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Seafood canned 2017-09-07 09:40:57Canned mushrooms. Although a can is not much, but that taste strong, that juice, really good Just mix with chopsticks sauce can be a few bowls of rice bowl. Fish and tempeh taste is very good, you can mix a lot of food, but also a single eat. But do not worry about belching people do not eat too much Oh. Add a former also like to eat canned condensed milk, very sweet, a little too much will feel the color, the classic consumption method is to add appropriate amount of water diluted. Of course, the child's eating method is to use your fingers (or even directly with the tongue) to take some, do not have to dilute, than candy, ice cream delicious too much. Condensed milk and spicy, shrimp, ears and so are the main snack of the child. Sugar, dairy products, low digestion, please pay attention to consumption. Eat canned food Please be careful not to be scratched by sharp edges. Edit at 2016-05-091.7K What are your delicious snacks recommended to vomit blood? - add food snacks shopping recommend you what delicious to vomit blood snack recommended? Can fill the stomach, and delicious brand 55655507542936 629 a small bee Our language is Ula Ula 3015 did not expect the food of the world, even unexpectedly delicious, let us hang around the world, hum, really smart, this method So that I like Gan, it seems that can not hide the strength, and food to lift! What delicious to vomit blood? necessary! The The After eating will be delicious to fly up to declare: the following food comes from a place called Taobao, in order to maintain my glory, I will not set the evil の chain below into the brief exchange of normal mode Xiangxi flavor spicy bacon bacon, sausage, my most Love, I was fascinated by the fragrant bacon smoked, spicy with lap, too satisfied, delicious, very chewy, very fragrant to eat, the price is very cheap, , Spicy enough cool, like 14 yuan charcoal grilled small chicken legs, dry incense dry incense, it should be dry fragrant small crooked legs, spicy degree just, crisp to what extent, a hard bones to crush, very tasty , Is also very good to eat, delicious to the bones also want to swallow. Every time I eat my sister and I grab, it is very cheap as if 19 yuan hand lovers pork preserved my favorite one of the flesh, the meat is fragrant, I remember every piece is great, taste really praise, soft and hard Just right The weight is more than imagined, remember about 10 yuan spicy crabs favorite crabs, tender meat, cream like creamy, delicious taste, since ancient times there are \Beef cut into thin slices after baking, so the meat will be particularly crisp, very delicious spicy chicken Chicken old iron recommended, weight, spicy fun, hey ~, really good times to burst, my spicy spicy chicken, meat Fresh strawberry canned delicious! good to eat! good to eat! I can eat two cans. Sugar is a little sweet, but not sticky, more clear, strawberry good incense ah mango dry mango dry, old iron said, delicious chanting, but mango dry or quality is different, try to choose their favorite to eat, I Or more like this, mango flavor is very heavy, there is a little bit of sour feeling natural farmers frost persimmon persimmon is soft and waxy, inside and tough and fragrant, soft and sweet taste, the meat is thicker than other persimmon, but can not eat Many, haha, will constipation, my personal experience, absolutely effective cherry jelly pudding pudding water letter mysterious cake is the value of justice, Yan invincible, in fact, cherry jelly, which does have flowers, Meng Meng salted eight cherry cherry tea there If you like me with nuts but do not like shelling, you can eat such assorted nuts, eat a mouth, you can also add yogurt when the nuts and add some nuts and nuts I do not like to eat apples but like to eat apples dry, fruit dry sweet also with a little bit of acid, eat up non-fat Refreshing, because it is drying, so it is not brittle, is very flexible, chewy nostalgic fried ham sausage chicken bread began to be attracted to this shape, look at this bread always want to laugh, that is chicken bread and chicken It does not matter, eat nostalgia or very feeling of handmade pineapple cakes I prefer to eat pineapple cakes, different pineapple cakes in fact from the taste and taste are not the same, not too much delicious and is fine, learn products, do not like Sweet pineapple cakes, that kind of pineapple cakes no taste, like this leather soft, pineapple sour sweet and sour, there is a sense of food also delicious show '(* ∩ _ ∩ *)' French multi-flavored heavy cheese Cheese Stripes White Oreo and Blueberry Cheeses, Cheesecutian Oliver Cake, Cheese Layer Sandwiches and Coffee Beans, Fine! Stunning! Pure hand-eating garlic scallops sauce canned scallop meat with sweet, the chili sauce, pepper and scallops with fried more delicious, eat on the tank, scallops with rice, delicious praise! Scallops unexpectedly large, and the size of the big oysters like the supermarket, I suggest eating with fried rice to eat seafood glutinous rice crispy pot bar This is the