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How to eat ribs cans 2017-08-21 17:27:25Canned mushrooms. Although a can is not much, but that taste strong, that juice, really good Just mix with chopsticks sauce can be a few bowls of rice bowl. Fish and tempeh taste is very good, you can mix a lot of food, but also a single eat. But do not worry about belching people do not eat too much Oh. Add a former also like to eat canned condensed milk, very sweet, a little too much will feel the color, the classic consumption method is to add appropriate amount of water diluted. Of course, the child's eating method is to use your fingers (or even directly with the tongue) to take some, do not have to dilute, than candy, ice cream delicious too much. Condensed milk and spicy, shrimp, ears and so are the main snack of the child. Sugar, dairy products, low digestion, please pay attention to consumption. Eat canned food Please be careful not to be scratched by sharp edges. What is the best canned you eat at 2016-05-091.7K? - add food food to eat canned food you eat the best canned food is what? 19901385159272 View all 1416 Cai to public number: Cai should not take medicine 13560 recommend what, as long as someone does not like, that is marketing? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Anyway, I feel very good to eat, and I think the kind of even eat have not eaten to say that unpalatable people also sent a private letter called my dead mother you really do not eat me recommend something. I once again declare that this answer does not involve any interest, I have their own feel delicious, you have the right to feel bad, but I also have the right to feel delicious. - the original answer last month to sit a high-speed rail, the above has to sell the kind of self-heating canned, lotus pork ribs soup, looked very greedy, bought a can, the taste really disappointed, how to say, there are thick Iron taste, and salty to what other taste can not taste out. Came back I have been thinking, cannon are invented for two hundred years, do not have delicious canned? I! Do not! phase! letter! The The So open the crazy canned the rhythm, the emperor pays off, love the girl luck is not too bad, I finally found six taste good praise, the price is not expensive canned. Disclaimer: No interest related. Well, this time the first can not try fruit canned, all frightened pure pure canned meat. Here, you can start the feast! The 1, smoked oysters are like smoke smoked, the smell is not very heavy, oyster flavor is preserved very good, with oil dip, eat and foie gras, very soft, not a big box, But the weight is very full, and really a big one, suitable for a small bottle of dry white, sitting on the grass, eating oysters, drinking white wine, as if at the beach as moisture. Do not have to eat when eating. I bought the price of Taobao is 9.5 a box. 2, chicken soup cans really chicken soup, pour out is Huang Chengcheng, a little bit salty, but because it is canned, the salty I can accept, because it will not cover their own delicious chicken soup. The chicken is also very full, I opened two cans, there are chicken wings and chicken legs, very tender, no other canned meat is very fire feeling. Need to heat, you can steam can be used to open the blisters, you can also pour directly into the pot to boil. I bought the price of Taobao is 29 boxes. 3, pig canned cologne pork feet, the basic Xiamen people will be home must have the can. Many people used to do the topping of the upper thread, or used to hold porridge. The taste of mushrooms into the very good, the pig is fried and then simmered, meat taste is also very solid, slightly sweet, southern taste, the most exciting is that every box of pig cans have a chestnut, I Willing to buy this chestnut chestnut has been. Need to be heated, but if used with noodles can be opened directly into the surface. I bought the price of Taobao is 17.5 a box. 4, sweet and sour pork ribs Merlin sweet and sour pork ribs, not a big box, but the number of ribs I count, this box has 10, be very conscible. Sweet and sour taste is very rich, not the kind of fake sweet and sour taste, can eat the aroma, the meat is a bit too sour, but it is a very good small row. I put it in boiling water for ten minutes and just got up. I bought the price of Taobao is 23.9.5, very rustic oxtail soup, not very complicated seasoning, and even salt are few. You can obviously eat the material is excellent, is the kind of flavor of the Northwest flavor. If you can eat the kind of beef with a little bit of smell of smell, then you can like this can. Meat is also a lot, and really is that you can feel the fine meat itself. I have steamed, dipped in pepper to eat, very fragrant. I bought the price of Taobao is 29.9.6, cattle cans Changde cattle three fresh, that is, denim, tendon, beef liver, how to say it, the first component of the more scary, but also sent the side dishes of bamboo shoots, If you add together, I feel at least three people to eat. Eat can not be used to buy cattle can also buy cattle meat. Can be used to do pot pot bottom, you can do stew. Taste very good, is the kind of family taste, fragrant, spicy, tasty, all satisfied, especially meal. I feel that if the train can take a box, and then poured on the rice to eat, you are the car King. I bought the price in Taobao is 75. Do not thank, do not thank, these are my stuttering out, although fat, but love you. Http:// (two-dimensional code automatic identification) Edit at 2017-06-1213K1079 See all 1416


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