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The use of litchi canned 2017-09-05 08:08:38The quality and effectiveness of the supplements. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the correct way to use it. Dietary supplements The dietary supplements may be divided into vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, botanicals, enzymes, probiotics (probiotics and prebiotics). Dietary supplements can be divided into two categories according to their function: maintenance supplementation, therapeutic dietary supplement (Therapeutic supplementation). Maintenance-type dietary supplements are for the pursuit of optimal health status, while therapeutic dietary supplements are used to address certain specific physical conditions. Three basic principles 1. As far as possible from the natural food to obtain nutrition We and the nature of the co-evolution of millions of years, long-term natural choice to make natural food more and more suitable for us. Many nutrients require enzymes, minerals, and some cofactors to be well absorbed by the body. These substances are naturally present in the food, and in the synthesis of vitamins often lack of these synergistic compounds. Food is a natural gift, its composition and the proportion of the subtle degree of compelling. A nutrient may promote the absorption of another substance and may also inhibit the activity of another substance, which makes them much more effective than dietary supplements. For example, cauliflower can reduce the level of free radicals, and cauliflower in a variety of nutrients separated to dietary supplements in a way to take together, but not achieve the same effect. As long as the conditions permit, we should as much as possible through the real food to get our nutrients. Follow the gluten diet 2.0 food list to eat, which can be a good way to optimize your nutrition from food. 2. Choose the right form of dietary supplement The body of different forms of nutrients have different absorption rate, select the correct form of nutrients to ensure the effectiveness of the dose. In addition, some forms of nutrients are harmful to humans. For example, l-methionine zinc, carnosine zinc, glycine zinc are easy to absorb the form of zinc, and zinc oxide (zinc oxide) the body is difficult to absorb, zinc aspartate (zinc aspartate) even with neurotoxicity. Vitamin K2 has MK-4, MK-7 and other forms. MK-4 half-life is very short, only one hour, so it is not easy to be used by the human body; and MK-7 half-life of 3 days, which can ensure that your body has a better chance to use it. To understand the difference between the different forms of nutrients is the best, but a variety of nutrients are often numerous, dazzling. In order to make the selection simple, we can grasp the principle: the choice of natural food in the form of nutrients. Industrially produced nutrients often have a distinct biochemical response to naturally occurring nutrients. Such folic acid, folic acid, can also prevent infant neural tube defects, but some studies have shown that artificial folic acid will increase the risk of cancer, and natural folic acid (folate) will not have such effects. Vitamin is basically used in artificial folic acid (folic acid), because it is cheaper. For example, trans fats produced by ruminants are beneficial to health, and trans fats produced during the production of refined vegetable oils are toxic to humans. The choice of the natural form of nutrients in food is often the simplest and most sensible approach. 3. Careful selection of dietary supplements In fact, the dietary supplement industry is not standardized. China naturally needless to say that there are many problems in the United States. And food is not the same, dietary supplements before the listing has not been tested, FDA will only investigate those who have problems with the manufacturer. So, as a consumer, we need to master some basic principles to avoid those counterfeit goods. Judging with common sense, do not buy those products with health effects of God as much as possible to buy a single product, to avoid those who did not indicate the proportion of various components of the mixture. Try to buy less filler products, choose powder or capsules, to avoid the preparation of tablets. Use Google search, brand name \Relle03 strain: L. rhamnosus GG trade name: NatureMade03 Digestive Probiotic for Travelers strain: Saccharomyces boulardii lyo6 irritable bowel syndrome: trade name: Align03 strain: B. longum infantis 35624 trade name: IbSium03 strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae I-3856 trade name : UltraFlora64 Intensive Care strain: L. plantarum 299v ⑦ Reduced low density lipoprotein cholesterol and total cholesterol: trade name: Cardioviva64 strain: L. reuteri NCIMB 30242 ⑧ travelers diarrhea: trade name: NatureMade03 Digestive Probiotic for