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The benefits of canned cats 2017-09-06 13:20:01Neighborhoods of the following brands of cat food and cat cans? - Join the pet to keep the cat food to ask the following brands of cat food and cats canned? I now buy Solid Gold, Orijen and Cat's fowl, all of them. And the cat canned I bought a box of Wellness, please tell me a cat about the details of these few cat food evaluation, which is better, and the cat canned palatability ok? Can it be used as a staple food? 2891261142 22 Beshu Miscellaneous Cat Man - Regression 6 Under normal circumstances. My home meow on the desire is the first choice, the disadvantage is high meat content (80), then the taste of the world's best. But regardless of composition, palatability or the health of the cat are very good. The other is a small expensive, and the cat like to eat ... my family three eager to see Liangshan Juyi Church to open the feeling of rice ... so ... meow a microphone this is true. Yolanda accustomed to my talent is qualified to control me. 59 you said several cat food in the online evaluation are good, I also understand the online shop on several of these evaluation, the overall evaluation are good, of course, any cat food there is discomfort, you choose these kinds of Nutrient-rich, quality assurance. You choose from the three kinds of 2, so that the dog try to eat, and ultimately choose the most of that paragraph. Wellness I have not heard of it, just I am a temporary science a bit, it sounds like a tall look, but in fact, there is no positive solution to the problem. Different prices, different cat physical, will cause a different answer to the cat canned. Now the network for the pet's attention is getting higher and higher, but the information on the Internet more and more blurred, may be advertising too many people, gave us some misunderstanding. As a 6-year-old pet doctor, on this issue, just to take this and we have a good chat, communication about. Canned cats are nothing really good or bad, it is important that everyone's understanding of their own cat is full and full. The cat's appetite is small, but the cat is a carnivore, and although the cat canned is the cat's snacks, the meat content is very important. Many friends to buy pet food is the main way under the line store, whether it is a large supermarket, or pet shop, this source will give pets a sense of security, after all, some people actually recommend a shop to do support. But they do not understand your cat, you do not know your cat. Choose the cat canned, the most important 3 steps: the first step: the cat's age, physical condition. Each age group of cats need to absorb the different nutritional content, each physical condition of the cat needs nutrition is also different, according to their own cat situation, the specific analysis need to choose the cat canned. The first 8 months after the birth of the cat, belonging to the juvenile period, when the feeding should pay special attention to whether the nutrition is easy to absorb. Wait until the cat 8 months later, according to the situation at the time the appropriate adjustment of the cat, it is best not to let the cat to replace the cat food, animals and people are not the same, people like to eat, but the cat's body may not be able to adapt, so the cat Like and beneficial to their physical circumstances, you can use a long cat food. Step 2: Your own economic conditions. This must be in your range of consideration, no matter what the use of things, have to slowly become better, including the cat cans, a box of 85g canned 10 or so, that box to eat 2 days, a month also 150 yuan , And the cat's expenses are more than cat canned this one, add up, this cat's consumption of terror to arrive at a long dress's money. Mainly to the future long past, slowly become better, we generally do not bear the general working class. The third step: to consider the palatability, snacks will have the role of snacks, so that the cat's appetite grows in order to better make the healthy growth of the cat we pet hospital will generally recommend the cat canned, in China's acceptance High, many of the main cat's feedback is good, there are a lot of meat inside And Jane can be almost the same level of canned cats canned cats, these two we can compare to choose. Find the most suitable for their own cat that canned cat, in order to better and play it happy. Hope that the above information can help people who love pet. Do not like to spray! 2017-06-155913 User 7 election cat food is the main or look at the ingredients, three kinds of cat food, the desire for the best ingredients, prime elements of the worst ingredients, reflected in the price is exactly the same, if the financial capacity to bear, the cat did not eat Adverse reactions, it is recommended to feed the well desire of the full range of canned in my home are very good sales, wonderful fresh package on the mixed, I personally recommend wellness core tank, better ingredients, affordable, suitable for cat 2015-01-06715 MetalliCat naughty cat Bengalahua Leopard Cats Organizer 149 on how to look at the table, the online Raiders have a lot of various, such as cat food small, see what the order of raw materials, and here is not to say. Basically according to the price from high to low row is the quality from good to bad, eager to; The following is my self-affectionate start, indifferent to the line. I am here for you to talk about the cat's nutrition, from a breeding point of view, from the perspective of scientific feeding. This article will cover cost control, and I will be more inclined to how to develop a tournament cat