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The practice of family pear cans 2017-08-16 16:54:56Road began to be good ~ very suitable for physiological consumption. Ingredients: Apple, brown sugar, water practices: 1, Apple washed cross cut about 0.8 cm or so. 2, the two spoonful of brown sugar plus a small amount of water in the pot in the open, a small fire heated to the cooked into the apple slices. 3, a small fire to cook until the soup thick, apple can be completely color. Experience: experience: 1, turn 1-2 times the surface color can be, or easy to break. 2, patience slowly fried, big fire easy to paste. I use the ginger brown sugar so there is debris, not a paste ~ 3, eat up the fruit cans plus caramel feeling, very good to eat ~ 2, orange orange stew eggs ok this is a hot ~ winter thing This dessert in addition to sweet and tender and delicious, it is said that cough can also be phlegm, it is almost no art and happiness. But I do this in fact the main thing to look good. Ingredients: orange, eggs, milk, white sugar practice: 1, oranges from the top of the third cut, cover to keep, dig out the orange juice out of orange juice, made a small orange bowl. 2, the eggs into the bowl to stir, add orange juice, a small amount of milk, white sugar stir evenly, it is best to filter about. 3, the orange bowl into a small bowl of fixed, and then into the liquid 2 to seven full. 4, orange bowl on the surface of the plastic wrap, into the steamer in the steam for half an hour. Experience: 1, milk almost 2 tablespoons is enough 2, the egg is not too full, I first drop almost 9 points full of finished steaming all come out - three strawberry yogurt cup adapted from the strawberry cheese cup, you want to be authentic Baidu. Ingredients: Strawberry, yogurt, white sugar, biscuits, rum (I use ... dry white) practice: 1, the strawberry slices, into a small bowl, add a little sugar and rum, Pickled for a while. 2, the biscuits broke into pieces at the bottom of the cup, I used the bear cake biscuits. 3, shop a layer of strawberry slices, pour a layer of yogurt, repeat the action to eight full 4, the upper layer with the whole strawberry decoration. Experience: 1, after the re-taste will have a pleasant surprise yo, taste more mellow. 2, strawberries must marinate must be marinated, no rum with wine is also OK, promised me to add wine okay? Four, Pannkakor Swedish pancake in accordance with common sense, here should put a fat cute muffin. However, the muffins either need to add baking powder, or to run the protein to fluffy. Although the baking powder and whisk I have, in order to facilitate the operation, or decided to do a pizza ~ (in fact, because, I am lazy.) Ingredients: flour, milk, eggs, salt, butter practice: Eggs, add milk and flour to make batter. (I used an egg half a box of milk milk half the amount of flour) 2, the pan into a teaspoon of butter to melt and melt, pour a spoonful of batter and turn the pan to cover the batter. Fried to the cake can be golden yellow. 3, plus fruit decoration wobble plate. Experience: 1, I used an egg half a box of milk milk half the amount of flour so that the ratio of the batter, the state is relatively thin. 2, according to common sense should be added honey yogurt milk chocolate candy friends, but happened that day I did not ~ we can play the imagination casually plus. 5, fruit soda crackers have been do not love soda biscuits, not crisp not soft waxy, not sweet is not salty, very tasteless one exists. But after the yogurt soaked, the biscuits become soft and good entrance, and then mixed with the fruit of the sweet, a one can not stop down ~ Although the fried chicken simple but still brazenly put up. Ingredients: yogurt, fruit, soda cracker practice: 1, ready to like the fruit, and cut into the appropriate shape. 2, take a small amount of yogurt painted in the middle of two pieces of soda crackers, made of sandwich biscuits. 3, will be sandwiched soda cracker into the dish, coated with a small amount of yogurt. 4, take the fruit can be placed on the yogurt. Experience: yogurt can be replaced by ice cream or light cream, the taste will be better ~ 6, mango snow black glutinous rice Speaking of this, it is time to give my magic, and hey really kind of reluctant. Ingredients: mango, milk, black glutinous rice practice: 1, black glutinous rice in advance cold water for half a day, add water into the rice cooker steamed, you can add some sugar. 2, the milk into the refrigerator freezer 3-5 hours. 