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Production of aloe vera canned 2017-09-07 00:02:09Why do you feel now aloe vera yogurt a lot of brands are not produced? - add food yogurt Why do you feel now aloe vera yogurt many brands do not produce it? I remember a long time ago aloe yogurt in the market is still relatively common now rarely seen 33103 dark matter cooking and nutrition education undergraduate invited to invite. Engineering male occupational disease, do not give data this is not a good question. There are ah, a lot of ah, day friends aloe yogurt knock good burning (29òωó29) and everywhere to sell, even my house downstairs are 066706 2016 (1) -02-270 download client with world knowledge, which recognized health food is not so healthy? why? What are the health foods that are not yet healthy? why? Want to get out of some food misunderstanding! The problem is not limited to the food itself, but also the cooking method or eating methods on the misunderstanding. (* ° ▽ ° *) ╯1046 today to amend the answer is not fluent in the sentence and typos, only this answer has been the main reasonlessly crooked into a \Herringa biscuits so-called \The 2015-01-1612845 Wang Junxiong SCI up! The 419 -------------------------------------------- Last update - -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ah ha, a point of view may be touched by the more people's interests and habits against the more people will be, so some people say that I was confused , Must have any milk yogurt also pull in. Originally, China's dairy industry is enough, you have to pull me down this muddy water, what is this behavior? If I explain too much fermentation temperature, growth temperature and other technical terms will be the final consumer how much guidance? Those who are not what we need to care about, we are not researchers in this field, we only care about whether they eat healthy and balanced nutrition. So I finally added only two concepts here to restore the milk to restore the milk, People how to evaluate the recovery of milk, and some professional papers can understand. If you are too lazy to check the friends, simply to restore milk is milk powder (hook) tune (against) the dairy products, you carefully observe most of the yogurt, the packaging will actually be printed on the recovery of the three words? And the printing is very hidden! The Very transparent! The The But he can not be printed because this is the state, why there are such products in the recovery of milk in the yogurt? Because yogurt needs the best quality raw milk (raw milk) as a medium fermentation, do not believe people can buy online lactic acid bacteria, buy a bag of pasteurization (pasteurilization) with rice cookers, bread machine yogurt machine can be fermented, buy A common kind of so-called \The Compared to the fat of the mammal, it's fat that drinks little harm to the body. Soup to increase satiety, you can control the intake of starch. Fruit high sugar should also be classified, watermelon is a very low sugar content, banana but high. The reason is that the sweetness of watermelon is very high, that will feel sweet; banana there are a lot of starch, you think it is not sweet but sugar is very high. And like apple, such as stomach emptying a long time of food, you eat two apples may feel full, control food intake is also a good choice. Whole wheat food can not deny the product itself because the market is untrue. I think if you are hungry, then eat those who sprinkle some grain of coarse grains without sugar than sweet bread. Alcohol is not good, but wine polyphenols can soften blood vessels. Many people think baking bread turns yellow because of fat. In fact, in addition to fat outside. The color is mainly derived from the non-enzymatic browning (Maillard reaction) in the baking, but produces acrylamide. Fritters, spring rolls. Eat it once a week will not have much damage to the body; today to eat more fat eat less tomorrow will not have much of a problem; when you are hungry dizziness, even if the instant noodles this junk food will be useful. Everything is based on a reasonable diet. As for cooking methods. Chinese traditional diet looks like only inherited the carry forward the fried, fried, braised, fried such a high oil method. After all, oil for the increase in appetite strong. But the ancestors of the steamed, boiled type of healthy cooking methods are not inherited. If you can put a table of dishes, can not steamed not braised (fish, corn, etc.), can not stir the cold fried. Leaving a few high fat, cooking methods are also on the health of excessive. (Ps pay attention to what food is suitable or can be eaten raw) if you value weight loss. The order of eating can be the first soup, soup drink more rice less. In the rice plus some millet, black rice and other grains can also improve the quality of jelly noodles is not so unpalatable. The high-starch potatoes, lotus root, sweet potato as an alternative or semi-substitute staple foods are conducive to health for the general do not need to control the weight of the food is mainly concerned about the health of several substances nitroso compounds (present in