Travelers strain: Saccharomyces boulardii lyo ⑨ ulcerative Colonitis: trade name: VSL # 303 strain: L. acidophilus SD5212, L. casei SD5218, L. bulgaricus SD5210, L. plantarum SD5209, B longum SD5219, B. infantis SD5220B. Breve SD5206, S. thermophilus SD5207 trade name: Mutaflor03 strain: Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 related probiotics can be purchased at 2. Probiotics may also have side effects Relative to the general drug, probiotics are safer, but this does not mean that probiotics have no side effects. However, for the vast majority of basic health, the degree of adverse reactions is often lighter, and generally no more than 14 days. Common side effects include: diarrhea constipation bloating belching spasm itching rash It is interesting that these symptoms may just indicate that probiotics are working. In general, these symptoms occur in the early stages of taking probiotics, and as the body adapts, these reactions are slowly reduced. It is worth noting that, although probiotics are usually helpful for the immune system, probiotics may cause serious infections for people with severe immune system deficiencies. Although rare, there have been cases of mycobacteria, bacteremia and sepsis caused by probiotics. Moreover, the current research on the safety of probiotics is mainly directed against the bacteria of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Studies on the bacteria of Streptococcus, Enterococcus and Bacillus and the fungi of Saccharomyces are also very limited. Therefore, in the use of several types of probiotics, the need to pay more attention to observe the body's response. In addition, for the histamine intolerance of the crowd, the need to pay attention to the choice of probiotics. Some probiotics produce histamine, which can lead to increased symptoms. These probiotics include: Enterococcus faecalis Lactobacillus casei Lactobacillus bulgaricus The latter two probiotics are very common in dietary supplements and fermented foods. Other probiotics can help to degrade histamine, which may alleviate histamine intolerance, including: Bifidobacterium longum of Lactobacillus rhamnosus Bifidobacterium infantis (Bifidobacterium infantis) Lactobacillus plantarum for the growth of small intestinal bacteria in patients, the choice of probiotics is also need to pay attention. Some bacteria that produce D-lactate Lactobacillus may aggravate symptoms, but depending on the type of bacteria that are over-grown in the patient. 3. Check the label It is important to check the strains and strains: We said earlier that different strains may have completely different effects and it is important to determine the strain that suits you. Many product labels only give the name of the strain without giving the strain information, this time you need to consult the manufacturer. Check the dose: see clearly the dose of each grain or every two doses; In addition, pay attention to the number of live bacteria refers to the number of viable plants at the factory or can stabilize the number of viable bacteria. Check the storage method: see if you need refrigeration (Refrigeration Required) or can be stored at room temperature (Shelf Stable). Probiotics are treated differently and the storage conditions are different. Freeze-treated probiotics are often stored at room temperature. Check the allergen information and ingredients table: to see if there is a substance that may be sensitized. Some probiotic production will use dairy products and soybeans, and these are common fatal sources. Also need to pay attention to dextrin, xanthan gum, yeast extract of these additives, these additives may cause symptoms, especially for patients with digestive problems already exist. In order to promote the growth of probiotics, some probiotics recipe will add oligofructose (FOS), inulin and other raw elements. These prebiotics are usually harmless, but they belong to FODMAPs. For some patients with irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal bacterial overgrowth, these substances may aggravate symptoms. For example, cause bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhea. 4. Not all manufacturers produce qualified probiotics In 2015, a study conducted a sample survey of 22 best-selling probiotics in the US market, of which 12 could detect excess gluten, although these 22 probiotics The label of the commodity is written with gluten-free. From here we can see that the regulation of probiotics market there is a certain problem. It is therefore important to choose a reliable manufacturer when selecting probiotics. ConsumerLab and LabDoor are two independent third-party quality screening platforms where you can check out their assessment of various dietary supplements. According to LabDoor's third-party sample survey, the following probiotic products have a large problem in labeling, purity, safety or effectiveness: Nature's Plus Animal Parade AcidophiKidzNOW Foods BerryDophilusRainbow Light Probiolicious Probiolic GummiesSchiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic GummiesEnzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls , Query the manufacturer's reputation, analysis of the purchase of customers have been selected in the selection of important methods can be used. Mu Sen Summary: probiotics have a strong effect, but different strains and recipe effects may vary widely. Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, eczema ... ... different probiotic formulations have different pertinence. So, when you see the \Home is extremely rare. [9] In the past, we thought that celiac disease in China is also extremely rare. However, in recent years, the study began to show the iceberg. Of the 13 studies between 2003 and 2015, 44 patients with celiac disease were diagnosed by duodenal biopsy and gluten-free diet; [10] - [17] Seven patients with celiac disease were tested by serum and no bran Quality diet confirmed; in this 51 patients diagnosed with celiac disease, there are two cases of refractory celiac disease. [17] - [20] Among them, a study collected from January 2005 to December 2008 in Shanghai, Jinan, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places of chronic diarrhea hospitalized children. Of the 118 children enrolled in the study, 14 had been diagnosed with celiac disease by biopsy and had no gluten diet. [15] Between January 2000 and December 2014, 17 cases of celiac disease were diagnosed at Peking Union Medical College Hospital. [16] Screening in Hubei Province from 2010 to 2012, 7 of the 395 diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome patients were positive for celiac disease sera and 2 of 363 healthy controls Human serum of celiac disease was positive. Eight of the nine patients were followed up, of whom 3 were suspected of celiac disease and 5 were diagnosed with celiac disease by tissue biopsy. [17] In addition, in 2010, 7 of the 2400 patients with gastrointestinal disease using capsule endoscopy were reported in 7 cases of celiac disease. [21] It can be seen that the incidence of celiac disease in China may not be rare, it should cause the attention of doctors and patients. ③ set of men should not eat wheat milk celiac disease is caused by the combination of genes and the environment caused by intestinal disorders. [22] Celiac disease and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) are associated. The HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8 serotypes are closely related to the pathogenesis of celiac disease. The probability of people with both genes who suffer from celiac disease is 13 times that of ordinary people. [23] 95 patients with celiac disease carrying HLA-DQ2.5, and other patients carrying HLA-DQ8. [24] A meta-analysis in 2013 showed that the frequency of the HLA-DQ2 antigen in the Chinese population was 18.36 and that of the HLA-DQ8 antigen was 7.96. In the northern population, the frequency of HLA-DQ2 antigen was 24.94, while the frequency of HLA-DQ2 antigen in the southern population was 14.81. The DQB1 * 0201 allele in HLA-DQ2 is often associated with more severe celiac disease. [26] In the Chinese population, the frequency of the DQB1 * 0201 allele was 10.47; the frequency in the northern population was 13.27 and 8.02 in the southern population. In the northern ethnic minorities, the frequency of DQB1 * 0201 was 16.63. In the northern Han nationality, the gene frequency of DQB1 * 0201 was 12.22. From the geographical point of view, DQB1 * 0201 gene frequency in the northwest region is higher, and in the southwest region is lower. In Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the gene frequency of DQB1 * 0201 was 22.04, while in Yunnan province, the gene frequency of DQB1 * 0201 was only 2.89. From the genetic susceptibility point of view, the northern population, especially in the Northwest region of ethnic minorities, suffering from celiac disease risk higher. ④ China is surrounded by gluten is likely, the more modern Chinese intake of gluten more. In the past two decades, bread, puffs, pizza, Melaleuca pastry have been written into the corruption guide of modern goods. These so-called West Point in particular the need for high gluten flour flour - high-gluten flour (Chinese dessert only with the gluten flour is enough). Eating them really in corruption - their flesh. - Yi Chu \Whether it can indicate the severity of the disease. [50] 16 However, there is a certain degree of uncertainty in the susceptibility of non-celiac gluten - because it is not certain whether gluten or other substances in wheat cause symptoms of the patient. Studies have shown that fermented carbohydrates (FODMAPs), amylase trypsin inhibitors, and wheat germ agglutinin in wheat may be the cause