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How to do homemade grapes 2017-09-06 09:10:30How to brew red wine? How to add wine to red wine? They want to brew some red wine, there is no know the steps, thank you ah 636776631 25 Huang Wo a company security. 25 brewed wine is easy to cause health problems ... ... reproduced: In recent years, people brewed wine is becoming fashionable. But you know what? You think green, natural brewed wine may be a huge harm, nowadays, it is the season of grapes listed, more and more people personally make wine. But most people do not know that their own brewing wine may be hidden in the toxic, harmful substances methanol, fusel oil. Gas chromatographic analysis of a large number of brewed wine samples showed that the samples contained different concentrations of methanol and fusel oil. Part of the sample of methanol content than the national wine methanol standard 400mg / L, or even more than 1000mg / L, fusel oil content is also more than 1000mg / L. According to the analysis, methanol, fusel oil production mainly from raw materials. On the one hand, the pectin in the pectin in the pectinase or the role of heat decomposition of methanol, mildew will produce a lot of methanol, the more thorough fermentation, the higher the methanol content. On the other hand, the protein in the grapes is hydrolyzed to amino acids, and then the enzyme is catalyzed to produce fusel oil. At present, the family brewing process has not yet removed the process of methanol and fusel oil, we brewing and drinking should be careful to avoid such toxic and harmful substances on the body harm. Listen to what the experts say: New Zealand chief winemaker Owen Kolburn said: \Rust steel drums, barrels and barrels in contact with the site, there should be a circle of non-toxic rubber (or glass glue). Followed by a food grade with a capped white plastic plastic bucket can also be. B. Measuring cylinder, hydrometer, thermometer, PH test paper, grams scales, etc. - these tools are designed to measure the proportion of grape juice and grape juice temperature. Measuring cylinder to buy about 250ml, the proportion of dollars to buy 1.0 ~ 1.1,0.90 ~ 0.99 two. Thermometers -10 to 100 degrees. The PH test paper is preferably in the range of 2.5-4.5. 60ml and 20ml of the needle each one. 3. The stage of the operation steps: the first stage of the wine is the most critical, first of all to take back the grapes (do not wash, such as dirty and local water rinse with a fan dry) as soon as possible to the broken skin into the prepared container, Do not exceed 2/3 of the total capacity of the container. \Nearly, most of the sugar has been converted to alcohol, before the completion of fermentation. At this time to use plastic sheeting seal altar, every month to complete the main fermentation, this time with the emblem of wine and sedimentation residue separation, that is, the original sprinkle, you can eat. Can also be transferred into the aging. The purpose of the brew is to make the wine clear and transparent, the alcohol and the delicious, the wine is softer. Long-term aging should be placed in 10 ~ 25 ℃ low temperature, the relative humidity of 85 basement or kiln, the wine should be filled with wine, so as to avoid aerobic bacteria proliferation, resulting in wine rot. I also refer to here: how do you do wine? In the case of fermentation from the fermentation principle, C6H12O6 ---- CH3CH2OH CO2, the more sugar plus, the more alcohol generated, but more waste, And no flavor of a fermentation is mainly generated alcohol, due to the addition of sugar can speed up the fermentation process and the fermentation process itself to a certain extent, inhibition of bacteria, so grapes and utensils do not pay special attention to disinfection problems, clean like a fermentation time and temperature The weather is hot, the weather is cool and slow. Judgment is based on the main bubble (CO2), if only a small amount of bubbles, then basically a fermentation to complete. And then filter can drink, but the flavor is not enough, so the best for the second fermentation. ---------------- The process of secondary fermentation, it is necessary to pay attention to the disinfection of the device, because the second fermentation or post-fermentation no antibacterial effect, it is best to disinfect and sealed fermentation. The specific operation of the siphon out of the wine, and then filter, bottled sealed. The middle of the wine and filter with the gauze, are hot with hot water about. There is a problem here, if the fermentation is not complete, the remaining sugar is more, then it will continue to produce gas, the seal may burst open Oh, if the fermentation is completed regardless of the continued standing, then the wine will be broken The The So to judge, the remaining small amount of sugar does not