pot is recommended by others. The food in order to find the spirit of welfare for everyone can not help but buy a pack of tasting, did not expect really delicious, very fresh and very fragrant, nice good, like 10 yuan it knife and meat must have a good knife Meat, must do the mouth of the mouth but not hard, spicy oil and not clear, there are chewy, taste incense but not impatient, taste to spicy with fresh, which is my general requirements of the big knives, u, must , This kind of big knife meat only value to eat, and only such a big knife meat, I can not eat the mouth of the blueberry strawberry handmade fudge This soft candy is handmade, especially beautiful, with strawberry and blueberry tastes, both flavors are Delicious, really nice to see, is a bit expensive, eating meat pain Macau Pine Chicken Pine Phoenix volume is full and squeeze a box, the above are covered with a layer of floss, taste is crisp crisp because a lot of people private message to answer The main request for food links, so here a unified reply, ask the food link address, please click on the 74 [full food address Sakamoto] my delicious to spit blood to sprinkle the food of whole wheat without sugar sugar abusers to lose weight sister or not Eat too many cookies, We must try to see if we are also a beautiful sister, if you really want to eat, try to eat some sugar-free fat, what Korean barbecue flavor, aloe papaya taste, dark chocolate, etc., the pattern is still a lot. I pursue the light fasting, so do not force to avoid mouth fat reduction, hee hee. In fact, light fast food is also good, I have been so Zao Lanfu spicy beef jerky very much like the beef, beef, fresh, very good taste, eat it is still very fresh, the first time to eat meat, spicy mouth , Spicy with fresh, suitable for not cooking and can not cook the baby to greedy! Want to eat the fun, then I like to eat spicy, hot spicy cool hailian snow ball to eat a variety of hawthorn products, eat or eat hawthorn snow ball and hawthorn roll is best to eat, very refreshing hawthorn ball , Especially appetizers, taste really good, sour sweet and sour, very fresh, not too sweet and excessive acid, taste just fine freeze-dried figs like figs, whether it is fresh or so freeze-dried, are delicious , The taste of the freeze-dried figs are crisp and there are figs of sweet, good to eat mate vanilla lemon sandwich cookies quite delicious! Packaging particularly fine senior, every time to eat all cherish, the best to eat is Vanilla lemon flavor, yes, that is, vanilla lemon flavor, not my taste wonderful work, is really delicious, eat a fresh feeling, we must try the crystal purple potatoes this kind of potatoes QQ delicious, soft Glutinous teeth, but also very cheap a large bag of 9 fragrant sweet potato melon pieces of this place there are many places to sell, really delicious, eat up particularly crisp and delicious, no sugar to add, that will not feel greasy, Eat will be addicted to small Meng bear Handmade cookies gift courtesy, it seems like a box of 9.9 yuan, was originally directed at the box to buy, did not think this handmade cookies are delicious, I like the chocolate bear, very thick milk flavor, the box is Savory! Imported chocolate Chocolate This chocolate seems to be imported, put aside the source is not, it's the taste is really very good, genuine wine Chocolate, this alcohol is the best chocolate I bought, really wine, brandy Spicy, eat stomach warm, bitter bitter harder, the middle of the package of wine taste enough, remember about 20 boxes, really cheap chocolate, but eat absolutely can not drive! The The The chestnut soft glutinous sweetness is very good, big head, I like waxy waxy chestnuts Gan Li Ren this chestnut divided into two, a popular, the taste of the chestnut, The top of the fried chestnuts to eat chestnut meat fried coke fragrance, coke and dry taste slightly better; two eat glutinous, eat such a steamed Gan Li Ren, sweet glutinous mouth, taste smooth and delicate pouring steam Sweet potato dry like to eat soft waxy waxy sweet potatoes dry, slightly sweet, sweet potato flavor is very strong, I like to eat red Thai tamarind sweet and sour angle This is a friend recommended, taste sweet with a little acid, very appetizers, people very There are appetite, eat up soft, I bought the price is cheap, remember 8 yuan or so, it was said that it is particularly calcium, hee hee, this I do not understand the northeast opening pine nuts pine nuts! Pine nuts Really good incense delicious, pine nuts great opening Ye Hao, cheap, not a few did not open, the most important taste is good to a pine nuts, pine nuts are delicious strawberry blueberries oatmeal eat Look, I remember there are strawberry dry, blueberry dry, coconut slices, cashews, cranberries, flaxseed, yogurt tablets ....., remember, eat when I usually use milk or yogurt bubble, eat Strawberry is very happy dark chocolate hand blasted lava cake delicious to the explosion and the price is also affordable point is very delicious, cocoa taste is very solid, the taste is quite satisfactory, will not feel too sweet Taiwan authentic handmade