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Food cans 2017-09-06 21:28:37What delicious canned food? - add food to eat canned food shopping recommended what delicious canned food? 38793814553 61 Mu Bu 雠 ugly 253 (20131230 update pineapple canned) This answer only said fruit canned, because I see now ranked first in the answer which appeared canned peach (brand) and three cans of the map Time, I think this problem is destined to be a perfect answer to fill the state, at least I am not limited to the brand of the four words of the feeling is Oh Oh, can not think of the three flowers is @ Shiarnodo. For those who want to eat salty mouth, I would suggest to see the following two answers: @ Sharnodo God's best to eat lunch meat is what brand? The answer there is my food on the market canned pickles pickles which kind of the best to eat the answer, of course, the problem where the witness said and responsible answer ... ...------- --------------------------------------Start----------- ------------------------------------------ 1. Peaches canned to see The highest votes in the answer [brand is not limited] bad mood, it is because you feel that this did not eat a few do not think that every can you eat that kind of so delicious idea is irresponsible, you Ah Of the five brands have not experienced the high price come back to open the expired packaging is not good because the syrup too much can not eat the situation do not recommend all the brand unlimited peach can not really ok? Peach canned as my favorite, in the past decade, bought no more than 20 brands of peaches or more. Always feel this thing expensive, so because of the corruption eat a lot of loss. The most important problem is actually not the meat quality of peach meat, but the pure sugar. The former is a sub-item! The latter is subtracts! If you buy well, most of the intuition is: a trace of sugar essence! This thing can not eat ..... so my recommendation is mostly you can rest assured that the taste and taste of several brands of peach canned. Whether it is white peach or peach, in fact, I think most people on this request is not very picky ... ... (of course, if you are not for the media that the radiation and red cloth with evil spirits and choose the words of peach ...) 1.Geisha full range of this focus to say: first put a full range of this product. The focus of this: first put a full range of this product. Here only talk peaches! Can be obtained from the map, which can be divided into domestic and imported. (F104), so buy a total of two boxes (36, 囧), and so on, ). After eating greatly amazing! I said before the meat of the meat is a sub-item, that is this. Because the general canned peach in fact the taste is almost, but the F104 peach itself has a strong flavor, and you can eat it is the taste of peach itself. After having tried K101, K112, although it is made, but the taste is not bad. Feeling the gap should also be the problem of peach varieties. In short this one is my highly recommended (only said peach, because no other eat, not easily responsible). Just for me a little expensive, but it will not bite the greedy to not work can not be a lot of out. I can not go to school in Dalian, this as a company in Dalian, I really recommend it. The taste is very good, my sister also said that she was in Dalian when the university will be into a box into the box in the winter to buy the room on the balcony of the ice (you know, the bedroom cold cold freezer), winter to eat a Take it on for heating for a while. This has recently been a new action, at least let me surprise, after decomposition. 3. Kui licensing peach canned series This is my first time in this life to eat peach brand, but also let me have a unique peach cans. This also shows that this thing is good, but the problem is not aware of why TB is difficult to find, but this supermarket in the country are very easy to find. This is also Dalian (o (╯ □ ╰) o before how ... ...), but also reassuring trusted big brand. This is my first time in this life to eat peach brand, but also let me have a unique peach cans. This also shows that this thing is good, but the problem is not aware of why TB is difficult to find, but this supermarket in the country are very easy to find. This is also Dalian (o (╯ □ ╰) o before how ... ...), but also reassuring trusted big brand. 4. fat three aunt peach can this is bought on the TB, this is great, really, ....... this is bought on the TB, this is great, really, ... ... .Bonus: for the TB on a Korean brand canned .... I think, it is also the case it ... ... only think of these, I certainly know as the first big fruit canned fruit, peach canned Naturally there are a lot of good brands, but unfortunately poor memory and not eat a lot, to be remembered and then filled with two. Canned pineapple 1.Dole are music pineapple slices like this is also pure because of the music is too fresh pineapple too More love. Previously for the feeling of pineapple is inverted teeth, acid, each can only eat a little regret (囧). But do not music pineapple is not exciting, every time the head can eat a whole! The The So that his canned food should also be very good. Of course, the taste of this canned, no surprise but definitely can meet your expectations for the pineapple cans. 2.Del Monte Buddha Papaya Water Pineapple Table 2.Del Monte Papaya Water Pineapple Chip Big Brand! Big sign! Do not live