of the symptoms. [51] Therefore, some scholars believe that non-celiac gluten sensitive should be called wheat intolerance syndrome. [52] Detection of serum antigliadin Antibodies, and the disappearance of the antibody after gluten-free diets, can be used as a support for non-celiac gluten sensitive diagnostics, but with limited sensitivity and specificity. [53] Therefore, we need better diagnostic indicators to determine non-celiac gluten-sensitive. However, this first need to get the attention of clinicians and related researchers. The problems of gluten-sensitive celiac and non-celiac diarrhea outside medicine are increasingly prominent; governments, schools and families should be prepared accordingly before they evolve into social burdens. From the big point of view, at present, our national food industry norms far from the task. ① allergen marked chaos like gluten problem is not just celiac disease, it is only a well-known one. For many people, gluten has a serious impact on their intestines, the brain, and the immune system all the time. However, people know very little - many people endure pain, but I do not know gluten may be behind the culprit. Popularizing gluten impatience to the public, and providing viable gluten-free diet solutions - one of the biggest business opportunities in the future. - penis heroes gluten-free diet brand eight categories of allergens \Frequency of susceptible genes, but their wheat intake is higher. With the popularity of dietary and processed food, the Chinese people intake of bran quality is rising. Gene susceptibility plus a lot of gluten exposure - we can speculate that in China, gluten-related disorders will rapidly increase. And before it becomes a social burden, we need to be given enough attention. This requires a change. It requires the participation of health workers, researchers, food industry practitioners, nutrition workers, science workers, governments, schools, and even every family. Reference: [1] Nijhawan, S., amp; amp; Goyal, G. (2015). Celiac Disease Review. Journal of Gastrointestinal amp; amp; Digestive System, 2015. [2] Rubio-Tapia, A., Hill , ID, Kelly, CP, Calderwood, AH, amp; amp; Murray, JA (2013). ACG clinical guidelines: diagnosis and management of celiac disease. The American journal of gastroenterology, 108 (5), 656-676. New York, (2012). Celiac disease is overrepresented in patients with constipation. Jornal de pediatria, 88 (2), & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; ), 173-176. [5] Dowd, B., amp; amp; Walker-Smith, J. (1974). Samuel Gee, Aretaeus, and the coeliac affection. British medical journal, 2 (5909) 6] van Berge-Henegouwen, GP, amp; amp; Mulder, CJ (1993). Pioneer in the gluten free diet: Willem-Kare (10) Murray, JA, McLachlan, S., Adams, PC, Eckfeldt, JH, Garner, CP, Vulpe, CD, Dicke, 1905-1962, over 50 years of gluten free diet. Gut, 34 (11) (7), 808-814. [8] Catassi, & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt;, & lt; / RTI & gt; & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; C., Gatti, S., amp; amp; Fasano, A. (2014). The new epidemiology of celiac disease. Journal of Pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, 59, S7-S9. [9] Catassi, C., Gatti, (5), 141-146. [10] Makharia, GK (2015). Celiac disease screening in southern and East Asia. Digestive Diseases, 33 (2), 167-174. [11] Liu, Z., Wang, J., Qian, J., amp; amp; Tang, F. (2007). Hyperamylasemia, reactive plasmacytosis, And immune abnormalities in a patient with celiac disease. Digestive diseases and sciences, 52 (6), 1444-1447. [12] Lok, KH, Yeung, HC (5), 238-240. [13] Jiang (9), 168-171. [14] Xiu LB, & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; (Department of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100029, China) (11). Chinese Journal of Psychiatry , 368-370. [16] Li, RR amp; amp; Yu, K. (2015). Nutrition Management of Celiac Disease Improves Outcome of PatiEnts. Med J Pumch, 2015 (4), 255-259. [17] Wang, H., Zhou, G., Luo, L., Crusius, JBA, Yuan, A., Kou, J., ... Amp; amp; Morré, SA (2015). Serological screening for celiac disease in adult Chinese patients with diarrhea simpleolism irritable bowel syndrome. Yaz (2008) Diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease (two cases): (In Chinese). Zhonghua Jian Yan Yi Xue Za Zhi 31, 713-715. [19] Chen J (2012) A case of refractory celiac disease: Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine]. Chongqing Yi Xue 41, 207-208. [20] Wu, J., Xia, B., von Blomberg, BME, Zhao, C., Yang, XW, Crusius, JBA, amp; amp; Pe09a, AS (2010). Coeliac disease in China, a field waiting for exploration. Revista Espa09ola de Enfermedades Digestivas, 102 (8), 472. [21] Liao, Z., Gao, R., Li, F., Xu, C. Wang, Y., Wang, JS, amp; amp; Li, ZS (2010). Fields of applications, diagnostic stocks and findings of OMOM capsule endoscopy in 2400 Chinese patients. World J Gastroenterol, 16 (21), 2669-26 Amy ), 1. [23] Romanos, J., amp; amp; Wijmenga, C. (2010). Predicting susceptibility to celiac disease by genetic risk profiling. Annals of Gastroenterology amp; amp; Hepatlogy, 1, 1-9. 