3, mango cut. 4, the steamed black glutinous rice into a ball into the bowl, remove the frozen milk into the bowl, it should be the state of ice residue, and finally into the mango can. Experience: 1, milk frozen to feel hard outside but the degree of pinch (key !!! Exclusive Tips !!!!). 2, there is coconut milk or coconut milk flavor better ~, 3, milk frozen to the following figure this level, is smooth sand friends. Can be replaced by wang milk milk God is to eat sweet sweet ~ Well, temporarily on these, to find out the new food I will update da ~ deliberately rush out is for the United States girl who can try it over the weekend. Thank you for watching, next time goodbye! Spur me into the United States who cooks, love you Meng Mody da da ~ ~ ~ --- other works often in the next kitchen: warm baby coconut sauce under the kitchen personal home page --- welcome ╭ (╯ 3 ╰) ╮ edit 2015-06-10384682 Li Chao product beginners. I have come to the Pancake recipe for our restaurant (Deli Burger, an American American Burger restaurant): OK. Let's get started. Please prepare the raw materials you need. For Pancake-5 cups flour - 1 / 2 cup sugar - 4 tsp baking powder - 1 1/2 tsp soda - 1/8 tsp salt - 6 eggs - 1L milk (if buttermilk can be used to get better taste) - butter amount For Caramelized Banana- 2 tbsp butter - 1 tbsp brown sugar - 2 bananas - 1 tbsp hazelnut grilled chopped - 2 tbsp rum - 1/8 tsp cinnamon STEP 21. Mix the eggs in the container with the milk and stir evenly. 2. Mix the remaining dry ingredients in another container and stir well. 3. Slowly mix the liquid into the flour and stir the edges. 4. The batter stirs until there is no obvious particles, and then placed in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. (Short-term refrigerated fermentation can make the bread more fluffy and add flavor when heated.) STEP 31. Place the pan on the burner for half a minute with medium heat and melt 1 tbsp of butter in the pot Do not let the pan overheat, so that butter and batter will be easy to burn smoke, although the flavor of brown butter is also very good, but the cake may not be burnt.) 2. will be about 1 cup of batter Slowly into the pot, do not shake your pan, rest assured that the batter will automatically open into a beautiful perfect round. 3. Heat the pan until the surface of the batter has a lot of bubbles and the edge part of the condensation becomes golden yellow, which takes about half an hour, then you can turn over. STEP 41. Quickly scoop up and turn Pancake on. 2. Will continue to heat the remaining 30 seconds to complete your first Pancake system made, repeat the above steps to complete the remaining two Pancake. 3. Place the three Pancakes in a preheated 50-degree oven or cover the tin foil, and then we can begin preparing for the production of caramel bananas. STEP 51. according to personal preferences will be prepared banana cut into pieces, not too small or easy to melt in the process of frying. 2. Fry 2 tbsp of butter in the pot until bubbling, add brown sugar and continue stirring until the brown sugar melts. At this point attention to control the heat, overheating will make brown sugar condensed into pieces. 3. When the brown sugar melted into the state of the map can be fried bananas. 4. put chopped bananas, let it be wrapped in brown sugar and fried soft waxy about 2 minutes. STEP 61. Pour the rum and light it to volatilize the excess alcohol ingredients leaving only the smell of rum, and if you use the induction cooker, let the rum boil a little longer. (There is a little risk of fire, in view of this tutorial is the possibility of girls is relatively large, so as far as possible in the professional or accompanied by a boyfriend to operate it. Of course, omit this step is not big.) 2. A layer of cinnamon powder, so that our caramel banana will be completed. STEP 71. Lay the fried caramel banana on Pancake. 