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Liquid oxygen canned microblogging 2017-09-05 04:04:41Wave, but the words are basically low-level errors. Little prince there is a saying: language is the source of misunderstanding, to correct others for the classification of the wrong perception is very good, but do not idle nothing to take music classification to force everywhere, the level is not yet succeed, Or listen to less BB, this is the eternal truth. Listen to more, your ears will naturally listen to what things are classified. Too much emphasis on the classification is easy to be paranoid, biased against a certain style, which is difficult to correct, will make a lot of people less good access to music opportunities, before I just feel happy knot, and then the new gold biased, Over the years have been songs around the new gold, and later there are a lot of appetite for the new gold, and should not be a prejudiced ticket to kill a style. Classification, is to let us better to enjoy the music, I hope you because of the classification of the unpleasant little less, because the classification and find more suitable for their band or friends a little more. Wish you wish to classify more good music through the right style. Nomible if people do not classify, Metallica is the first day of the metal sector group (wow this group is so powerful what style can play Yeah, james creative ability is really strong), no one black they are (old jian cough cough shit gang silly is not honestly dry thrash now write Han barny stuff, Gan) 2016-02-0901 rattan high tiger playing games to listen to metal 2 people who hold the \Download the client and the world knowledge, experience and insights related issues How to manage music in iTunes and do a good job? 14 those songs that have been circled, what are the words that touched you? Can the artificial intelligence be composer? What are the best rock bands in China? 684 What are the slightest changes, immediately mood changes in the lyrics? 2623


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