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Gan bamboo canning factory 2017-09-07 06:38:06Do not say, my mother is responsible for the kitchen because the mother cooking delicious, canned snacks, such as fruit and so on and so on and my mother, in fact, and my brother [I did not mean to squeeze his meaning ⊙ω ⊙ comment there is a Friends know my words look good, though do not know, but thank you ~ there is puzzled: I did not put the word on the ⊙ ▽ ⊙ how do you know drops ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ In short, thank you for the praise ^ Jemmy Wang does not love is no matter what a love is going to collapse 1583 canned douchi canned. 2016-05-061.6K298 Gan Xiongbo blue collar, environmental related, international relations self-learning 1743 Guangdong people eat the best is the sweet bamboo canned mushrooms canned. Although a can is not much, but that taste strong, that juice, really good Just mix with chopsticks sauce can be a few bowls of rice bowl. Fish and tempeh taste is very good, you can mix a lot of food, but also a single eat. But do not worry about belching people do not eat too much Oh. Add a former also like to eat canned condensed milk, very sweet, a little too much will feel the color, the classic consumption method is to add appropriate amount of water diluted. Of course, the child's eating method is to use your fingers (or even directly with the tongue) to take some, do not have to dilute, than candy, ice cream delicious too much. Condensed milk and spicy, shrimp, ears and so are the main snack of the child. Sugar, dairy products, low digestion, please pay attention to consumption. Eat canned food Please be careful not to be scratched by sharp edges. Edited at 2016-05-091.7K


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