preserved food, nitrite Salt is only one of the class) Acrylamide (protein and sugar high temperature easy to produce) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (benzo pyrene, fat high temperature easy to produce) heterocyclic amines (protein high temperature production) key or eat less Posted at 2015-12- 13664 Bin card fitness tizu writer 1231 Indeed, there are many on the market dressed in \... may be just water + sugar + pigment out of it. In addition, even fresh fruit juice, change the physical properties itself will change the GI value, no dietary fiber or something, you drink after the body absorbs faster, blood sugar rises rapidly, may also lead to diabetes and obesity. (Related to read sugary drinks, so you fat, but also let you lazy!) Similarly, there are many girls like to eat fruit dry ... ... do not say candied pickled fruit dried, an increase of heat ... ... As the fruit of the vast majority of vitamins are water-soluble, you a dehydration, vitamins also followed out together. So fruit dry ... ... that is white is to eat sugar, for health what, or forget it ... ... recommendations: fruit, fresh is good! Fresh fruit is the best choice for health, calories, dietary fiber more, vitamin content also retains the most complete. Like to eat fruit, eat directly on the matter. Tip, some fruit sugar content is relatively high, and fructose is not easy to have satiety, so we have to moderate consumption, and the best after eating Oh ~ \Salt is not harmful to them. \Health killer Coca-Cola is 100.6g per 100g of carbon water, this is very obvious. This is the main health of high-end products, soft package fast class I am afraid in the milk ingredients have to be discounted, by more additives to adjust the taste of taste. And then add a bright high-end products Mosley, this is still used to promote the longevity of the village's secret, the main health of the specific how to see the chestnuts in front I do not nonsense. Buy yogurt machine at home to do their own good. There is no healthy yogurt on the market, of course, ah. This is the concept of yogurt is nothing more than the problem itself, to correct advertising and publicity Amway to everyone's \To think of healthy food is generally different. In my opinion health food is for the body to provide high-quality fat carbohydrates and protein. My nutrition teacher said: she rarely eat refined food. For example: vacuum packaging halogen eggs. In the process of processing intentionally or unintentionally, as well as excessive treatment of eggs so that this very nutritious food has changed some appearance. Supermarkets selling vegetable salad is also an excellent example, wash the chopped vegetables with heat (especially fat content) is very high mayonnaise will let your weight loss dream fly away! Buy their own small lettuce with a few small tomatoes in a small can of yogurt to ensure that the food itself is not too much fat and sugar intake and this is the health of food. Reducing the cooking process of raw materials will generally make the food itself healthier. Finally, I came to shelling nutrition fast line! Please give up the habit of drinking it, the body is not a little benefit. 2015-01-1548 Lydia12 soup! All kinds of chicken soup bone soup ribs soup ... ... especially when you are sick, this feeling is more intense: their own drink greasy soup, others in the wronged to eat meat ... ... the last fat, they said: see, or soup It is simple to say, the name of a healthy food banner but then processed into the taste of your favorite food, basically not healthy. For example, you eat the real whole wheat black bread, sour hard, completely unspeakable, but the bakery selling the so-called whole wheat bread, soft and delicious, has been considered unhealthy food. Edit kaolin deer public number: strength koala. I am a healthy dog. Sports, film, codeword. 46 continue to update and improve ... we have more than agree with the power update ah ah ah! Point can help me push the answer to more people, can not ah. You support! Welcome to communicate. What are the cosmetics and skin care products that make you meet each other? - Koala deer answer - personal public number: strength koala welcome attention! Self-confessed super conscience! The title ↓ ↓ ↓ [fruit cereal] first emphasizes an old idea, cereal ≠ oatmeal. We advocate is to eat \Recommended 78 (^ 63 ^ *) 99 raw milk no added formula, no recovery milk! Yogurt fighter The conscience of the goods in the country! The The Than many imported brands more reliable. Each box with honey a packet, to solve the problem of too sour. But the main general does not increase, how to eat it? And eat with fruit! Such as the heart of the dragon fruit, watermelon, mango these sweet fruit, with the eat together and healthy and delicious, yummy! Finally sent everyone a word: in the final analysis, anything, we eat, at least to know their own [really] eat what is. Rather than the business to say what to Han. More health skin care content, please pay attention to personal public number: strength koala edit in 2017-02-084617 more 23 was folded (why?)


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