2. Sprinkle two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream beside the banana, squeeze the cream on it, and finally pour the caramel on Pancake. (Replace the caramel sauce with maple syrup to get more flavor). (Any of your favorite nuts can replace the hazelnut here, like almonds, walnuts, Hawaiian fruit, although the heat is very high, but this is itself the kind of indulgent food is not it!) 4. That's what our Pancake has made. Bon Appétit Attachment: All the raw materials mentioned in the tutorial are available at Metro supermarket. Tutorial by Chef Dizzah @DeliBurger Photography by Salicylic Acid Posted on 2013-08-151015153 users 498 first introduced three do not need to use the oven dessert it: [pudding] (I do this is the green tea flavor, because very simple taste can be in accordance with their own preferences) (I do this is (This is a lot of baking supplies supermarkets have to sell, Taobao is omnipotent) 1. First put the lotus tablets put in the cold water Soak soft spare 2. Milk light cream sugar Sugar tea powder (green tea powder can not add, it can be cocoa powder and other like their favorite taste) 3. The above heating with a small fire to dissolve the sugar 4. The bubble soft standby Geely The pieces are put into the mix and then poured into the container ready to put the refrigerator in a few hours to the solidification can be eaten out ~ very simple and very delicious! [Banana milk] this is really too simple! Put a little cooked banana with a spoon into a mud into the milk with a cooking machine can drink it ~ do not need to add sugar can be very sweet, thick banana flavor, than the Korean banana milk drink a thousand times The We must go to try! 【Overnight Oat】 Find a container that can be sealed, put the raw oatmeal in the evening, then pour some milk, yogurt, and then put in your favorite nuts, dried fruit, flaxseed, fruit, protein, all kinds of spices (Anyway, I feel like OK can be added) sealed the next morning and then put some fresh fruit can start friends, really is very rich and nutritious breakfast! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Always feel that the oven is very able to enhance people The happiness of things, since the oven, every boring day has become very fulfilling. To mention a few can be made out of the oven can be easy to learn the dessert it: [honey burst pulp cake cake] is very popular before the cakes, do their own really do not sell outside the street, very very delicious. Need to use an egg, 3 egg yolks, 15g honey, 20g sugar powder, 20g low gluten flour. 1. prepare a big pot of boiling water to burn almost forty degrees of the way to find a pot on the pot, across the pot of warm water. Put in advance prepared egg yolk, powdered sugar and honey 3. with the whisk to the basin of the egg white paste to become thick 4. into the low-gluten flour, then the batter into a non-granular flour Good batter poured into the container (I use the 6-inch Qi Feng cake mold) into the oven 170 degrees bake 15 minutes on the ok ~ do not spend a lot of time but do the cake is really very delicious! [Cheese cream baked sweet potatoes] taste soft waxy and milk flavor full roasted sweet potato really can not be more praise! Taste soft waxy and milk flavor full of roasted sweet potato really can not be more praise! The practice is also very simple da: 1. sweet potatoes clean and put microwave ovens to play about 6 minutes 2. half cut open, with a spoon to dig out the sweet potatoes and then pressed into sweet potatoes 3. sweet potatoes in the sugar, milk, butter and Chopped mozzarella cheese (ordinary cheese is also OK, but the Smoother cheese brushing effect is particularly good) mix well 4. the sweet potato mud and then back into the sweet potato skin inside, and then sprinkle some cheese on the surface of the broken, and finally in the Surface brush on the egg 5. put the oven 180 degrees almost 20 minutes to the surface of the golden can be taken out to eat hot! [All kinds of biscuits] generally just started to learn baking people will be from the biscuits to get started, because almost no failure, full of butter is also absolutely spike in the supermarket to sell most of the biscuits friends ~ take me pretty love this Vanilla butter biscuits for example. Need to use butter 70g, low gluten flour 100g, sugar 40g, egg 20g, salt a handful of 1. with a whisk to soften the butter in advance to smooth, add sugar and salt stir evenly. Scattered egg solution evenly 3. Sieve into the low-gluten flour and into the dough into the preservation bag for 20 minutes 4. Remove the dough into a cylindrical and then frozen for 1 hour 5. Cylindrical surface brush on a layer of egg white sprinkled with sugar and then cut into 1cm or so of the sheet can be into the oven 6.180 degrees baked for 15 minutes to cool you can eat ~ (PS. Do this biscuit is still baked when it can not help, because the room full of butter is really Seductive! But the heat is a bit high, my sister still have to eat a few children ah ~) [Qi Feng cake] In fact, we are in the cake shop to buy ordinary cake cake cake cake, soft and delicious. As long as the