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Pork cans production equipment 2017-09-06 18:24:50How can I produce air cans? What kind of production equipment is needed to buy, about how much cost - how can I add air cans to produce air cans? Need to buy what production equipment, about how much cost is to produce a number of cans for the promotion of gifts, and production equipment 72422 arbitrary door kicked a free kick to adhere to the three cans of air ... ... you send an empty box is not on the line 2016- 01-090Brandon stall practitioners do not die will not choose their own industry Haha oxygen tank? 2015-12-140 download the client with the world knowledge, canned fruit and canned canned food processing process / process difference? - canned food processing canned food canned food canned fruit canned and canned meat canned processing technology / process difference? See online introduction, canned meat can be the first canned, iron cans sealed mouth, and then high temperature heating sterilization after the completion of cooling. Can the process of canning of canned cans be the same? Always thought to do tinplate cans, entry threshold is relatively high, (sterile environment, high temperature sterilization, time control, sealing, etc.), degree of my mother a bit, in the bar where a lot of family workshops are tin cans of canned fruit. 3242 has not yet answered the download client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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