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Sugar canned litchi cans 2017-09-06 11:46:494148 Hao Yuan beans in the doctor / Japanese N1 / digital image processing / dancing / Tucao / single dog 596 I want to say ... my home is open food factory ah! The The My mother also opened a snack wholesale shop ah! The The From small home food factory production of a variety of candied casually I eat I do not want to eat ah! The Always feel strange for the hair will be someone to spend money to buy this throttle thing ah! The Snack shop thing my mother in addition to pure milk never let me eat other ah! The The Made the labor because the long too high 5 years old to read primary school ah! The The The Holidays must be in the food factory to help packing goods ah! The The What you buy the gift box are reading the primary school labor to help you stack out ah! The The The One year old workers are the most tragic moments of labor! The From the early eight o'clock to 10 o'clock in the packaging ah ah ah wages have ah wages ah! The The I started working as a child from the age of seven! The The The Mother! Since childhood has been looking forward to home food factory closure! The The --------------------------- 2016 Chinese New Year --------------------- --------------------- this year, the collapse, and I was not happy Edit at 2016-02-14596171 echo quasi-test technician test dog 430 burst in the cinema burst Moss count what began to hear can do this part-time, happiness biu ~ rise, feeling a contracted a fish pond fast. The whole cinema popcorn how sweet I have the final say Oh, ah today want to eat light points, then add a little sugar ok ~ ah ah ah ah today want to eat every popcorn are wrapped in the kind of syrup, then the proportion More than doubled it (≥ 63 ≤), but also can be so; Oh, this small basin friends good ah, also called my sister! Be sure to add popcorn! Pick every kind of sweet that kind of! Of course, if the call aunt's words ... do not blame me start hard (insidious face) if someone praise then go with it ~ Kazakhstan myself ~ Ivy Bati I came back! Day lunled sleep my answer finally someone praise! The The Or the kind of a lot of people! The The Let me excite for a while () () () () () () (o (* 19 ▽ 19 *) o)))) Nonsense, continue with the ~ seems to have nothing to say that ye ... talk about bursting popcorn process Well: first add vegetable oil The amount of the main to see the size of the pot and the amount of corn) in the pot after two minutes to add a cup of corn, and then add the amount of sugar to see the mood (usually 2: 1 sugar and caramel) and then fragrant Popcorn freshly baked friends ~ In fact, there is no technical content you (cover your face), corn and sugar can be added in order to change, teach my master said, let me free to play ... ... the result is once added oil and sugar , Let them first stir will, and then forget to put the corn ... after five minutes, eh? Why did not the crackling sound of the pot? After ten minutes ... eh? What is the taste? Where is the charred? Ah ah ah! My popcorn The The And then shovel for a long time the pot (¯ ¯ ~ 17) the whole cinema are floating strange taste ... right, all I do! I swear later no longer burst when the popcorn staring at the trailer made inexplicable (0711_11`) ... on whether you can eat popcorn ... ha ha ha ha ha of course! Eat enough to have no problem! But also the name of the United States: ah, I was trying to see the proportion of just there is no plus, where there is a need to improve (^ з ^) - ☆ but then eat really tired ah ... the most important from the future Feel so many cinemas, no one of the popcorn I have to get delicious ... on the work experience: Although useless technical content, but the day to do down, or very tired! Because to stop bending ... the first day really have the feeling of back pain, probably because of the older 21_21. There is every day down, the whole body is the sweet taste of popcorn, especially the hair, and later even the quilt, pillow is also, hemp asked me not secretly into the popcorn that put the cabinet, played a roll ... At the time of the year, the evening service waiter, at ten o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock in the morning, said the story of McDonald's it. McDonald's products are time-limited, such as fries can only be retained for half an hour (comment area small partner correction, fries of the shelf life is seven minutes, time long forgotten ... ...), after half an hour to fall Out of a number of re-do, other products and so on have a different length of the shelf life. Of course, in order to save costs and not very good to follow these shelf life rules, but we will from time to time to see the product or try, if they feel bad or sell bad, no matter how much left will not hesitate to fall The Night work staff have a meal free of charge to eat, that