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How can the can opener be used? 2017-09-06 23:31:36Why do Americans like to use cans to open cans, and the Chinese do not like this? - join the food canned American Why do Americans like to open the cans with cans, and the Chinese do not like this? The United States can not open a lot of cans can be opened, that is, there is no pull ring, and most of China's cans with a pull ring. What is the reason for this difference? Thank you. 227941 View all 3 no brain 2 Western countries, canned food consumption is very large. For example, Europeans per capita consumption of canned 54 kg per year, the Americans per capita consumption of canned 90 kg per year. But in China, the annual per capita consumption of canned only 3 kg. Can be seen out of an American family almost every day to open a few cans, in this case a good can opener, is definitely a necessity. So in turn, canned manufacturers will not consider pulling the cans in the cans. Edit at 2016-07-302 View All 3 Download Client with World Knowledge, Your Inquiry Keyword is: Can Can opener How is the following page of this page in Beijing time on July 1, 2011 at 23:45:46 If the speed is slow, you can try the quick version; if you want to update or delete the snapshot, you can complain about the snapshot. Baidu and the website the author has nothing to do, not responsible for its content. Baidu snapshots like the network when the failure of the index, does not mean that the search site instant page.


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