learn to do Qi wind, the other looks complicated cake is to add something to it. Chiffon cake recipe there are many, here to mention one: two eggs (egg yolk separate), milk 18g, vegetable oil 16g, sugar 24g (into egg white), sugar 12g (into egg yolk), low gluten flour 30g Qi Wind cake, the direction of the big step is only three: 1. egg white sugar with a whisk hit the whisk to mention a head will not fall a small corner (this step is the key to success or failure) 2. egg yolk sugar hit White, sifted into the flour, milk and vegetable oil mixed evenly 3. The above two-step egg yolk paste and protein mix together and then into the 6-inch chiffon cake mold into the oven 150 degrees bake 30 minutes just because very Like to eat Chiffon cake, eat directly to eat, and then made of cream cake or made of mousse cake will be very amazing. I have changed the pattern done many times, the following is the chocolate cake with the bottom of the chocolate mousse cake cake, very delicious! [Secretary Kang] This should be strongly recommended! I really like to eat, and the practice is also simple ~ Secretary Kang is a simple bread, it is not like ordinary bread, and the need to flourish for a long time. Do only need to eat breakfast half an hour before you can get it! Need to prepare: low gluten flour 100g, fine sugar 20g, salt a handful, baking powder 1/2 tsp, vegetable oil 20g and water 40g. 1. Put the silty things together and mix well 2. Vegetable oil added to the powder by hand rub into coarse particles and then add water mixed evenly (like raisins, cranberry dry can also be added some) 3. And then roll into 2cm thick cake and then cut into their favorite shape on the OK 4. Finally brush on the surface syrup or egg yolk 5. into the oven 200 degrees, 20 minutes out can be opened to eat friends ~ [mousse cake] Mousse cake looks very tall, in fact, even the oven are not used and very simple ~ 1. Or use the jelly tablets, soaked soft after the heated milk mixed evenly 2. Light cream sugar labeled also reluctantly Can be flowing paste, into the mango mud before the mud and cool a good mix of milk mixed evenly (here can also not use mango, you can add tea powder ah, cocoa powder ah, yogurt ah, their favorite taste can be done ) 3. Finally put the above mousse paste into the cup to take the refrigerator in the cold one night just fine ~ If you want to make the cake shape, you can do the above mentioned Chiffon cake, cut a layer of thin slices Make a cake and then pour into the mousse paste cold one night On the OK friends ~ \All the berries into the blender into a smooth, if not sweet enough, according to personal preferences to add agave syrup. C cashew nuts do a good job, first put into the cold room cooling standby. D will be a little chocolate milk crisp shop in the bottom of the bottom of the container, followed by pouring berry jam and cashew cream, and then placed fresh berry, and finally sprinkled with the rest of the chocolate milk crisp finished friends. This cake with berry soda water will be very good to drink, the extra berry can also be used up, a color suitable for afternoon tea. Berry Soda Water Tools: Mixer Material: Method: a Make Berry Syrup. Put the syrup of the berry and agave syrup into the blender and make it smooth. B Berry syrup and fresh berry into the cup, then add soda water, and finally put mint leaves can be decorated. Mainly with soda water to dilute the berry syrup, so the amount of soda can be deployed according to their own preferences different concentrations. 3 Brownie This is not baked brownie, mainly with walnuts and almonds with cocoa powder to do, there is a strong chocolate flavor, taste is still mellow, recommended with a cup of almond milk to do afternoon tea, very harmonious. Tools: 14 * 11 * 4.5cm agar mold, mixer The bottom of this mold is a double design, the side can be removed, easy to take from the dough, can not buy the mold can do, the following mentioned. Ingredients: practice: a first dry dates will be chopped, into the mixer twisted into a fine, then add 60g walnut and other materials, stir evenly made of dough. B to be dough after solidification, the remaining 20g walnut roughly chopped, sprinkled in the dough, and then into the agar mold, hand compression molding. C from the mold out, cut into 6 equal parts Ps: If you do not use the mold can also use the plastic wrap the dough wrapped up, and then rolling pin into a 12cm rectangular square, pay attention to roll evenly as much as possible. 