is, you can point a package that white also a hamburger, because like fries drinks ice cream these things are basically casually eat and drink. My first night almost fried a tray of fries, do not say eat spit anyway before the super love to eat now has no sense, half a month to eat all the things McDonald's. Once the strawberry jam chocolate Oreo and so on the raw materials are added to the ice cream, super delicious. To the last familiar with the basic store all the things are casually eat and drink, anyway, the middle of the night with my duty manager two people, but all the ingredients are processed on-site fresh, eating taste is also good. Finally, the hamburger chicken and chicken pieces really eat spit, hungry at night or feel better than the supper outside. Yes, McDonald's breakfast milk really tasty, and now are in the heart to read, to take the morning class uncle aunt directly from the first to take a big cup. McDonald's health is not too much to worry about, because the light mop rags are divided into four or five ... and clean different places but also with different disinfectant water, hall walkway dedicated a mop, a kind of mop, A kind of mop ... ... rags are the same, the front desk and the lobby table a rag, producing areas over there another kind of rag ... ... I usually lazy will only use one, but was caught to criticize. First come here, go back to me and then come back to add some of the wonderful guests encountered at night, it basically will not appear in the daytime, the devil, the night falls really is a hundred ghosts nocturnal ah Come back, tell the story, but Feeling a little answer to ask ah ... first on the two bar ~ This is not met with strange people, just say something interesting, just into McDonald's, the elderly will tease new people. One night, we cried hungry let me call something to eat, I said well, no problem. Na, this is the Kentucky phone, we called the whole family bucket to eat it ~ my whole person a little messy, but still took out the phone ready to call (at night lax, the phone casually play, as long as do not affect the work) Or too young, the head of me moved to the front of the plane, with a cell phone to waste bill charges, to use this. So I used McDonald's phone to KFC to make a reservation phone, and then I and KFC sister dialogue content is roughly as follows: Hello, here is Kentucky Hello, here is McDonald's ... ... we want a good friend of the whole tank, Where is the address? (I said the next address) Oh, sorry Mr., the address beyond the scope of our delivery, trouble you contact some other restaurants and then, snapped the phone hung up, next to a group of goods are laughing crazy. Finally with my cell phone called the point of the chicken roll mashed potatoes what, KFC's meal brother to the later, to see our red clothes face the dog's face, the head of the time to laugh when eating mashed potatoes , And slightly pleased. A year later, when I went to McDonald's office to leave the case, think of everyone to eat a meal, and then ... Yes, I heard the familiar content, we called the whole family barrel to eat it ~ the last noisy or McDonald's The plane called KFC's delivery, did not expect the final actually sent, and it seems that KFC's little brother with a very familiar look, maybe I have never been on the white class, do not understand, it is estimated that the game they Did not play less during the day This story I do not know how to start at the beginning ... the first account of the background, I was in the McDonald's restaurant has two layers, the second layer of the night after cleaning is not open to health. One night at twelve o'clock, a pair of men and women into the store a cup of coffee, and then went to the second floor. I think anyway, a cup of coffee or clean up, maybe he has two other private words to say there is no way to stop them. After a woman who came down to a glass of ice, (I do not know, to find other colleagues to, and later told me), approaching half past one, the evening team leader ready on the second floor Of the locker room for clothes to get off work, the stairs to half on the rush to run down, lying down! Lying down! Lying down! There is a pair of wild mandarin ducks in the fight ** harmonious society, everyone is responsible for the meaning of the leader is the woman in the heart of the man's hesitation, and then deserves to be the leader, the manager is the manager, immediately react, The Go to duty room! McDonald's have a good place to monitor all of you, you are not in the maternal room toilet, the first time in life had watched live, a group of goods on the crowded duty room, staring at the monitor screen like watching the Spring Festival party The same, so advise you men and women friends, quick festive, pay attention to combat time and combat locations, and love animals, everyone is responsible. Cattle