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Naughty dog ​​canned nationwide 2017-09-07 05:06:47(The Last of Us) Home Game Games Want to go to work on what conditions? Has been learning the original painting, 3d also contact. That naughty dog ​​is now the best game production company, would like to join, what to ask for great God answer 48122696 users 11 my undergraduate professional and subject similar to the recent mysterious sea in the pit, feel naughty dog ​​too cool, just also Thinking about this problem, but different from the subject, I have been a graduate of the people, the subject and I compared to more possibilities to achieve the dream. Although I have not succeeded in the case of naughty dog ​​work, I also strength, but the master period of contact with some foreigners and cooperation projects, there are some students around the other international companies to practice or study, so I envisioned If you give me a chance, what will I do: first of all, is the basis of everything, that is, English! Language is the basis for expressing itself and communicating. Want a foreign company to know more clearly, let the other know their own flash point, English is too important, I have a very good technical strength of the friend because of language reasons in the entry of Microsoft's interview hung up, because He did not express his ability to express his ability. We often hear \Download client and world knowledge, how to evaluate Naughty Dog (Naughty Dog) this game company? - Join the game game company Naughty Dog (Naughty Dog) How to evaluate Naughty Dog (Naughty Dog) this game company? 2643361 3 users 13 ask your family missing fish to eat ... ... to this fishing? Naughty dog ​​game a lot of plagiarism, similar to Guo Jingming ... ... refers to what ... ... then (then very influential but now know that people should not much) of the ancient wolf series is on the standard Mario racing series, if you say This is a little exaggeration plagiarism, is nothing more than Daddy $ ONY let the younger brother out of a game of the same subject matter only, whether to say if the theme and the big game type, are plagiarism? (That a lot of guns and ball games are not the same? GTA so innovative or affected by Shamu these do not have to break off what ... what Jack Dust did not mention the times of the gods in the end who copied the ancient? Tomb Raider (Tombs reborn than the gods late for a long time good) or similar to the subject of similar play that Tomb is not copy the ghost blown light ah (although the beginning is according to the ghost blowing light) that the last of us and who copied So do not know the problem in the expression of what ... ... the company works without vitality, that exclusive platform for millions of sales, sequel and get awards are playing it ah ... ... or that SONY silly foster a Guo Jingming? Edited by 2016-02-26132 Zhu 19 students 1 naughty dog ​​is the studio is good, is Sony's game studio 2016-10-0311 was folded (why?) Download the client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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