4 coconut cake coconut flavor, taste crisp crisp, the use of coconut oil low temperature coagulation characteristics, made by freezing made. Tools: square iron plate (baking pan can also) Material: practice: a all the materials into the bowl, stir evenly. B will be a on the oven paper, with a rolling pin or hand crushed into 14cm square thin skin. C will be moved to the cutting board b, according to personal preferences cut into appropriate size with a chopper. D cut into a square iron plate, sealed plastic wrap, into the freezer for an hour, until the freeze and solidification. Recommended from the freezer out of the immediate consumption, or thawed after the loss of crisp taste. Ps: cut into the freezer after it is easy to crack after freezing. 5 chocolate brittle cocoa dough with broken almond kernel frozen, taste very soft praise. Tools: 5ml capacity of small round spoon, mixer Material: practice: a addition to almonds other than the material into the bowl, stir even after adding chopped almonds, and then stir. B with a spoon to take about a teaspoon of the weight, with your fingers compaction molding, and then carefully removed from the spoon, pay attention not to break, placed in the tray. C sealed plastic wrap, into the freezer room for more than 1h, waiting for it to freeze and solidification, mainly the use of coconut oil low temperature can solidify the characteristics. Forming a small skill, with a spoon instead of mold, compaction, with a finger to hold a single side, while turning the spoon, you can remove the dough. 6 salty raw candy at the same time with jujube coconut dry sweet and maple syrup sweet and mellow taste. Tools: Mixer, silicone paper paper Material: practice: a coconut dates roughly chopped, into the bowl, pour lemon juice and maple syrup, put it aside for about 30min, until it softens. B put a into the mixer into a paste, then add roughly chopped almonds and salt, gently stir evenly. C with a spoon to take about one-half tsp weight, wrapped with silicone paper, kneaded into a round. With silicone paper because this paper is double-sided through the silicone resin added, non-sticky, easy stripping, it is suitable for sugar. D into the freezer for more than an hour to be frozen and solidified. It is recommended to remove the immediate consumption from the freezer, this sugar entrance that is. 7 truffle chocolate truffle chocolate practice is very simple, with the mixer to stir the ingredients evenly, kneaded into a round by hand, and finally sprinkle with almonds, coconut powder, cocoa powder can be. Tools: Mixer Material: Practice: a coconut jujube roughly chopped, remove the vanilla seed from the pods, together into the mixer twisted into a fine, add walnut and other materials, stir well, made of dough. B first dough into a whole group, and then divided into 10 equal parts, hand kneaded into a ball. C spread the coconut powder evenly on the chopping board, the b truffle chocolate on the coconut copies of the rolling, so that all the surface covered with coconut flavor made of truffle chocolate, in the same way the production of almonds, cocoa flavor truffles chocolate. 8 salty vanilla ice cream sandwich biscuits with salty biscuits sandwiched salty vanilla ice cream is finished, ice cream my favorite. Tools: 14 * 11 * 4.5cm agar mold, mixer Material: practice: a production of biscuits dough material into the bowl, stir evenly. B Place half of the dough in a removable mold at the bottom of the agar mold, and press it into the freezer. C made salty vanilla ice cream. The cashew of soaked in water for more than 30min, the water drained, washed and drained water, then add water, the total weight control in 220g, and then add other materials into the mixer into a smooth shape. D will c down on the b dough, into the freezer, waiting for its freezing solidification. E until the ice cream solidification, the remaining biscuits dough on the ice cream, hand compaction, made of sandwich biscuits, and then back into the freezer, until it is completely frozen. F carefully remove the sandwich biscuits from the mold, pay attention to do not break, according to personal preferences cut into the appropriate size. The biggest feature of this dessert is the flexibility to use cashew cream, salt seasoning but highlights the sweetness of vanilla ice cream, and biscuits dough taste echo each other, taste great. More baking courses can focus on WeChat public numbers will fly butter. 2017-04-141106


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