to start, that is, the article on the raw part of the feeding, and raw food to bring about how to change the cat. (Do not start a fine talk) scientific feeding point of view, regardless of the content of my analysis of protein worth mentioning, fat worth mentioning, only a core content, that is, water, plenty of water. Cats are predators, the ideal food for carnivores should be high protein (more than 40% of total calories), the amount of fat (about 40% of total calories), a small amount of carbohydrates (about 5% of total calories). The high protein referred to here refers to animal proteins. And carnivores mean that the cat does not need any plant protein, and can not effectively use plant protein. Animal protein and plant protein itself is different, plant protein lack some essential amino acids. And the common carbohydrate content in dry food is too high, will disrupt the blood sugar / insulin balance of the cat, and will lead to cat obesity. And we look at the composition of several conventional cat food table snow mountain special cat food, mid-cat food, entry-level natural food. Snow Mountain special cat food, mid-range cat food, entry-level natural grain. The main ingredients are: chicken powder, brown rice (which is what?), Chicken, oats (which is what?) Can be seen, low-end cat food to add too much plants to pile high protein content, cost savings. Crude protein --- 34.0 at least (but how many animal protein, and how much from plants?) Crude fat --- 17.0 minimum crude fiber --- 3.0 maximum water --- 10.0 up to taurine --- 0.15 minimum Omega 3 --- 0.5 at least Omega 6 --- 2.5 at least (the above is the desire for six kinds of fish, is indeed one of the best dry food, and low-end natural grain at a glance, the main ingredient is meat meat Fleshy, but there are still many other additives to control the cost.) (The above is the desire for six kinds of fish, is indeed one of the best dry food, and low-end natural grain at a glance, the main ingredient is fleshy meat Meat, but there are still many other additives to control the cost.) But considering the desire for six kinds of fish up to 70 yuan / kg price, you still feel it is worth it? The real meat only 6 to 30 yuan / kg. (Chicken breast ~ the price of beef.) At the same time, more importantly, we are concerned about protein content, fat content, carbohydrate content, the proportion of various vitamins, but often forget the more important thing ---- water is To maintain the necessary conditions for life and health, and the cat is naturally less sensitive to the feeling of thirst, so must get enough water from the food (in general, the capture of prey contains about 75 or so of water), it is a pity that, Dry food has enough water (less than 10). Although eating cats will eat more water, but because of the nature of the cat (thirst is not sensitive), the total water (food extra water intake) intake will be much lower than the wet food, water intake is only about consumption of wet Half of the grain, long-term consumption of dry food cat will be in a slight dehydration state. And dehydration will cause kidney and bladder problems. In fact, cystitis, kidney stones, urethral obstruction these problems are now common. What is more important is that people have a very wrong view in the past that eating dry food helps the cat clean the teeth. This is a completely wrong view, and there is no academic basis. From the structure of the cat food, although hard, but very brittle, almost no friction on the teeth. Moreover, the cat's teeth are not suitable for crushing dry food, they were used to tear the meat! The Finally, the vast majority of cats are gulping. Therefore, there is a lot of fatal shortcomings in addition to the advantages of dry food feeding - there are many very fatal shortcomings: 1. The plant protein content that can not be fully utilized is too high; 2. Carbohydrates are too high; 3. Water content is too low; Bring the teeth to injury. So, I can throw a conclusion here, eager to six kinds of fish is worthy of one of the best cat food (contrast Snow Mountain, Fumo, prime high, etc.), animal protein and carbohydrate content control is good, fat content also Moderate, but it can not be avoided at allDisadvantages of Dry Food - Water Shortage. Therefore, any water-rich food (70 or more water content), are better than dry food. Such as cat canned. Taking into account the desire for up to 70 yuan / kg of expensive price (usually, if a cat to natural grain for the main grain, a day of appetite is 70g ~ 100g between the average daily consumption of about 10 yuan). Compared to snow mountain cat pot 12 yuan / person (170g big cans is one and a half day appetite) or wellness core14 yuan / month (150g, one and a half day appetite) price, it is better to choose canned cats. We have been here to see here, the above are in the analysis of the shortcomings of dry food. I will bring a more appropriate way below feeding - raw food feeding. The principle of raw feeding is that you need to give the cat a complete animal, not just feeding the meat. Intact: muscle, fat, bones (to provide calcium, always remember that calcium is not supplements, but essentials), heart and other internal organs, skin, and by a certain percentage, means that you can not because of chicken nutrition and day Fed 200g chicken but only to eat 100g meat. So, you need to buy all kinds of meat, liver (chicken duck, etc.), chicken heart, with flesh and blood (chicken neck, chondrodhit meat) for raw food feeding, many people worry about parasitic problems, sealed good ingredients, frozen at -20 ℃ Room to save more than 14 days, you can kill almost all of the common parasites and eggs. At the same time, raw food feeding requires additional L-lysine, taurine and other ingredients, recommended nutrition powder can be. Raw feeding, one need about 400g. Compared to 100g of natural grain, the extra weight is mostly extra water. And a cat can consciously drink a day 300g or even more water? Obviously impossible. The advantages of raw food feeding: 1. Cost cost! The The Whether it is to eat craving, or cat canned, raw food only less than half of the price can achieve better results, to provide more adequate water. 