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How to do with peach cans 2017-09-05 23:31:10Why do peach always appear in canned form? - join the fruit agricultural food nutrition food industry agriculture economics why the peach always in the form of canned? Why fresh peach rarely see the peach are basically canned or add fruit, fresh peaches are not well stored but still there. And the peach is not so bad storage, taste is also good, why fresh so little? 1827711 4 nutrition Lion Sang self-reliance may be the most belly black professional nutrition lion. 7 is the most important yellow peach storage is particularly poor, can not be made of cans is difficult to save, and the taste directly to eat too hard to become canned but delicious. Edited in 2017-03-207 small forest 2 before I have the same doubts, until this year received a box from the Dangshan to the peach, I finally come to understand. General supermarkets selling nectarine, peaches are more, the peach itself sold less, so some people, including me, in fact, the taste of the peach itself is not clear, the only taste impression is from the canned peach. This time there is a box of fresh yellow peach in front, must taste in the end is what the taste, but the taste is not as good as peach delicious, even because the peach is yellow, the taste is not good, so eat or feel a fake peach The It is because the taste is not as good as imagined, so many peaches the best solution is made of canned peach, but no canned bottles at home, specifically from the supermarket to buy a sealed cans. Practice is relatively simple, the first is to wash the peach peeled, before the canned can not really want to cut so many peaches how boring. Cut off the skin, the next is to separate the peach kernel, peach, although the chunk of the good-looking, but the small pieces of steamed up convenient, and more easily tasty. Use a sealed heat-resistant container into the film of good peach, plus sugar or rock sugar, covered with a pot of steamed pot. Steamed to the peach juice and sugar together, to do a good job, off the fire, cool to room temperature. Bottled into the refrigerator. Try to do their own sugar and water peach, feel more than dry eat peach taste more praise, and still have to eat such a peach, regardless of the color from the peach or taste. 2017-07-182 meow sauce how to live on how to live! 2 fresh peach is not as good as other peaches, or made canned with sugar and delicious. In addition, the other peaches can not be made as good as canned peaches. It is not easy to transport, a lot of people can not eat 2017-06-201 Why part of the choice of peach cans Peach meat rather than white peach meat - join the food fruit canned food and canned north and south difference why some peach cans instead of peach meat instead of white peach? The fruit canned on the market are canned peach; yogurt is also added yellow peach flesh; fruit cake is dotted with yellow peach flesh ... ... Taoyuan snacks everything, why more peach, and crisp sweet sweet peach will not be processed into these Snack? Is because the low cost of peach, white peach high cost? Or because of the taste of fresh peaches, white peach is far more than peach, so white and fresh peach need to deepen their own weaknesses? 741381281 View All 30 Trees I'm just talking about it. This problem is to personally love to do the peach cannon Dalian silver people tailored. First of all, do canned peaches, not raw peach, not raw peach, not raw peach. Raw peach, that is, we usually eat the kind of peach or something, is characterized by juicy, soft or crisp and put a little soft, bite a peach into peach juice and thin fiber. There are also raw peanut varieties, called yellow water honey. Not easy to buy, time to market is short, put 2 days become unpalatable. When fresh and sweet and sour sauce. Even if not familiar, can not be used to do canned. While canned peach is another breed that is specialized in making canned varieties. Fleshy hypertrophy, bite to Gengan, a rubber feeling, less juice, sweet and sour taste is sour, and sugar can be balanced sweet canned peach acid, the results just delicious. Only this peach can do canned, steamed after the end will not become a bottle of vague. This peach is widely cultivated in the northern suburbs of Dalian, specifically for canning plants. And white peach, mostly raw food type, taste partial sweet type. Soft and juicy, not suitable for canned. And canned white peach, and no unique peach kind of fresh sweet and sour, eat up tired, so white peach less and less. In short, the peach more from the variety of advantages, planting advantages, taste advantage. The The 09: 320 View All 30


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