devils too much, would like to one by one example, looked back to want to come, but there is nothing, it may be too young to feel fresh, pick up the pointTalk about, can not be crooked again ... In fact, most of the time to work very lonely bored ... met just off the stupid women, told me one by one she met the wonderful guests, she said the guests asked the question is a The standard answer, how long is it? A few days ago or the first week; why dry ah? The family has a brother to study or two parents who are the two relatives who are sick; Just over nineteen ... ... she said to persuade people from the general are just out of the play of the young children, she said the usual tube of strict, not to come out, the general thing to eat is sent take away, she is a long time The free point. She said a lot better, she was to the freshman I opened a new world of the door, but to prepare breakfast really want to continue to listen to what she will say next. Met with the infatuated species, traveled to the city McDonald's only for the collection of a set of dolls (at that time is a small yellow or small balls Han forget), because his girlfriend like, drove the city running, then already Half past one, and the last one, listen to our shop did not drive to the next McDonald's. Met the middle of the night came to commit suicide, when I first work just the first day of school too tired, the manager is a little young woman painful, let me go to sleep. About four o'clock as early as five o'clock look like her wake up, a look of tears without tears, said a man sitting outside that night, the expression of depression, eyes Yin birds. I have to say that I want to commit suicide I want to die here Bala Bala, probably on the meaning of it, the manager who saw this battle, to persuade the two hours no effect was the person was fast cried, even death Our restaurant ah these words are said, and finally rude I woke up, but I did not persuade the young people back to the experience of the shore ah, but he saw the restaurant there is a man, stare at me for a while silently Go ... ... mother eggs, eat white food to eat white food it, what to commit suicide, bad luck met the owner of the casino, the son was seven years old hair no half, and the remaining half of the white almost, told me Life is hard and hard, with my gambling red-eye gambler chop hands and feet, told me that sir to check the scene like rent, like on time to count, talk a lot, the uncle (or big brother ) Is also equivalent to open the door for another new world for me. Met 911 Fuji sitting in our school girls, the seat behind all the wine bottles, she can not recognize me, but we all recognize the beauty. Have seen coolies of the seniors, McDonald's replenishment in the middle of the night, you can go online to check a box of tomato sauce is multiple, anyway, I have always pushed the box is not hard to move, he moved staggering almost hit the foot , Alas, home conditions are not very good, so many part-time easy to do not do partial to do coolies, some people choose from the beginning to decide a lifetime. Met the beauty forgot to collect money ... ... -_- # Finally let the manager to fill the gap to see the two people in the restaurant almost hit, because then just the World Cup ... ... seen on the delivery of a single request on the special Write a meal to be handsome guy ... seen gold chain small brother of the big brother in the restaurant did not dare to come forward to persuade ... ... seen from the handkerchief one by one to take money only to the grandson to buy a most expensive hamburger grandmother, I have given them a giant ... ... seen some people have heard some things, three classes, the world of all ages, probably so it ... ... in the 2017-06-041576194 Friday five five 249 students in Suzhou Olio company To work, he told us about the company welfare a box of a box of biscuits used as a bench, into the workshop smell the biscuits are nausea, the farmers around to buy scraps to feed pigs, and then pigs are spit, but fortunately we Dogs can not eat chocolate. 2015-11-04249127 leaves 381 Σ (19д19lll) unpredictable broken ... Is it ... Is this ... the power of the front row 21_21 Is it only I want to know how to find a part-time job in the food processing plant ... --- ---- split line ------- Although I have not done such a job, but do not hinder to recommend food, on the map, to see what you are really amazing! Edit anonymous users in the 2016-01-2138167 Anonymous users work in a fruit chain distribution center. Basically you have seen, never seen, heard, I have not heard of eat (1206д1207) But after eating more, tired. After all, a warehouse million tons of fruit you can eat a person how much? Just go into the month to eat hard, forget to eat their own fruit to convert the price, can have half of wages. Later, only the more expensive, or their own