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Recycle canned bottles 2017-09-06 06:38:13Recycled cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles are gone? What is the difference? - to join the cold knowledge waste recycling recycling cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles are gone where? What is the difference? 91164964 User 40 laxative ... why invited me to answer this question ... ... first that cans, cans are divided into two three cans (aluminum / steel cans) and two cans (iron). Three cans is our common Coca-Cola kind of jars, the more famous field Boer, crown and so on. It is clear that the cost of steel cans lower than the aluminum cans, but the benefits of aluminum cans can be recycled, even if the domestic recycling of waste is so immature system, the recovery rate of aluminum can still reach 90 or more. Is basically completely recycled. Steel cans can not be recycled, but the recovery costs may be higher than the remanufacturing costs, and even if the recycling of steel or to re-smelting, meaningless, the original cost of steel is not so high aluminum. So very little recovery of steel cans. Two cans is the kind of common short hard jars, almost no recycling, made of scrap metal what the hardware. Besides plastic bottles, plastic bottles to recover some trouble, because the plastic bottle cap, bottle bottom, the bottle is not a plastic. Bottles and bottoms are HDPE, the bottle is generally PET - this is a case of Coca-Cola. So, if you are careful, the Japanese recycling plastic bottles are open lid of the bottle, but we basically do not know. This means that we recycle plastic bottles after the first bottle to be separated from the bottle, bottle bottom separation. After the separation as long as do not do food packaging, you love Gansha will do, such as Guo Jia said to do clothes and so on. There are made of plastic particles to do injection and so on. Of course, if the environmental considerations to do this can be done, but the cost to consider it, huh, you know. Finally, the glass bottle is difficult to transport because the glass bottle - in fact, the cost of transport cans is not high, do not say glass bottles, so if the glass bottles sold far away from the filling plant, and basically can not be recovered. But in the filling plant local, will be no damage to the glass bottle and then disinfected and then use. So the local beer, soft drinks glass bottle recycling rate is very high, but the field of beer is not so lucky - can only be recycled as waste glass. Glassware is now made into 20 to 30 pieces of glass to save energy. This is almost the case. 2012-10-04408 Anonymous users 11 A few days ago to see a documentary, National Geographic - Super Factory - Coca-Cola Details of the Coca-Cola production process (plastic, aluminum canned, glass bottled) part of the recovery only introduced the glass bottle recycling The The Plastic bottles and aluminum cans do not speak. The following are just looking at the notes of the film only. The -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Production of Coca-Cola classic glass curve bottle Of the factories, one of which is located in León, Spain. BA Weizuo produces glass bottles for other European beverage plants, but the largest customer is the Coca-Cola bottling plant. The factory can produce about 2 million glass bottles a day. The glass bottle here is made of pellets. (Small white small particles) glass jelly is Qi Cheng is silicon sand. One is soda ash and limestone and other raw materials. The remaining two into the glass is known as the recovery of glass factory behind the broken glass bottles, waiting for transfiguration for the new bottle. Glass bottles can be recycled as a whole, these glass bottles from the external recyclers and the factory itself out of the product. First put the glass into the storage tank, and then sent to the furnace to re-melt the glass. Before putting it into the storage tank, a worker picks up debris such as paper on the conveyor belt to avoid contaminating the glass. The glass flakes are then added to the storage tank to mix the pellets and then fed into the furnace to melt into a liquid state. The furnace at the top of the plant never closes because it takes a lot of time and fuel to reach the desired temperature, and if the melted glass in the furnace cools, it becomes hard and the furnace can not be used. So the furnace will continue to operate for about 10 years. The melting pot sends the melted glass to the next floor. When the melted glass flows down from the furnace, there is a machine that cuts the molten glass out of the shape, which is called a glass paste ball. Each will become a curved bottle. And then will be sent to the distribution machine, distribution opportunities to choose the slide, so that the glass ball slide to the next floor. And then fall into the preform mold. Preform molds should be replaced regularly for preventive maintenance. The finished preform is fed into the second mold, the high pressure air nozzle is locked, and the glass is blown into the mold. In order to avoid sticking the glass. Molds need to be lubricated with graphite. The challenge now is to try to keep the glass cool. If the cooling is too fast, the glass bottle will break. A glass bottle of 550 degrees Celsius was fed into a continuous slow kiln. The glass bottle is cooled in the kiln tube and cooled from 550 degrees to 70 degrees in 1 hour. The kiln's warm glass bottle continues to cool in the transport plane. Finally arrived at stacking machine. Now these curves are ready for glass bottles and can be filled with Coca-Cola by the Spanish bottling plant. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Spain's largest Coca-Cola bottling plant is Corbea SA. The bottling plant is located in the outskirts of Barcelona. Each bottling plant has different characteristics. This has a number of environmental settings. The main lighting of the day is a series of skylights. The solar panels provide the energy to heat the water. The bottling plant 23 is a glass bottle. Many of which are recycled bottles. Mostly from bars, restaurants, cafes. But the use of recycled bottles has multiple challenges. (Began to talk about the recovery of the complete glass bottle of the deal ..) First, the glass bottle is much heavier, so the need for strong robots to complete the stacking work. The second challenge is to recover the bottle very dirty. For cleaning, the bottle is removed from the box. A robot can take one of the 18 bottles in a box at a time. The plastic box is placed on a steel machine and washed with hot water. The dirty bottle was sent to a huge machine for cleaning. That is the bottle washing machine. Wash a glass bottle before a worker from the conveyor belt to take out non-Coca-Cola glass bottles (such as Sprite's glass bottles) initial cleaning is to use the machine to clean the bottle of debris. Such as cigarette butts or straws. But also to remove the label. (On the outside of the paste that) each bottle to be cleaned for 18 minutes. And then you can send to fill. The glass bottle is most likely to be broken when it is filling the initial stage because the filling valve will jet the bottle. After filling the label can be labeled, cover the cap. Then use the robot box (plastic box). But also to use the robot to install a large box (that is, packaged into a pile.) Posted in 2012-10-04111 more download client and world knowledge, recycling cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles are gone What is the difference? - to join the cold knowledge waste recycling recycling cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles are gone where? What is the difference? 9116422 View all 4 Guo Jia Shu insects 5 plastic bottles I know, usually received to do the clothing fiber, there are some re-use, made of renewable bottles. Similar to Coca-Cola such a large beverage business, there will be about 10 plastic bottles are used in the recycling bottle; Europe and the United States even higher. Have seen a report that the development of renewable bottles in the domestic development of the main problem is that the garment manufacturing industry requires a lot of renewable fiber, so the purchase price of waste plastic bottles is too high. Turned over the clothes at home, what is the polyester fiber, it is likely that you have been drinking mineral water bottle regeneration. The The 2012-10-0451 View all 4Download the client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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