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How can the canned tools be used? 2017-09-05 19:55:35How to open no easy to pull the ring, there is no gap canned? How to join the food life is not easy to pull the ring, there is no gap canned? There is no easy to pull the ring, there is no gap. Play for a long time, not the door into the ... ... Figure is online to find, I bought that too lazy to shoot, pro who do not have to worry about the problem of expired. And then although I do not know how to open, but one thing I am sure that this thing is definitely not patted ass or hot water can be unscrewed. 53440096 21 Chen Zhang fish ugly on the more reading, public number: octopus reading 13 in the supermarket to find as long as the top left corner of the shape of the equipment can be, or Taobao search \The relationship between change and altitude. According to the formula of pressure and pressure F = PS can calculate the cap by the tile force, in this because of my ability is limited, hope that God can calculate the size of a large area of ​​the size of the cap need to force the specific force. If only if you can not twist open, then you are not supposed to find a boyfriend editor in 2017-02-046013 Su Miao grandmao Juju 11 to find a relatively strong and willing to work for your boyfriend (husband) The The canned to him. Or pretend to try to fail pouting the mouth and handed him the can. Or give him a hug and laugh at the canned him. If he is not bad, go get a long handle spoon handed him. Or take the root of the chopsticks handed him. If not enough, is to get their own or other tools, he will not ask for you, will find their own way. Then you completely relaxed ~ ~ 2017-02-02117 more download client and world knowledge, experience and insights


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