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Seiko Canned Diving Table 2017-09-07 04:05:53Use this movement of the Seiko called \May have to wash the table a good wash, the bezel and the ear between the sand washed away. People are not perfect, the table did not finish, not to mention only sell a thousand yuan genuine full mechanical diving table. █ 耳 耳 耳... 环 环,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................................. Masculine. Self, full of Seiko taste. 15/15 Readability: clear when reading, luminous first class. 5/5 operation: easy to adjust, including the calendar fast tune, but did not stop seconds, and can not manually on the chain is a big problem. 3/5 wearing comfort: Although the table is large and heavy, but very hand. 8/10 Case: strong and durable, regardless of the material and the details of the parts are in place. 8/10 buckle: strap strap, buckle easy to use and useful. 9/10 movement: the price, 7S26 basic invincible. 15/20 precision: relatively poor. But the price, accuracy can not be demanding. 5/10 price: high. 14/15 Total points: 82 Seiko black strange SKX779 Price: $ 450 Case material: 316L steel Case size: table diameter 42mm, thickness 13mm Movement: 7S26 self-winding movement Waterproof: 200 meters article from [evaluation] Sagami black strange SKX779 diving table depth evaluation today and everyone is from the Prospex series of new products: in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Seiko diving watch commemorative watches, the new Marinemaster 1000 meters waterproof gold canned, model: SBDX014G. It is said that the big brother has been ahead of the start (the network will be launched in the near future to start the experience, it is better in the end of the text to enjoy the big brother has the fine canned master). First look at the SBDX014G belongs to the Prospex series, it can be said that this series is the backbone of Seiko watch, the main sea, land and air three major areas of professional watch concept, theoretically whether you are Shangwu Jie tile, (The by legend of Phoenix) This series will have a professional field of watch to provide you with special services. Prospex series contains more familiar with the Seiko lovers such as the size of MM, the size of LM, all kinds of canned, etc. can also watch the table, of course, because the full range of Prospex full range of price span is not small, from 3K yuan to 50K yuan Even higher price range are table distribution, under normal circumstances if you are the appearance of price control in this series of low prices in a lot of shape and high price similar to the watch, so by buying and wearing to meet your desire Dissatisfied but unable to stop the complex psychological. Of course, you bring a similar high-priced low-cost Prospex or Seiko any one of the watch, whether it is not met people who do not like Seiko or hi and know Seiko people, from the face of basic Is \14G Marinemaster 1000 Seiko engraved the Grand Seiko history of the classic series 62 GS, it faithfully reproduced in 1967, the first piece of automatic winding Seiko GS watch appearance and temperament. Seiko Grand Seiko series of historical collection version 62GS watch Platinum paragraph SBGR091 Baselworld this year, coincides with the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Seiko introduced this in accordance with the annual production of 1967 produced by the history of engraved version - 62 GS. Its biggest feature is the 4-point crown and diamond cut case. 62 GS is the fourth watch after the 57 GS Self-Dater and 44 GS to join the Seiko Historical Collection series of this successful product line. The new 62 GS is extremely loyal to the original, almost to restore the original version of the year, but relative to the original or do some minor changes, it is difficult to tell you in words where they distinguish in the end where Its biggest change, in fact, the case diameter than the original increase of 1 mm, and now the table diameter of 37.6 mm, this is because the movement is now greater than the movement of the year. 62 GS is the most special of its case design, is a piece of polished polished case directly inlaid with sapphire crystal, and it also has a unique multi-section lugs. But the most classic or on the dial on the Grand Seiko business emblem, and the case with the same Zaratsu process - a used to make Japanese knife mirror grinding technology. And the original, 62GS will be crown on the 4 o'clock position. At that time the original design is to emphasize that it is an automatic winding watch (in fact it is also the history of the first GS on the chain watch). Because the automatic winding watch is not necessary to go for it every day on the chain, so the crown will do smaller and more inconspicuous. The back of the watch engraved the GS Lion Logo, exactly the same as the original in 1967, with the modern GS table back lion badge slightly different. The pointer and scale uses a diamond cutting process, making their surface as smooth as the mirror, almost all of the GS have adopted such a design. The use of such a design is not only for the sake of beauty, but also allows the pointer and scale to reflect as much light as possible, so that the watch in a low light environment, even if it does not rely on luminous coating can clearly read. GS designers rarely use luminous coatings, because in their view the luminous coating in just a few decades will begin to deteriorate. It also has a relief style GS Logo retro clasp. 