beef cattle cake this really want to eat , This must eat! I eat the smell of herbal tea, I eat the best to eat the biscuits, biscuits partial crisp, nail sugar soft and hard moderate, a lot of cattle, tenacious, inside the cattle is not hard, sweet, , Alone to eat special incense, just not too delicious! Indian pineapple bag is simply a surprise! This pineapple bag is so good, these words I have to say three times, I have never seen which bread can do so fine and high quality affordable, great! Pineapple on the surface of the layer of pastry is particularly delicious, there are pineapple jam, although not much inside the flesh is really pineapple instead of the amount of coconut, this is my favorite, very serious, I have this dog again, right, a word, beautiful ~ warm heart of small angels, girls sense of bursting, the middle of the kind of jam the best to eat Meili Su chocolate ball (Shi Da Da Pill) This is the Dacheng Pill, there are miraculous, TV standard, ha ha, Mai Li Su, I believe we all eat, which is milk powder, wrapped in chocolate outside, there are milk and chocolate fragrance, really delicious. Fast and then the old lady gave the food to eat their medicine, we must not give up treatment ah Xiang Yue fish eggs, fish, fish, eggs, eggs, eat up very q is very pop, spicy and pickled pepper is more spicy, very fresh taste and fish tofu almost, But more than the fish tofu to chew the head of the Northeast Daxinganling no added wild blueberry fruit dry start to eat it is for my eyes, answer myopic, in order to add anthocyanins, the owner often eat blueberries, we all know sometimes no blueberries, no Way to eat blueberries dry, the accident is blueberries dry very delicious, sweet and sour, this blueberries are very dry, stars are very clean, may be the reason for the wild, not very sweet strawberries dry up sweet and sour crisp, very good Eat, eat a few strawberries dry feeling this is really good, but also very cheap chocolate taste brittle bite up like chocolate sauce oatmeal handmade small stone biscuits like I used to start school to eat the beans, crisp crisp truffle truffle cheap , The taste of chocolate is very strong, slightly bitter fragrant, small package, a piece of one, no way and big than, in kind with the picture there is a gap, but at least cost-effective, eat or still corn plum Want to lose weight to see here, I eat three months of things, no sugar, with xylitol generationFor sugar, inside the stuffing is sticky corn, want to lose weight and like the value and want to eat, the most suitable for it, plum blossom good familiar, is the TV drama name? Nutrition, fast food porridge breakfast porridge my stomach cold, breakfast is generally porridge to stomach, but our school porridge is really too clear soup, only one time to see microblogging, a UP main recommendation of this porridge, did not expect Really good to drink, my favorite mushroom egg porridge, very taste, take a water like a bubble, remember about 18 yuan, remember not clear the last, I want to ask a lot of people because of a private message to the answer Food link, so here a unified reply, ask the food link address, please click 74 【complete food address Sakamoto I delicious to vomit blood to fly the food if you are also how to lose weight can not afford to eat, then if, You think the main intention of the answer, please give the answer to the point of what Mody, welcome to the answer to the editor at 2017-04-283015218 Mexican food WeChat public letter: \The. There are chewing gold collagen 250g chicken - this super delicious, but pay attention to the problem of teeth and save this other things are also good, the feeling is conscience, but the Please pay attention to save the problem, Kaifeng soon after eating. People have little to buy a small package a little. The whole network starting spicy chicken feet chicken brittle cartilage specialty classic food sharing equipment [good people] the following two kinds of chicken feet is also good, I personally prefer toughness Maotai rich, we have a good link to recommend ~ [good taste Cabinet snacks specialty fresh halo chicken paw claw 18g vacuum packaging 13 years in December expires 20 bags 包邮 special Dalian Bangchui Island spring and old brand Maotang fragrant chicken feet chicken mouth mellow 30g duck - duck neck eat Kazakhstan mirror like , The store is not attached to the link. My sister in the microblogging sometimes in the middle of the night also cried to eat it ... ... pick some of their own comments: \45g bitter: bitter series are basically left to the black clever, and looked at my 12 pages of chocolate to buy records, from De Feisi truffle to Taobao sellers handmade chocolate, the middle through a lot of detours, because the views of a matter of opinion, not to say The. I have to give the following criteria, after eating will buy, pure cocoa butter, does not contain cocoa butter on behalf of the ingredients, the body of the benefits of chocolate. No added handmade biscuits handmade cookies chocolate almond pine nuts - almond chocolate


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