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Sealed canned bottles 2017-09-05 05:05:43How to seal the bottle - sealed join tips everyday scientific knowledge on how to buy a bottle sealed bottle of lemon vinegar wanted to do, but the bottle is not sealed, may I ask how to increase the tightness of the bottle (PS:? A glass bottle, the bottle? Cover is plastic) 427092 larvae ACG, Internet enthusiasts, currently working in the sealed industry, drawing artisan Pro advanced in. Do not know how high the specific requirements? Wrap the wrap on the finish, and then tighten the cap. Anonymous users can try to add a rubber pad at the mouth of the bottle; the specific form can refer to the glass beer cap or glass cans of the rubber pad (if the size is appropriate, then directly off); if the size Inappropriate to consider the use of waste silicone (swimming cap, silicone gloves) cut a suitable; or use a balloon cut one. (But behind the two species should not be food-grade) 2014-04-280 download client and world knowledge, how to seal the glass bottle can do not leak? - Join the packaging design goods packaging food packaging glass bottle how to seal to do not leak? Would like to ask you under the glass bottle what material seal to make the liquid in the glass bottle no matter how shaking will not leak out? The 416831 2 Xu Dongling strongly recommended security buckle sealed cans, waterproof, moisture, anti-bacterial, a button can be done without leakage, my home is this, especially convenient. 2017-03-240 Greatly consuming consumer electronics / packaging engineering / ski tightening caps ... 2017-02-0701 being folded (why?) Download client with world knowledge, experience and insight Download client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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