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Fruit canned process 2017-09-06 02:03:49Source quality, they began to private milk, which is known (pure green safe pollution-free) private dairy farmers where the milk, and the grandson added melamine. That's what I said, \1 how to say it already has the energy to control the direction of public awareness, and hope to develop the good side of it 2016-12-031 green juice lemon life just want to love a person 1 like a long time ago to watch TV station reported a pear Of the family, that pear is to do canned, no medicine, orchard chickens, nor weeding, the whole is the feeling of wild, pear people on the sweetness, moisture and fruit size should be strictly measured, so I always feel Cans inside the fruit should be good fruit 2016-02-201McDonald1 this generally from the raw materials, the general factory acquisition of raw materials, which is good and bad, the factory can only probably confirm the quality of a batch of raw materials, and then in the treatment When the raw materials are graded according to the standard. According to different customer needs will be different quality of raw materials canned. The factory will also adjust the product according to the different requirements of the market. Juice drink drink less wonderful, raw materials will certainly not use the best, the other will add some additives to ensure the flavor. In addition, the cans are boiled, that flavor and fresh fruit is certainly not the same. As for the canned inside the canned, do not rule out the individual small factories will add some should not add additives, but most of the cans will not add that thing. Fruit cans are generally added a lot of sugar, plus the fruit itself, sugar, sweet should be. 2016-01-241 users to open the factory is to make money, the site selected in the fruit of the province and save a storage charge also save a manual (filter out the bad part of the fruit). The key is that the additives do not have money? Can be less plus less chanting. 2016-12-060 small half of life in different states, cold and warm self-knowledge. Buy a large piece of fruit canned like a ... 2016-12-040 and off three view is not bad temper. Paste the process of our laboratory canned it [sugar canned orange] process: raw material picking - cleaning - stripping the skin - to tendons, sub-valve - acid treatment to capsule - water rinse - sorting - cans - row Gas - sealed - sterilization - cooling - finished technical points: 1. Select the skin thin, uniform size, no damage to fresh oranges. 2. Hand to the skin, keep clean and hygienic, separated from the gloves to remove the orange network to clean 3. to capsule, the orange petals soaked in 40-45 degrees 1 hydrochloric acid solution, orange and water ratio of 1: 1.5 ( 1: 2), 10min, depending on the thickness of the capsule depending on the thickness, when soaked to the capsule soft, immersion liquid opacity, you can remove, put in the rolling water rinse to no turbidity, and then lye treatment, hydrogen Sodium oxide 135-40 degrees, 5min to most of the bag easy to fall off, not loose, soft rotten as the quasi-lye treatment immediately after cleaning. 4. Remove the flesh on the muscle and the nucleus, hand light anti-broken valve 5. empty cans and cover, washed water, 85 degrees, disinfection 5min 6. said 220g orange petals cans, the remaining space filled with sugar, leaving the gap 4mm7 . Raw material squeeze juice, with a hand-held sugar meter to measure the amount of sugar, according to the formula to measure the concentration of sugar 8. Heating exhaust, when the tank after the pre-sealed (lid is not tight, leaving seam), heated water, to be boiling water to maintain 5min9 (80 degrees, 60 degrees, 40 degrees) 11. Inverted storage for one week, check whether there is mold, the end of the sterilization of the cans, Change, expansion tank. In general, the preservative is almost impossible, canned this [packaging] is produced for a long time to save food as is not rotten fruit, the normal process of fruit selection is very strict, and large manufacturers generally have their own orchard Or a specific supplier, for a few fruit to hit the sign is not. 2016-12-0401 fat graduate students suddenly think of a teacher told a story, said a lot of people on the food processing industry misunderstanding, including our own has also been, such as a child when there is a piece of Li Zilin, plum mature when the day will pick plum Sent to the market for sale, but a variety of natural or man-made part of the ripe plum will fall, then have been thinking of a good distress of these falling plums, if there is a machine, then you can put these plums (including rotten) processing , Do fruit juice ah, or do canned to sell, and now think about Oh. 2016-12-0302 user question digression, in the see a source with low-quality fruit juice production this thing is true? I fucking love to drink that, because it is strong ah 2016-12-0304 more 1 is folded (why?)


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