24, Liu, E., Lee, HS, Aronsson, CA, Hagopian, WA, Koletzko, S., Rewers, MJ, amp; amp; Agardh, D. (2014). Risk of pediatric celiac disease according to HLA haplotype and country. New England Journal of Medicine, 371 (1), 42-49. [25] Yuan, J., Gao, J., Li, X., Liu, F., Wijmenga, C., Chen, H., amp; amp; Gilissen, LJ (2013). The tip of the \Quot; phenomenon-Bakery-in-China phosphate33] Takepartcom. (2013). TakePart. From -will-soon-rule-world-processed-food-consumption [34] Yumcom. (2015). Yumcom. From] (26). McDonald's and KFC in China: Competitors or Companions® Marketing Science, 33 (2), 287-307. [36] Hernandez, L., amp; amp; Green, (2006). Extraintensive manifestations of celiac disease. Current gastroenterology reports, 8 (5), 383-389. [37] Leffler, DA, Green, PH, amp; amp; Fasano, A. (2015). Coeliac disease. Nature Reviews Gastroenterology amp; amp; Hepatology. [38] Pelleboer, RA, Janssen, RL, Deckers-Kocken, JM, Wouters, E., Nissen, AC, Bolz, WE, ... amp; , PG (2012). Celiac disease is overrepresented in patients with constipation. Jornal de pediatria, 88 (2), 173-176. [39] Fuchs, V., Kurppa, K., H Uhtala, H., Collin, P., M01ki, M., amp; amp; Kaukinen, K. (2014). Factors associated with long diagnostic delay in celiac disease. Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology, 49 (11), 1304-1310 . [40] Pruimboom, L., amp; amp; de Punder, K. (2015). The opioid effects of gluten exorphins: asymptomatic celiac disease. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 33 (1), 1. [41 Rubio-Tapia, A., Kyle, RA, Kaplan, EL, Johnson, DR, Page, W., Erdtmann, F., amp; amp; Zinsmeister, AR (2009). Increased prevalence and dro in undiagnosed Celiac disease, Gastroenterology, 137 (1), 88-93. [42] Harper, JW, Holleran, SF, Ramakrishnan, R., Bhagat, G., amp; amp; Green, PH (2007). Anemia in celiac disease Is multifactorial in etiology. American journal of hematology, 82 (11), 996-1000. [43] Heikkil01, K., Pearce, J., M01ki, M., amp; amp; Kaukinen, K. (2014). Celiac Disease and bone fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology amp; amp; Metabolism, 100 (1), 25-34. [44] Machado, AP, Silva, LR, Zausner, B., Oliveira Jde, A., Diniz, DR, amp; amp; de Oliveira, J. (2013). Undiagnosed celiac disease in women with infertility . J Reprod Med, 58 (1-2), 61-6. [45] Catassi, C., Bearzi, I., amp; amp; Holmes, GK (2005). Association of celiac disease and intestinal lymphomas and other cancers . Gastroenterology, 128 (4), S79-S86. [46] Wierdsma, NJ, van Bokhorst-de van der Schueren, MA, Berkenpas, M., Mulder, CJ, amp; van Bodegraven, AA (2013). Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are highly prevalent in newly diagnosed celiac disease patients. Nutrients, 5 (10), 3975-3992. [47] Jackson, JR, Eaton, WW, Cascella, NG, Fasano, A., amp; amp; (1998). Neurologic and psychiatric manifestations of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Psychiatric Quarterly, 83 (1), 91-102. [48] Catassi, C., Bai, JC, Bonaz, B., Bouma, G. , Calabrò, A., Carroccio, A., amp; amp; amp; Francavilla, R. (2013). Non-celiac gluten sensitivity: the new frOoseOSone of the reasons. Omega-6 from intact food will be good for health - it is useful to eat nuts - the real disaster is oxidized polyunsaturated fatty acids. For health, it is important to avoid these oxidized fats. So avoid soy oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and other over-processing of oil; use of cold pressed oil, such as olive oil, coconut oil, nut oil (cold). (For the choice of grease, see \Of a friend, they are also relatively large scale, and now KFC's water purification program, after-sales service and some of the equipment is also provided by them. To the star dad with the VM0149 close-up. In addition to mention, has been \Down the two is the main event, is currently on the market to fight more powerful two concepts, the same is also broad sense of the well-known \Many people must be the first time I saw the phone can also be labeled as powder, look uncle proud of the small eyes, although it is a gimmick, but you must know how much money this thing forced it! what? Do you think it's not enough? This cargo can stir the lighter, explosion-proof mixer you have not seen it? Throw the lighter into the blender! Http:// this cargo can also stir your ipad! The The Will It Blend_ - iPad you want to know why it is so Niubi Mody, then look at his motor .2, we point into his official website to see the black small print In the text of the text is the black small print in the text is the most busy in the city center of Manhattan milk shop, Los Angeles luxury five-star hotel, they are using Blendtec, honest