particularly like to eat things, will eat two. The annual strawberry season, a car to a strawberry, I can spend about 5 kg per day, the vast majority are thrown away. Cat Mountain King, the world one, car sister, ki ki fruit, Australia's various mango orange, the United States a variety of plum plum. As long as the season, I can eat spit Wine pork, is about such a feeling. For everyone I am not on the map (> ﹏ <) ------------------------------ first answer a little partner Of the question, this side does not recruit part-time and temporary workers (¯ ¯ ~ ~) A master also considered a management post, for the fruit of life and death. Usually can not afford to eat the fruit is not allowed to bring out, I will give the unloading workers to eat, after all, is also a waste of waste. There are upstairs administrative little sister laboratory little sister sister of a variety of small sister to come on a variety of reasons to rub rub eat (they can not just eat). ----- should comment on the requirements of small partners, to recommend some delicious fruit it (The first time to answer questions, typesetting fonts will not get, coupled with low level of culture, so that we read more effort Guiqiu forgive (; 072820Д2820`)) ---------------- First of all, Apple (all the real are real shot) As the saying goes, one day an apple is the more common domestic red Fuji it! What is the characteristic of Red Fuji? This is the surface of more than 95 full red special fruit. Flesh is sweet and sour and refreshing ~ bite a bang bang crisp ~ juice cross flow ~ PS This is the apple of Shandong, Shaanxi also produced Fuji, Aberdeen too lazy to open the box friends. Here are a few of these, is the import of large family of friends friends. (Please ignore the frogs of the domestic Fuji (> ﹏ <) higher recognition, is the famous snake, is the largest under the one. As the surface of the snake is playing a layer of wax used to keep fresh, we eat it when you remember to peel Oh ~ snake taste is mostly powder, do not have to eat hard, may be in the elderly like a little more. The upper left corner is the refueling fruit, taste between the crisp and the powder, there is no red Fuji so Ga bang brittle, but not like a snake so bite on the broken. The upper right corner is the import of red roses apples, but also crisp sweet taste, eat up with an apple fragrance, belong to the landlord favorite apple top5. The lower right corner is the mysterious guest of the United States, I do not know what it is called, eat and red roses somewhat similar. Well, hum downstairs this, it is the famous world, the Japanese Aomori Prefecture of the big and ruddy ~ fat and not greasy (what ghost (> д <) ah ... In fact, so big or the Japanese production in fact the main Is not dare to eat (1206 д 1207) but for everyone I still take the risk of biting. Ga bang brittle no radiation taste. There are more types I did not take one by one (definitely not afraid of out of the box trouble.) Apple as a The price of close to the people, delicious look and pleasing fruit, no doubt is the first recommendation of the first answer friends ~ we pick the apples do not have to pay special attention to the surface ugly (rusty skin does not affect the taste), as long as no obvious bruises , But the relationship between the quality of the child is not very good, we qc said to return the size of the girls like the papaya. (Or raw) Australian mansong mang jujube jujube white meat is not white enough (730770`73) * 7819 * PS A paranoid by eating fruit to lose weight, the first two months fat five pounds, and now the mood is stable, no weight fluctuations. 072820 Д 2820`) at 2015-11-0632299 I said a room is to be dealt with defective products, because it does not look good, you can eat! Do not eat is also throwing, there is a hair! A big bag of a bag Big bag of snow and fairies for the benefit of the whole family! New Year do not have to buy! Take his master just to call him to eat less, or I am afraid to see later will spit, and then he spit and then resigned to break a hundred I said it ~ My dad at the age of 17 had been in the food field for some time, the main job is fried sugar, is to dissolve the sugar, and then by the workshop stereotypes, white and white money to do the raw materials (Hefei people should know what, a sweet To the friend's snacks) In the era of lack of material, sugar is the top snack! My dad often white and white money to take home, sadly my aunt never eat, brought back are black! I have a lot of ants in my family, and my aunt has traced the roots and explores it. Later, I have a lot of ants in my family. Clue in Dad's drawer, a dozenSpeak, do not look is hot spices, the workshop is really clean ah! Work is also very happy, that is, a month to get the hemorrhoids to make him very uncomfortable. 2015-11-1115126


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