the nutrition point of view, long-term eat a single ingredients will cause malnutrition, so long as not just eat tuna canned. 2015-08-111 Anonymous User 9 Canned is by far the safest way to pack, spike quick and chilled. Its process determines that he does not need to add preservatives (salt also has anti-corrosion function, count it?) Canned products can also sell food, the family there are a few cans of 15 years of donkey canned, still very delicious. Ps, hot and sour dishes I love to edit in 2016-12-1399 one legislation stand only to praise my handsome praise 6 no problem, peace of mind to eat it. As for the problem of preservatives, the first canned food is not added preservative. Followed by a friend said how much added some sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate what your home soy sauce in these things more. It is not necessarily soy sauce it. Haze ah, secondhand smoke ah, pesticide residues ah, the problem is far greater than these. Peace of mind to eat it. It is not really good taste. 2013-12-1061 Anonymous users 3 expensive 2013-02-203 Ma Ze by 65742 people concerned about him 1 wild tuna all heavy metal exceeded the main hazards are mercury compounds large marine life have this problem 2015-05-2312 know how 1 nobody Said the mercury problem 2015-02-1711 A Nguyen spring wind ten miles as I am tonight come to my house to find me super love to eat. The The The No way to lose weight 2016-02-2203 User salt intake exceeded 2014-06-1202 The emperor's newly installed people who learn this problem, did not really practice the people do not clouded blindly forced. 2016-12-010 juvenile push money into the money / fat 2 in order to ensure that canned food fresh, canned to add some preservatives and other additives on the human body is not good, so that the adults eat more adults will damage Body, so any canned long-term consumption is unhealthy 2013-02-2027 4 is folded (why?)


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