62 GS Case is divided into stainless steel and three precious metal case (18K white gold, gold and red gold). Which is the closest to the original stainless steel section, platinum models have a characteristic white dial and blue steel second hand, stainless steel and the original is exactly the same silver dial. SBGR092G gold section SBGR092 gold section SBGR092 series watch are equipped with a 9S65 movement, power reserve for 3 days, -3 to +5 seconds a day error, these are the GS movement of the standard data. 62 GS stainless steel limited edition 600, priced at 40,000 yuan; precious metals are limited to 100, platinum models priced at 17,000 euros, gold and red gold for 16,100 Europe, the renminbi price yet to be announced. The series of watches is expected to start in June 2015 to sell. Seiko Grand Seiko series of historical collection version 62GS watch Price: 40,000 yuan of stainless steel; platinum section of 17,000 euros, gold and red gold section of 16,100 euros Case material: stainless steel, platinum, gold, red gold Case size: diameter 37.6 mm, 12.1 mm thick Movement: 9S65 Self-winding movement Vibration frequency: 4 Hz Word from [evaluation] Get started experience Seiko Grand Seiko series of historical collection version 62GS watch (with pictures and prices) that Seiko (Seiko ) There is also a series of Grandseiko prices approaching Rolex, the factory error requirements are more stringent than the Swiss Observatory and must be understood. At first glance to see the physical feeling is to Rolex Datejust when the opponent competition - three needle plus calendar dress table, and then again. Mechanical movement of the GS watches like each paragraph are similar, are the third needle, the most complex is the high frequency 36,000 times / hour plus a pointer when the two, the difference is not very clear. At that time the feeling is that very common table it! Angels are often hidden in the details of the rush, it ignored. In fact, I have written another article, that I do not ask for anything to boast only three watch brands - Patek Philippe, Rolex, Seiko, they are operating for more than a hundred years, and Never stopped, closed down. And then several generations of precipitation down the watchmaking process, Seiko in the 60s had challenged the European Observatory game and so on. Later learned that Seiko does operate for hundreds of years, but GS is not the case. Seiko 60 years to challenge the accuracy of the introduction of GS, but soon after the completion of the challenges of GS task, because of the rapid popularity of the 1970s quartz watch, then disappeared from the market. GS at this time there is a fault, the modern movement did not undertake the structure of the 60's. Modern GS is so reborn: after the quartz watch, the watchmaker's eagerly looking forward to the mechanical watch, the latter half of 1990, mechanical watch GS plan comeback, but the manufacture of high-level mechanical watch has 20 years of fault, the appearance of engraved How easy is it? The initial GS considered the middle of the movement at the time based on the improvement. However, after the actual sample test, GS required accuracy level is too high, the end of the movement can not meet the requirements. Responsible for the design of the young design team worked hard, resolutely decided to re-development. Self-produced high-quality movement easier said than done? In addition to the theoretical value of the design will pass through, mechanical watches need to rely on excellent and experienced craftsman skills. In the past, skilled technical staff have retired, inherited the year of manufacturing technology is almost left behind. Design team to visit the retired technician, will be derived from the experience and theory of the younger generation down, to create a new movement, and known as \The High-frequency power demand, power storage output as little as 50 hours. I believe that the more simple and more durable, so the election of 72 hours of power 9S65, the final set of titanium blue and white seconds SBGR059. Seiko GS three-pin calendar watch SBGR059 The crown of this watch is not screw-in, there are 10 air pressure (100 meters) of water, daily wash hands do not off the table. 37.8 mm table diameter, how much the head to wear big hat, solidly not fraud. Titanium shell, the whole table only weighs 96 grams, get started light as nothing. Feeling like a first love when the girls gently hold your wrist, made of hundreds of steel around the fingers soft, zero burden can be worn every day. The sun under the table although the shining but no grandstanding, completely disregard the popularity of large size now. Three-pin calendar is an ordinary style, but it can make me start after spending a lot of night in the lamp under the careful scrutiny. I seem to appreciate the GS advertising language: wrist timekeeping essence of the prosecution. Ordinary in the senior, as the Chinese food world famous, white rice color, nature, sweet, but can on the Chinese table for thousands of years. From 1960, the first GS has long been timeless, not changed the original intention to quench their jobs. Seiko GS three-pin calendar watch SBGR059 Case material: titanium Case size: diameter 37.8 mm Movement: 9S65 self-winding movement Power reserve: 72 hours Vibration frequency: 4 Hz Waterproof: 100 meters article from the [story ] does not change his mind: Seiko GS three-pin calendar watches SBGR059 start to experience more 2016-09-1216 6 is folded download the client and knowledge of the world, seeking details of Seiko Shi Ying movement Shi Ying canned 7C46 - Add watch (Why?)? Quartz seal SEIKO (Seiko) for details Seiko quartz canned? 7C46 quartz movement fine 6 cans are Seiko diving watch series, authentic cans generally refers to the diving cans, quartz, mechanical, sapphire, titanium, between the gold , A lot of style. Tangled in the price of quartz SBBN017 (about four thousand) and SBBN015 (5 thousand or so), why the quartz movement non-sapphire glass mirror prices and low-end Swiss mechanical watch prices almost? What is the 7C46 quartz movement used? 1172585 Wang Yin 2 This movement is very skin but the parameters are nothing particularly beautiful place is not bad 2015-03-022 Yu Wei? 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Hurricane Internet Sao years, Seiko GS series of quartz watches to more than 1w, much more than the mid-range Swiss mechanical watch entry are expensive Big Seiko 9F Quartz movement is not covered. 2015-02-2701


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