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How to eat chestnut rice cans 2017-08-27 08:13:12Canned mushrooms. Although a can is not much, but that taste strong, that juice, really good Just mix with chopsticks sauce can be a few bowls of rice bowl. Fish and tempeh taste is very good, you can mix a lot of food, but also a single eat. But do not worry about belching people do not eat too much Oh. Add a former also like to eat canned condensed milk, very sweet, a little too much will feel the color, the classic consumption method is to add appropriate amount of water diluted. Of course, the child's eating method is to use your fingers (or even directly with the tongue) to take some, do not have to dilute, than candy, ice cream delicious too much. Condensed milk and spicy, shrimp, ears and so are the main snack of the child. Sugar, dairy products, low digestion, please pay attention to consumption. Eat canned food Please be careful not to be scratched by sharp edges. Edit in 2016-05-091.7K as a small contact with the dealer to answer this question is best suited to contact with many types of canned to the canned army, canned troops to get the local sales are generally Expired, but! The The The Simply do not delay to eat good sprinkle, so good Caesar! The warehouse has expired for a long time (the premise is the wooden bulging tank) of the eight treasures of rice to eat open with the factory just did not come, the taste is also exactly the same good so the troops out of the cans, there is no so-called shelf life , As long as the wood has a tank cans to eat the same tank, the taste is definitely more than you bought from the supermarket that kind of unknown n times ... ... Lunch meat: eat Xiamen Cologne, Yangzhou nine days, Shanghai Meilin, four thousand Three plants, Sichuan Lingxiang (Taobao ninety-five sold the brand canned from my home are out), there is a general public particularly like the name of a moment can not remember, and impressed on this few, Nine days, Merlin's starch is more suitable for shabu hot pot; 40000 factory taste in general; I forget the name of that is the most respected, the taste is really good, the price is quite quite good; as for the Ling Xiang I do not comment, do I say my family is the best amount of flow is Lingxiang 200g lunch meat and another can you! Fruit canned: eat the best fruit canned must be peach, must da ... ... what sugar sugar lychee, sugar pear, sugar, orange, sugar water Yangmei, sugar and water pineapple, sugar red hair Dan ... ... only the best to eat peach, Delicious pork noodles, spiced pork diced, spiced pork, spiced pork, spiced pork, spiced mackerel, braised pork, braised beef, spiced beef, hawthorn slices, pork balls, Braised chicken wings root, fragrant fried chicken wings, fried three silk, eight treasure rice, boiled pork, braised yuan hoof, wrinkled oil hoof, etc. Look at the phone party so painful typing on the share of praise it!


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