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Mushroom canned national standard 2017-08-15 23:01:12Why are people now have a misunderstanding of canned food, that canned preservatives? - Why do people now add to the food for canned food, that canned preservatives? Always like to eat canned peach, her husband to buy Xin fruit with canned, often eat. But my mother did not let it be said to have preservatives. Baidu checked and did not. Why do we all think there will be preservatives canned it? 624724 Tigana a bear three meow full-time cook woman. 2 \0 2014 food safety national standard food additives use standards, can not be allowed to add benzoic acid and sorbic acid. In principle, canned fruit can not contain preservatives, except for canned corn, except for illegal businesses. Some people say that canned food does not need to add preservatives. Can you add preservatives in cans? The state stipulates that some canned foods can be added with preservatives. Sulfur dioxide, potassium pyrosulfite, sodium metabisulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfite can only be used in bamboo shoots and pickled cabbage, sulfur dioxide often appear in the pickled food. Streptococcus lactis is used in edible fungi and algae cans, which are natural preservatives and are produced by Streptococcus lactis. Sodium nitrite and potassium nitrite used in canned meat, nitrite can prevent the growth of Clostridium botulinum (anaerobic). Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid disodium (EDTA disodium) What is the name of the preservative added to the food in nuts and canned foods? Benzoic acid and its sodium salt, propionic acid and its sodium salt calcium salt, p-hydroxybenzoic acid esters and their sodium salts, monooctanoic acid glyceride dimethyl dimethylene carbonate, 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, carbon dioxide , Ε-polylysine (hydrochloride), diphenyl ether sulfur, natamycin, lysozyme, cinnamaldehyde, sorbic acid, sodium diacetate, dehydroacetic acid, chlorine dioxide (sub) sodium nitrate ) According to the ingredients table to see if there is no preservatives it ~ ~ Do not worry about preservatives, please look for QS logo. If not, how to identify? Please believe that the ingredients table, do not believe their own detection. Posted in 2015-05-29117 User 6 Laxative. Very agree with the most praise of the answer, in general, no need to add preservatives preservatives. The reason is very simple, elegant look at the production process of canned food to know. The food is sterilized directly in a sterile environment filled with sterile containers, triple kill! Why do you want to add fills to add preservatives? Preservatives are also money ah ~ most of the food additives are very safe, neither affect the taste and does not affect our health, or to blame the unscrupulous media outsiders forced, in addition to demonized preservatives there are another An innocent little partner that is gelatin. The The Do not say, pull away editor in 2015-05-2963 princess Xiaoxin I am my queen 2 canned products are no need to add preservatives preservatives by source into chemical preservatives and natural preservatives two categories. Chemical preservatives are also divided into organic preservatives (benzoic acid, sorbic acid, etc.) and inorganic preservatives (sulfites and nitrites, etc.); natural preservatives are usually extracted from the metabolites of animals, plants and microorganisms, such as Nisin and so on. 2015-05-282 User 5 Thank you, first of all, I think most of the canned fruit from the production process point of view is not necessary to add preservatives. Why do you say that, because I still do a few times when the university canned several times, including canned fruit and canned meat. We do the laboratory of food technology experiments similar to a small food processing plant, there are all kinds of food production equipment, are some of the land manufacturers to donate to our school. But after all, is a small laboratory, less equipment, part of the processing process need to be completed manually. Take the canned sugar cans for example, we were doing rock sugar cans used in Sydney canned raw materials include: Sydney, rock sugar, water, ascorbic acid, probably the process is to wash the cake in Sydney - put sterile pot off - canned bottle sterilization - Ice water sterilization cooling - quantitative bottling - installed after the bottle to cook a cook to get rid of the bottle in the air - cover. The above canned food used in ascorbic acid is actually known as vitamin C, as to why the increase in Victoria C, not to say what to increase nutrition, mainly in order to maintain the original fruit color. We should be a small phenomenon in life: apple pears and other fruit bite open cut for a while will change the same color of rust, the reason is that some of the fruit phenolic substances are oxidized, and Victoria C is antioxidant substances, can Make sure the fruit retains the color before filling it. A lot of food is expected to think you can do dare not eat ah, you must dare to eat ah, one person a bottle, very good to eat, and that pork canned, do too much, have to eat and spit. In addition, our cans will do more bottles, leaving the teacher as a sample. PS: we do no preservative hand canned, the theoretical shelf life of about 18 months, anyway, I remember the year ago to see the appearance of the cans look and the new look exactly the same, two years ago can be seen slightly Pear no so white and tender. Finally say a few words, really like to eat canned fruit and will not do their own words, as long as those who buy the regular manufacturers just fine. 2015-05-2954 User 6 Xie Lin invited to see before the problem is, just afternoon, nothing to answer this question. This thing is not to fight, no real right or wrong, some people are willing to say so, some people are willing to do so, some people are willing to sell so, some people are willing to buy so, some people are willing to eat ... ... can, but since the answer, first clear Point: why add preservatives; fruit cans are allowed to add; fruit canned is all fruit canned or a fruit canned; why do you want to prove this problem; food added the name of the preservative. Well, to answer, first of all, from the literally to understand the preservatives on the Well, the preservative is nothing more than the growth of food freshness and preservation time, it is clear and well understood, businesses add preservatives to increase shelf life by reducing Cost, which is also very consistent with the characteristics of businessmen Well, but this business is not good yet? On the black heart of it? Obviously not the case! The The Had to say that preservatives are a great invention in the human food industry, not only for businessmen, but also for all mankind, where there is no detail, single pull out can be said for several days, and as @ Claude Li In his answer, the use of additives as long as the use of a reasonable dose in the atmosphere are relatively safe (here also asked why I think you do not need to continue to read ~), but it is necessary to mention the The country's laws and regulations are different, although there are differences, but do not worry, there is no national legislation is to make their own nationals to eat and die, but also in the maximum edible amount will have a protective coefficient, after the end is the standard display Of the maximum available, China's protection coefficient is still relatively high, theoretically can be assured, but this does not affect the unscrupulous business to add chaos, so there are some such people know the misunderstanding \check! The The (Otherwise I play 120 to report you lazy cancer attack !!!) But the doctor benevolent, lost a link will not be pregnant, GB 2760-2014 food safety national standard food additives use criteria are interested, then you can see. @Claude Li in the \Pear do. Good pears are all seen in the fruit stand. Anonymous users 1 Thank you invited to late, to see the front has been a lot of people said. In fact, fruit cans are generally not necessary to add preservatives. Fruit canned sugar content is not low, high concentration of solution can effectively inhibit bacterial growth. I just just eat a canned fruit, the bottle is so inside the sodium cyclamate is a common low-heat sweetener (over the body of the liver and the nervous system will cause harm), as well as citric acid as an acidifier, Of course, because of its low pH, can play a certain role in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. And vitamin C, is also a common food additives, but also the role of antioxidant. In summary, if in accordance with a more general definition, citric acid and Vc are considered a preservative. But in the inside to add the purpose of more can also be the taste of the debugging, not really for the anti-corrosion and deliberately added. In addition, add a preservative and do not be afraid. Disinfecting the dose is talking about rogue. More than 2015-06-2611 more 2 is folded (why?)


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