or Starbucks coffee chain, COSTA coffee chain, Pacific coffee Chain, McDonald's coffee designated procurement brand models ~ design quality assurance 7 years there are wood, conscience goods ah, now this year to buy things dare to guarantee you for 7 years? Love is still seven years itch is not it? Raw materials, motors and manufacturing completely American wood! This year even IPHONE are assembled in China, but this machine is all made in usa than Apple is also too much. 3 so good how to buy? We look at the official website of the product line I used to work in the coffee shop is the right of this business section, Starbucks, COSTA coffee, McDonald's coffee is the goods, the most powerful performance. In the power column you look at me in the coffee shop when working with the right is the business of this section, Starbucks, COSTA coffee, McDonald's coffee is the goods, the most powerful performance. In the power column you look at the power of 2400 watts directly spike the left row of the little brother there is no! Life has 10 years of wood! Of course, no one can afford this land machine, so we can look at the left of these ~ ~ gratifying Taobao is a magical place, has been sold! But for the low-end models are sold more than 4,000 more willing to fall there are wood? In accordance with the official website of the price and exchange rate conversion is also more than 2000 there? So it is better to try but for the low-end models are sold more than 4,000 willing to fall there are wood? In accordance with the official website of the price and exchange rate conversion is also more than 2000 there? So it is better to try the Amazon Sea Amoy bar there are more expensive wood ~ ~ Recommended sea Amoy wood has a lot cheaper ~ ~ Recommended sea Amoy second: Vitamix (Vitamix) official website Welcome to Vitamix to use with the most If you can play a sandy sand, you can put the smoothies into flour. This is more detailed than the above Blendtec, although he only stir a function, but is to do the ultimate, known to break the cell wall, any fruit even the belt seeds thrown into a few minutes later is the taste of excellent fruit juice, no Slag no seed child, excellent taste can be directly under the stomach! The You can spike a variety of nine Yang Soymilk, most of the imported juicer and the major domestic cottage slag slag! The Let me introduce him ~ 1, the shape of the head and cup design is different, VM can sesame into sesame paste, Blendtec can only be labeled sesame powder, made only can be made into a relatively broken, The Durability is not the same, high-end equipment, spent 10 years, bad not much, domestic estimates have long been linked to high-speed motor, it seems not Japan's South Korea and China's strengths, Asian cottage brand a lot, with a few years to understand the gap no picture no truth, on the map! Please click to enlarge ~ 2, Kai-fu Lee, Pan Shiyi and so have this machine! Kai-fu Lee and Pan total should be 5200 series, that is, domestic licensed. The problem is in addition to the warranty and more than 7 thousand of the price has been a bit outdated products! The The United States to buy also 2,3 thousand yuan. I went to other sites to search the next evaluation - this is a shop in Shanghai to buy the mainland licensed 5200 products. 4, we open his official website to see 49 years Americans are using juicer, and we Chinese people seem to just stand up ~ ~ capitalism too his mother corrupt ah! The English is the effect that we are handmade, or the United States handmade. 5, and then we talk about the difference between the Vitamix 5200 and 6300 in front of three white, red, gold limited edition 5200 type, followed by a red 6300 type and the transformer (6300 no 220V machine). Next to this transformer is much heavier than Vitamix. 6300 design is indeed designed to allow consumers to feel more convenient than the manual version of the use, so a separate set of three recipe button to a fixed time will automatically shut down. About two switches designed to move the switch is to allow users to feel no need to control it, as long as you can move a bit. Therefore, people have not used 5200 machines, 6300 will feel very good, very good use. Yes, you are right, no matter how it is, it is also Vitamix Yeah, where not to drop. 5200 for the pure manual, 6300 with the automatic timing and fixed function set version two, 5200 power switch is the panel on the right first, and 6300 in addition to the panel on the three A knob and a switch are separately provided with a power switch at the bottom of the machine. Three, 5200 machine at the bottom of the power protection switch to protect the expensive motor; 6300 no power protection switch four, 220V5200 conditioning machine installed inside the regulator and electromagnetic wave filter; 6300 machine no five, 5200 type conditioning machine More