2. will shape the more powerful mouth. 3. More available protein brings more calories. Your cat will become active rather than dead, so as to shape a better body. 4. Improve the quality of fur immediately. Finally, I hope you all the way to see friends in the end, I understand the focus of this article is actually water! The The The The The The The The last of the last 18-09-2514956 users desire to be greater than Fumo is higher than the prime high, from the price can be seen. Nutrition is also. In fact, and Fumo the same price of the go without the valley but better, now non-meat ingredients, a bit like potato fried pork really high strength, recommended gold, do not choose general. Cans do staple food to buy cans, wellness is very good, if you feel the price is a bit high, for the snow-capped mountains, the United States cans the highest cost, the two or three basically no. German cans are also good, the Germans do canned, the meat is very solid if you do snack cans, and occasionally buy buy cans, app, ALMO, the rainbow are OK 2015-03-03182 Xiao Bao financial division feel what no Valley Valley, in fact Starch content are similar, mainly to see your home is not allergic to rice, or eat rice and eat potato powder is also nothing different. Cat food often for the brand to eat, do not eat a kind, as long as not too bad, are almost 2016-12-210 lying on the spit can not yet, food, energy, Paimaster, six kinds of fish are good 2016- 09-100yarson Li six star shovel workers. The The Take care of the Lord. The The 1 words these brands are very high it The The My family has been unable to eat. The The woo woo woo woo. The The Prime high my family before eating lamb recipe. The The is acceptable. The The Anyway, idyllic cat stomach. The The Not afraid of indigestion The The No gluten never eaten. The The There are cats friends eat also line The The If not the recent frequent price increases. The The Feeling is good. The The The desire to evaluate has always been good. The The In addition to the price. The The I personally think that if conditions permit. The The Hello craving is a good choice. The The Fumo I personally feel that the price is not very good. The The I have to think about this money. The The As for the wellness of the canned. The The Can I say that my family only eat his family meal package this sad reminder of things? The The As well as canned canned wellness is also good. The The Is my family's hate to eat canned meat canned. The The And the rice cane of the canned food are almost all. The The Orz 2014-02-05115 Ma Ying-jeou 1 interests are not relevant, can buy genuine cases, dry food election desire nothing to say. My family is actually fed two wet food-based, personal experience, snow-capped mountains indoor palatability is also good, not soft interest is not relevant, can buy genuine cases, dry food election desire nothing to say. My family is actually fed two wet food-based, personal experience, snow-capped mountains indoor palatability is also good, not soft 2017-02-0915 run girl see deer UX designer / senior shovel feces 1 price row order is 1. Eager to 2. Fumo 3. Suo high desire long, of course, very good, with the material are meat, of course, the price is high, anyway, my family can not afford to eat ... Fumo eat twice, the first time because of the soft Then, eat a blessing horse good, let me impress the Fumo very good. After eating a pack of Fumo, for the high strength of gold loaded. Feeling pretty good, the cat did not eat any adverse reactions, 2-year-old weight 8-9 pounds or so, body symmetry. Gold loaded with high strength to eat for a long time, taking into account the taste of the cat to change, to eat Fumo no Valley salmon duck vegetables, the cat food, the results of the cat to eat the weight of rub off down And later learned that the protein content of the cat food is relatively low, if the cat is more fat it can try can I bought once, my cat does not eat, so do not do evaluation In short, or to see the table of the table And the percentage of nutrition, according to their own situation of the cat to choose the right food formula table is the best pure meat, a little general is the meat powder, animal fat and the like, cereal starch not too much, or simply add no protein, the whole cat Is puffiness! And then look at the percentage of protein and fat, high protein suitable for large amount of movement of the cat, because eating a sports consumption, not too obese. But the protein is too high can not stand may be soft, for grain to be gradual. Low protein is more suitable for low-functioning cats, to ensure that the basic nutrition and not too fat. According to their own cat to explore the experience, for reference only Edit at 2016-09-1013 Li Hao good summer disease, simply on the West day 1 is the first choice but the stomach is weak to choose the choice of Fumo no low-allergic ingredients To ensure the health of the stomach I usually often canned and homemade on the dry grain of meat content is not so high so Fumo is the best choice 2015-12-171 Wang Mingfei doctor1 This is very good, Fumo eager to Higher