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Fish canned ingredients Fish content 2017-08-15 23:09:50What is the taste of herring cans? Can other meat be made into this can? - join the food science chemical fermented food industry herring canned herring cans taste from what ingredients? Can other meat be made into this can? And the smell of feces, carrion is the same? Is it harmful to humans? Where is the particularity of herring? Is this canned rotten fish? Can other meat achieve the same effect? 2126332 Tan thirty-five optimist, micro-fruit powder, the former program ape, now eat the national rice bowl (-ι_-) 4 2016-05-1041 the most Mo Mo over the blue 5 every year 4 to 6 months when herring eggs, the fishermen salvaged Hundreds of tons of herring, ready for pickled herring. Pickled herring is unique in nature to ferment, in order to ensure that herring will not rot in the fermentation process, the producers are always salvaged herring in the light salt water with a warm boiled, and then into the cans Let its natural fermentation. It is said that this process of pickled herring has been circulating for nearly 300 years, when the fishermen also to save money to come up with natural fermentation pickled herring method, because the consumption of salt will be less. Replaced with other meat fish effects must also have, but the effect is necessarily not as good as herring. In addition, it is recommended that white flowers and snake water with food. Good luck 2016-05-095 canned fish eat more harmful to the body? A lot of preservatives. - Do you eat healthy fish cans to eat more harmful to your body? A lot of preservatives. ... ... 538551 Yu Yue Gao Zhongsheng, go abroad party, music lovers, computer enthusiasts, beauty lovers, can not afford to play joke 3 preservatives super small, canned with high temperature sterilization And then installed in the cans, do you think it will mold mold it. 2016-03-0131 1 is folded (why?) Download client with world knowledge, experience and insights


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