up to the big taste of the brand. Do not say anything else, want to eat this to it 3. Taiwan sugar pineapple 3. Taiwan sugar pineapple this color is not so bright, if DIY wobble is not suitable. But the taste is high quality, but compared with the people seem a little expensive 4. Taifeng brand pineapple 4. Taiwan Feng brand pineapple taste quite good, and feel like music, so to praise a also. Bonus: still warned, Taobao sales of the highest canned, Merlin canned, do not buy. Pineapple is rotten and feels bad. The luncheon meat of his family is the only one I've ever eaten, but there is a shadow for lunch meat. Although it is big, but the taste looks like no match, it is not recommended. ------------------------------------- Break time after N hours back ------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 170 interest declaration: work in a production canned food factory. (Finally have the opportunity to use a declaration of interest.) Canned food, because the production process is a vacuum sealed with a long time high temperature steam sterilization, is no need to add preservatives can also be a long time to save the food. I recommend Beidaihe braised cans and canned meat canned. why? Specific reasons do not know, but these two products are always the first out of stock. And we plant the production of things should be more suitable for the northerners taste it (Braised yuan hoof there are two specifications). And my factory lunch meat canned quality level is \Black, eat hard, taste is poor, and the taste is salty, but even so, the mainland version of the sweet bamboo brand should be stronger than other brands of canned fish. We see, after the cans do not see the full of tempeh PS: 13 cans, looked not much, picked up but also very heavy. Sanfengqiao sauce ribs it! The Although not canned is a vacuum packaging, but it is completely color flavor and taste! Long train to open a bag, life good taste! 2013-04-253613 User 2 Qinhuangdao military braised pork canned, the Navy trial batch of delicious ah! The The delicious! The The The The same paragraph - buckle put bamboo shoots or corn shoots ah, cucumber ah, mushrooms ah ah ah ah ah die, too tm delicious, a table of people do not eat delicacies, eat me to do the fried bamboo shoots mushrooms, eh That delicious, that fragrant ah. The same is the Qinhuangdao, the military canned beef cane Oh, eat more fragrant ah, thieves delicious! Is the old, but very valuable, decent beef. Yes, and the northern troops of the vermicelli, do not know where they come from, that fragrant! (Ok, this is not a can). There are fried meat and meat canned meat, do not buy the southern production, must be the northern production. Add some speculation fried, tm shower on the blade surface, eh! Tm delicious ah Feeling a lot of things in the army ah, or a solid taste. Unfortunately, the real field army, not so much food, can not eat so much ah 2016-04-0923 users in Taobao bought several cans, usually in the supermarket also bought several times, every time you can not eat cans, just started to eat Of the time that is particularly delicious, eating and eating can not eat, and feel a box of cans a little more, not suitable for a person to eat. The The Basic are canned fish: canned tuna (water immersion): meat, taste faint, feel good, the amount is just right, do not feel endless, the train with the instant noodles with the preferred. Braised pork canned: large pieces of pork, the amount of slightly larger, for a long time when no meat, such as live on campus. Russian herring section canned: amount enough, but feeling no taste. Russian salmon meat: the amount of foot, the taste is also good, large pieces of fish. Russian imports of canopy saury canned: the taste is the most praise, the amount is also enough. Tuna tuna canned: Korean tastes, sweet and sour taste, appetizers. Scallop Cylindrical Cannon Meilin Export Russian food: scallop column meat, delicious, suitable for soup. In fact, the most favorite is the vacuum packaging of small bags of seafood snacks: instant seafood fish portfolio, Qingdao specialty seafood, sea taste, very delicious, although the vacuum packaging a little salty. The The In fact, each person tastes are not the same, in the end is not suitable for their own, only eat will know ... ... Yokai koko today you eat what 25 1, Yunnan valuable specialty wild mushroom fresh bovine (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee ... ... these three are very valuable and famous wild mushrooms, wild mushrooms are rich in nutrition and have a variety of mushrooms, Seasonal, so can be made into long-term edible, processed oil wild mushrooms taste delicious, can be used as food, cooking ingredients can be considered this can not be it, (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee ... ... this Three are very valuable and famous wild bacteria, wild mushrooms are rich in nutrition and are seasonal, so can be made into long-term canned food, processed oil wild mushrooms taste delicious, can be used as food, cooking ingredients can be 2013-04-272515 Su Chong 12 There is a can called the Swedish herring cans try to try 2016-04-261211 Niu Zhimei virtue only legal, not legal person 13 Navy Quartermaster special food trial department and Qinhuangdao marine food The factory production of military cans cheap, very real, very delicious. Origin is Hebei Qinhuangdao City. Variety of