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Glass cans prices 2017-09-07 06:07:39Why the price of Coca-Cola canned and glass bottled disparity? - Join the Coca-Cola Microeconomics Pricing Strategy Why are Coca-Cola Canned and Glass Bottles differ in price? On Amazon PrimeNow, the same is 24 12 ounces of Coca-Cola, the price of cans is $ 6.29, and the price of glass bottles is $ 21.49. The price in the supermarket is also close. Although some people think that glass bottles are better than canned, but they are expensive. Why are consumers willing to buy glass bottles? Are they willing to add a little taste and willing to pay 3.42 times the price of consumers? If you have to sell so expensive because of cost reasons, in the case of no increase in the value of the increase in so many costs, why manufacturers are willing to produce it? 81789 View All 2 Yvonne Lu Once the talented woman, pseudo-art ugly one, please do not invite me to answer and political issues have been folded 02 fold reason: algorithm to identify automatic folding glass bottle cost than cans high edit at 2017-05- 3101 View all 2 Your query keywords are: Glass Canned Bottles The following is a snapshot of the page at 10:17:45 on July 5, 2017. If you open slowly, you can try the quick version; if you want to update Or delete snapshots, you can complain about snapshots. Baidu and the website the author has nothing to do, not responsible for its content. Baidu snapshots like the network when the failure of the index, does not mean that the search site instant page.


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