matter, more than the second fermentation can increase the flavor, and let the wine to clarify, probably takes 20 to 30 days. ------------------ If you want to brew with wine more like a little wine, then consider the next two fermentation Posted: 2013-08-1921 Anonymous user 4 as a Grapes, no, should have been a grape, this thing I have a lot to say. It is reasonable to say that there is now a way to go up and then you and then mortals and what you have, but I gracious, I could not help but want to point to you, is the so-called a Portuguese Road, apple pear ascended to heaven, Move. I remember that year, I grew up in beautiful Paris, France ... ... sorry mother! I mean Qinhuangdao Changli! Until a bright autumn in October, where my grape string was picked by a rough big hand, ignorant I seem to hear the sound of silent cry and bones broken, then I know that my brother and sister who my Wai In the middle, they were stabbed, leaving only the green grape juice ... ... Yes, this is the first step in the practice of ascending. Affection, friendship, had a matter of course, the moment was destroyed, life and death is a great pain, fate but also cross-footed, love parting, resentment will be ... ... and at the time, even young mind by the great The shock, fear! anger! Helpless Grievances! Why should this be to me! ... ... I thought it would be my most tragic day of the Portuguese, but the good fortune, God is impermanent, the day will drop any, I have also prepared for the more experience ... ... on the night, the sacrifice of the brother Sisters were picked out, leaving me and some other survivors without injuries. We are repeatedly washed with water, cold water so even more sober, my heart is only one idea, revenge, revenge! That fate and my, will be ten times to return! The next pain I still do not want to remember, that cruel power actually I and the partners one by one ... ... Nie broken! what! pain! Anger in the hearts of burning and extinguished, even the firm belief in revenge. --------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- w key is not easy to use, always \Grape skin into dark brown, about 10 days, filter, the residue thrown, this time has wine flavor, and juice continue to leave the fermentation; 7. left the juice fermentation for a week or so, there will be sediment at the bottom of the tank, and then Filter once, the rest of the juice is the wine. Can be loaded into another bottle, placed in a cool place to save. Ps: news that brewed wine will produce methanol, pro in the production process of traditional Chinese medicine attention to environmental health Oh ~ 2015-07-132 lonely want to understand the world! 1 high a biology class about how to brew wine, go home on the whim of brewing a little bit, after drinking urticaria to their own wine to be careful, pay attention to health. 2015-12-131 User 2 is very simple. In fact, parents do, and then give it to the roommate to drink, the feedback is very good. Last year the family made a hundred kilograms. The The The Three large glass jar, a family of about one year to drink eight pounds or so. First to buy grapes, my family in Guangxi, where there are wild grapes, in the big farmers market prices in about eight to two five. And then is the rock sugar and large glass jar, my family should be three 40 pounds of large glass jar. After the grapes are washed cleanly into the cans, a layer of grapes is a layer of rock sugar. Do not fill the glass jars, leave some space for fermentation. Wait a month or so, you can drink friends. Effect, my father before the snoring played particularly loud, big to what extent? My room and my parents' room is side by side, the summer air conditioning their rooms are closed the door, I play in my room computer, wearing a headset, can hear my father's grunt. Then my dad drank for some time after the wine, the snoring is very small and very small. 2013-10-01 Homeland Many races are estimated close to mu, brother want to do grape deep processing, such as grape juice, wine, grapes canned anything, do that kind of more reliable? - to join the entrepreneurial agricultural products grape food processing fruit juice drink home many grape is estimated close to mu, brother want to do grape deep processing, such as grape juice, wine, grapes canned anything, do that kind of more reliable? 9454 View all 5 Immediately, if a graduate student from a food graduate is a graduate student of a food, although I am not studying grapes, simply talk about what needs to be done according to the local grape quality, yield, and geographical location. It is not what you want to do, of course, the normal words, grapes you can say that these can be done, put the income is not the same 2017-02-200 View all 5 download client and world knowledge, experience and insights

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