than the prime force. If the economy can be used, then you can use the desire, good cans Well, my family every time in the e pet food is to buy the desire and wellness of the salmon canned 2015-05-281maru my home meow is the beginning of eating desire ... Eat a good fur ... the body is also fermented like a very big ..... no head with no tail about 60cm .. weight 5kg .... pet clinic boss said too big only .. I gave it for the Fumo ... eat for 5 months or so .... did not lose weight .. but no meat ... but do not know whether it is summer to change hair. The Feel the hair feels so comfortable ... craving very good. But I really do not want my cat and then fat again 15: 590 facing the wind running the programmer who are good, e pet on the sale are very good 2017-07-030 Taurus micro dream students are good brand Yeah, see E pet on these seem to be direct mail 2017-06-290 Qi ears of the patients with high intelligence, desire and Fumo three recommended Fumo. High strength easy to soft, eager to buy fake, of course, is not forced to Fumo advertising, but also depends on your cat which is the most accepted. Wellness itself is the staple food can, can always feed, not bad. Editors in 2017-06-270 anonymous users ... ... edited in 2017-06-260 mirror you said several cat food in the online evaluation are good, I also understand the network ... Edit at 2017-06-250 Shen Tu shovel The king of delaying severe patients I would like to say, do not have to wait for the other to eat the other ~ staple cans can be considered under the German pot 2016-11-300horacio zhou present duck a my family to eat fromm, feeling this grain is more balanced, not easy Obese, and hairy, if you want to keep the cat very fat (of course I do not like, and obesity will be pathogenic), do not eat fromm. You said that the cans should be no problem, but I will buy more snow canned, because the amount of foot and cheap, the proposed subject can use the staple food to the cat to eat, so adequate water intake, good for the urinary system , Many cats are not drinking water, eat dry food is easy to get sick. Finally on the main son of the map, and my family kitten fried fat catThe story of the right, and my family kitten fat grass fat cat story you say body type and muscle weight is not important you say body type and muscle weight is not important it 2016-11-2902 more 1 fold (why ?) Download the client and the world knowledge, experience and insights related to the experiment with the mouse can bring back to the dormitory? 47 What are the changes in your adopted stray animals nowadays? 2809 Chinese pastoral cat's value can be high? 3309 What stories are you worth talking about with meowers or the stars? 520 pet castration is love pet? 1302 Related Live Recommended My Pet Dog Cat Need Sterilization? Pet dog fixed point urine simple course dog behavior and the actual use of qualified cat slaves to keep the cat in the end to eat cat food good or canned good? - to join the health of pets keep cat cat food cat in the end to eat cat food good or canned good? I see a lot of posts. The Some say canned food is better than cat food, because the cat food is too dry. Some say that cat eat cat food, eat more meat ah canned, what their burden on them too much. The The So, the cat in the end. The Should eat what? The how to eat? In addition, I did not raise a cat before. The Last month in the opportunity to pick up a cat under the chances. The Less than a month she has been very picky eaters. The From eating cat food to eat canned until now the snow-capped mountains licked a few mouthfuls do not touch the snow-capped mountains to do food action. The The I am so weak and weak. The The The Some of the veterinarians do not recommend feeding canned, on the grounds that nutrition is not balanced, but in fact caused by nutritional imbalance is the non-staple food tank instead of staple food cans, veterinary professionalism is to treat animals, but they did not live animal nutrition, And staple food cannons also belong to the newer concept, so veterinarians, may not understand some people think that eating dry food has the effect of eliminating dental care teeth, but imagine, do we just eat biscuits do not have to brush your teeth? Of course, no matter what form of food, should regularly help the cat brush your teeth, in order to avoid dental calculus. For the normal healthy cats, the cans are still a lot of benefits, but the owner should observe the physical condition of the cat and consider their own economic conditions have been the most suitable for their own and their own baby feeding. Edit in 2017-03-153 fire department Master Wang sauce Gatton large rural veterinarian in reading, diving depth poisoning patients cat food main shortcomings water content is relatively small, if the feeding cat food should pay attention to the cat drinking water is not enough, it is recommended to get a few A basin or drinking fountains and the like; cans of the main drawback is that long-term to eat the cat's teeth are not very good, so pay attention to often brush your teeth. So in fact what kind of when the staple food will do, with the feed is also OK, be regarded as their own advantages and disadvantages of it Picky eat the problem, the first rule out the disease and the hair in the stomach caused by loss of appetite, and then to control the snack and regulate the daily feeding time, come and see if the rice bowl is not clean or ugly pot. Or not, I see you only set foot on the Lord looking for food like a long way ... ... 2016-10-09017 download client and world knowledge, experience and insights


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