braised pork, braised beef, buckle meat, sugar water orange, sugar water Yangmei and so on. Taobao sell a lot. 2014-05-01135 User 1 Beast Fresh Herring Canned Food! The The Recently particularly want to eat fish, in Hualian bought a bunch of fish canned, eat a can of today, really delicious! Privately think better than Laoganma, but also meal. Do not eat the staple food I properly eat a bowl of rice ... although this is not a treasure, but the first time to eat fish cans feel delicious. Is three small canned, the packaging also wrote a space food, a tank just right, the rest of the chili sauce is also delicious. In fact, it is not particularly hot curiosity and canned herring cans, and so I try to add ~ 2014-04-0211 meow hunter like to play the Yamaguchi Mountain art undergraduate students are now doing inexplicable work to live life 2 small fat salmon Salad canned, delicious cry, wiped on the toast just above ah ah ah ... is not good your weight is not much, breath to kill the rhythm of two cans 2015-06-0822 Zheng Ying bamboo shoots delicious 2016-01-1601 Chriszck zhou lonely eat goods 1 Cologne braised pork and braised pork, you must buy a glass bottle, as well as Cologne's clove fish and mushrooms meat sauce, bibimbous proper. 2016-04-071 old Zhang 4 in fact to say delicious canned! The The Only memories of the Inner Mongolia Jining meat factory out of the salted beef, salted beef canned! The Unfortunately, now do not produce, and only one is now called the old horse brand, taste pretty close! The The Do not buy what Suining, the Great Wall. The These brands! Taste really bad! The In addition, the military of the spiced beef jar cans recommended 2015-11-0142 Anonymous users 17 as a small contact with the dealer to answer this question is best suited to contact with many types of canned to the canned army, canned army Get the place to sell the general are almost due, but! The The The Simply do not delay to eat good sprinkle, so good Caesar! The warehouse has expired for a long time (the premise is the wooden bulging tank) of the eight treasures of rice to eat open with the factory just did not come, the taste is also exactly the same good so the troops out of the cans, there is no so-called shelf life , As long as the wood has a tank cans to eat the same tank, the taste is definitely more than you bought from the supermarket that kind of unknown n times ... ... Lunch meat: eat Xiamen Cologne, Yangzhou nine days, Shanghai Meilin, four thousand Three plants, Sichuan Lingxiang (Taobao ninety-five sold the brand canned from my home are out), there is a general public particularly like the name of a moment can not remember, and impressed on this few, Nine days, Merlin's starch is more suitable for shabu hot pot; 40000 factory taste in general; I forget the name of that is the most respected, the taste is really good, the price is quite quite good; as for the Ling Xiang I do not comment, do I say my family is the best amount of flow is Lingxiang 200g lunch meat and another can you! Fruit canned: eat the best fruit canned must be peach, must da ... ... what sugar sugar lychee, sugar pear, sugar, orange, sugar water Yangmei, sugar and water pineapple, sugar red hair Dan ... ... only the best to eat peach, Delicious pork noodles, spiced pork diced, spiced pork, spiced pork, spiced pork, spiced mackerel, braised pork, braised beef, spiced beef, hawthorn slices, pork balls, Braised chicken wings root, fragrant fried chicken wings, fried three silk, eight treasure rice, boiled pork, braised yuan hoof, wrinkled oil hoof, etc. Look at the phone party so painful typing on the share of praise it! Edit in 2016-02-26177 lanvins7 course is sweet bamboo card! The The The Lobster sauce dace ah, delicious to cry. Sometimes the typhoon rainy days did nothing to eat, my mother gave us hot canned fish to eat, about a few bowls of rice (whining .... I am the sauce purple fat) University do not want to eat canteen to buy canned fish, the key is Roommates are ruthless like, hit it off The The This brand of canned fish in Guangdong has been a household name (ah ... so hungry, and want to eat) 2014-07-0671 fox chen brother 5 En. The The Both hands and cans are mine. Yep. The The Both hands and cans are mine. Taifeng brand canned pineapple is definitely the best to eat the local pineapple brand Unfortunately, 3 years is too long, has been too shelf life 2016-04-305 more 9 was folded (why?) What delicious canned food The - add food to eat canned food shopping recommended what delicious canned food? 38053571343 View all 61 gold sun 驒 life is the greatest meaning of their own inner satisfaction. 493 constantly updated in the ... ... ... ... first said that the cans are no preservatives! It is said that glass cans were invented during the Napoleonic period and were invented in order to preserve rations. Later, there are tin cans. At that time there is no preservative, the principle is to isolate the air high temperature heating. Because there is no preservative, open the pot after almost a few days on the bad. But occasionally can eat, long-term eating is not healthy. First, salt, monosodium glutamate may be more, and second, many vitamins may be cooked when cooked (especially vegetables and fruits), so I can eat fish and more meat. Living alone, sometimes lazy do not want to cook, to stew point rice


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