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Pineapple cans are mainly imported countries 2017-08-29 02:30:26What are the domestic and foreign brands of pure fruit juice? - Add the juice brand products recommended shopping guide what kind of problem at home and abroad trusted juice brand? First, the juice is divided into two categories: 1, NFC (Not From Concentrate non concentrated juice) 2, Concentrate (concentrated juice). The processing of the two kinds of fruit juice is not the same. 1, NFC As the name suggests is that after the original juice to retain all the material, including fruit juice and pulp, the advantage is that the taste is relatively pure, and generally do not add sugar and additives, so more healthy, taste is relatively pure (see the pod sedimentation But the shortcomings of the preservation time is short, the general production date is expired is 1-2 months time, taking into account the fruit after the transport processing and packaging to the terminal, etc. also need time, So it is not easy to deal with in the industrial chain. In some not very mature market is often too late to expire also sold only had to sell, so it can be said that NFC is only suitable for high-end consumer groups because of the high cost, and taking into account the terminal cost is also high because of cold storage The Especially the cost of foreign imports of NFC juice after some frustration after the odd high. 2, concentrated juice it, the advantage is more suitable for industrial production, why? Because the process is through the technical means (high temperature or what can not remember) to reduce the moisture after the juice to 1/4 or 1/5 (the number can not remember the number), because most of the fruit juice are Moisture, so removed after the storage costs and transportation costs are greatly reduced. Concentrated juice after processing to the beverage factory (Coke ah Huiyuan ah, etc.) for water matching, and then the beverage factory according to their own product taste requirements of the concentrated juice to improve the taste, for example, the Chinese market consumers prefer sweet to add some Sugar and so on, and finally deployed to the enterprise want to achieve the taste. Therefore, the advantages of concentrated juice is suitable for large-scale commercial production, and after high temperature treatment storage period greatly extended. Shortcomings, of course, you drink is not pure fruit juice, but the deployment of a good juice drink only, so you may drink a lot of food to add things, and after high temperature sterilization process, basically the original fruit juice consumption of seven Seven eight eight, so the nutritional value is very low. Of course, cheap Well, for the terminal will not exist too much pressure because they can put and do not have refrigerated cabinets. On the brand Well, I am more aware of the fruit juice in the United States and Australia, but tell the truth about the NFC familiar (not loaded, the individual is very tired of the kind of juice, willing to drink Coke), such as the United States Ocean Spray, Tropicana , Florida's Choice (or Nature), incidentally orange juice, for example, the two major producing areas of the United States is California and Florida, California production model is the main production of fresh fruit (that is, selling oranges), and Florida mainly for Processing (the main orange juice), but unfortunately Florida this year suffered from the impact of storms and fruit trees are seriously shrinking, but also rely on Brazil to supply fruit juice (Brazil is the world's second largest producer of citrus, the first is China) The Australia's words are Berri, Just Juice, Daily Juice, Spring Valley and so on. It is worth mentioning that my favorite Spring Valley, very much like to read and marketing is to compare the high-end line, with a glass bottle, and the taste is rich, personally think that I drank the best fruit juice, or only sell vials Other generally in order to reduce the cost with 2 liter cartons). There is also one may have heard of the brand Boost Juice is also the Australian brand, but mainly the form of fruit juice business, you are looking at his juice, the juice of the world in recent years it is relatively successful this brand Do not know if there is any). Talk about the domestic brand, and I drank the best in Chongqing, called a Pineson NFC, taste good, but because the company operating scale is not large, so poor liquidity. Another person is more familiar with the Huiyuan, but the basic are concentrated juice, I belong to the most annoying taste, I will not say. Finally talk about the juice of the raw fruit it, you do not think that TV ads what \Taste full / Dole Ingredients: water, concentrated orange juice Country of Origin: Zhejiang / Guangdong Price: 5.9 yuan / 4.5 yuan sweet and sour, color is, the bottle is lovely, the price is reasonable! Dole than the taste of the whole bitter taste heavier, more concentrated color, want to drink refreshing type of flavor selection, want to drink a sense of happiness, Cypriot orange juice Ingredients: water, concentrated fruit juice Origin: Cyprus Type: Restoration Juice Price: 16.5 yuan Cyprus orange juice in the past few years in China is very popular, the country about a year between about 320 days sunny day, of which Fruit production, especially in the country, although most of the orange juice, such as Fang Tana, etc., but this is a sweet and sour just good, drink his mouth is still very refreshing, even slightly bitter feeling is also very authentic! 2016-02-25345 Judy is the dessert sauce Food Scientist Journalist / penguin eat and drink guide 107 before the burst just in the penguin eat and drink guide to do a fruit juice classification and evaluation of the campaign, on the classification of fruit juice can click here to see my column article https: Http://, very long very detailed, do not go into here. Pure answer question! I put the previous evaluation, the selection of the juice of the complete process to take over for your reference, and hope to give pointers one or two (almost the magic of the market can buy orange juice cover). Although only orange juice, but the reason is almost the same. ------------------------------------------- retail juice large family, the basic can Divided into a four-story pyramid structure. Fresh and rare cold pressed fruit juice on the high, without the concentration of NFC followed, 100 concentrated reduction of the waist, non-100 fruit drinks ranked bottom. Want to drink more natural, more fresh fruit juice? Pick the tips also help you sum up Well: watered please say no, add the fragrance detour to go. A sub-price of a sub-goods, detoxification weight loss Mo strong demand! We also bought the market is not common to the addition of several non-100 concentrated fruit juice, to copy the main increase in this original juice content table: In addition to the process of adding the loss of vitamin C, and in order to adjust the acidity, Shelf added citric acid, these \Is the cover of the ~ put aside the \Juice is more nutritious, often not. Most of the juice is the same nutrition. What is nutrition? Mainly sugar and fat protein and those trace elements or something, but in fact this is not the focus, not the kind of concern about the public \Originally belonged to the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Sericulture Institute, recently changed to shareholding system. Inside the company there is a pile of food science and engineering graduate GEEK, all day study mulberry herbal tea ah, mango juice ah, Mango fruit five tea ah, herbal fruit herbal tea like a mess of new products, absolutely herbs! Never add preservatives! You ask why? Because they are not short of money, ah, do not intend to promote ah! The The I have never seen such a bad design and sales. (Or rare fruit juice mixed mulberry juice), orange juice (rarely seen), Mulberry juice mulberry source is Huadu base (a small amount) and Sichuan Panhackworrya, in the local squeeze Into the original juice and then shipped back to the factory, with the do with the take. Absolutely assured! Why do you worry? Because where did my dad work! And I drink the juice there! Hiding. Hiding. 2013-07-19228 waste jade Consistency.6 whatever the outcome that a relatively easy to buy the country ah ... ... no one drank the fruit of the United States? Known as no additive pure fruit juice, but still concentrated juice, personally feel good taste. Above those Ito Yokado, sold fruit and vegetable mixed taste is more moderate, tomato juice often heavy mouth. The following 30 kinds of vegetables really want to ah, but the domestic does not seem. Drink for some time may be the beauty of AKB endorsement! The Drink for some time may be the beauty of AKB endorsement! The [K.Hnyan subtitle group] ブ ロ ッ コ リ ー / small island dish on this series of advertising is really unable to Tucao ... ... but \Download client with world knowledge, experience and insights download client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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