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Glass cans do not open the refrigerator 2017-08-15 22:59:46A person can not open at home canned peach how to do? - join people and nature a person can not open at home canned peach how to do? The weekend a person a spoonful of cans 1224138 ingot really funny 7 with a spoon pry the edge of the can lid, hear the swelling, and then twist open. Old cadre empathy. 2016-01-12716 Jingwei to wish 2 There are two ways, one in the cans covered with a knife tip to the mouth, you can unscrew, the second is the edge of the canopy to the ground knock knock, knock to the vertical edge Can be heard, the general will hear the leak of gas, can be unscrewed ~ 2016-07-2022 more download client and world knowledge, canned from the refrigerator out after the cat do not eat, how do? - cannabis can be eaten from the fridge after the cat can not eat, how to do? 5 months, boy. Master two days of stomach is not good, canned the canned, morning to open the feed one-third, eat a good happy. The rest with a plastic wrap sealed on the refrigerator, go home in the afternoon to feed half, with a microwave oven for 2 minutes, after the cold and then fed, the results of a glance left ... ... no interest! The The So lying to see me ... ... usually fed the treasure canned, after the refrigerator let go out do not eat, so lost several cans, and how to do? Neighborhoods! The The 22021 has not answered yet


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