than 80 countries around the world are selling; due to the limitations of the use of the 6300 type, only the United States Amazon and COSTCO in sales, because it is a discount store, so the price is relatively low. Six, the most important difference is the difference between the effect of cooking: (of course, this is the user most concerned about the part) with the same recipe to make milk, 5200 after the kick, the lid is a deep smell of beans Scent, eat up is sticky, dense and meticulous, taste bean flavor rich; 6300 kicked after the lid to open the smell is a little bean flavor, eat up no sticky, more dilute In addition, 5200 and 6300 play can not turn the cup, but the 5200 hit out is fine and no ice particles, 6300 hit out some ice particles can eat out. (Not on the map, the map too much) The above two recipes that the problem is that if the fight is not fine enough, then the cell wall rate is not enough, at present only 5200 Vitamix full nutrition type conditioning machine can reach 85 Above the cell breaking rate, which is also we buy Vitamix whole food full nutrition conditioning machine most want to get. 6, why use the transformer? This is to blame the arrogant Americans, so good small V is all produced in the United States, authentic Made in America. People design is the time in 1949 did not expect the world there are other people (including the other side of the ocean we Chinese), only the United States for the local 110V voltage design. National Bank of the 5200 price so that small partners are stunned, one of the reasons is known as no transformer; but the Americans for our Chinese people 220V \The pressure device is completely absent. In fact, the 220V voltage instability in the region, the transformer also played a steady flow of the role, you can protect your small V Oh. 7, how to buy Taobao? Most of them are very expensive licensed in the 7000 up and down but there are seven years warranty, the US imports of parallel imports in about 3.4 thousand is no warranty, but there are family called rabbit rabbit sea is said to be good. Amazon Sea Amoy can also, you can choose your own equivalent to the RMB only 2000 up and down there are wood! You see the equivalent of RMB only 2000 up and down there are wood! Sea Amoy is the future! The The Please praise it ~ WARING! The The 1. Food safety Do you know that the food used in this class of food products must be food grade lubricants? Because the oil in the bearing operation will evaporate into steam, if the quality is not qualified or industrial oil, then you play every day in the milk juice will have carcinogens Oh pro! Very harmful to the human body! The Commercially available soymilk, juice machine used may be industrial lubricants, and the export of certain use of food grade lubricants. Industrial lubricants as long as there is one ten thousandth of the leak, it may pose a threat to safety. Industrial lubricants and various additives may contain sodium nitrite and other ingredients on the human body has great harm, and even the risk of cancer. Lubricants supplier Mobil company engineer Tang Yibiao told this reporter, in the industry, the procurement of lubricants procurement is the first priority is to distinguish \Itamix and Blendtec are sure to be the best crusher in the world, and it is impossible to say so much good people are care. So I want to say is: If you can not accept the price of more than 5,000 yuan to sell a crusher, how to choose in other similar products? That is, the subject asked the \What route it is. So in the purchase of small appliances should be more concerned about the product process and the fineness (mold input), the length of life (mold input and structural development stability), the practicality of the function, the internal parts of the pros and cons and many more. Such as the most praise of the point mentioned, juicer sub-high-speed pure fruit juice and slow pure fruit juice, and multi-functional crushing juicer 3, high-speed pure juice machine I do not recommend, the juice rate is low, Accessories more cleaning trouble. The type of product structure itself is a problem, because the low level of domestic consumer consumption led to the birth of the species. Then choose only the slow pure fruit juice and multi-functional crushing juicer two options, it would have to find out whether they want to drink pure fruit juice or want to be inside the shop can smash a variety of fruits and vegetables Cooking machine You must have the answer in your heart. Such as to determine the multi-functional juicer, then see you want his craft? Materials? Exterior? Power size (power can crush the harder ingredients)? As well as functional configuration (such as a key cleaning and other procedures)? Brand feelings? I am all the land you all want! Please feel free. 2015-08-1316


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