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Dangshan canned peach how 2017-09-07 11:42:50Why only see canned peach, but do not see the sale of fresh peach? - add cold knowledge food healthy canned housewife kiwi why only see canned peach, but do not see the sale of fresh peach? Do not know 111948398 42 dream Xiaowei fall thousands of dreams dream of thousands of micro dream dream Xiao Wei 154 update from last year to write an answer to the present a lot of friends made a private letter to ask the peach link now seasonal season picking season for about a week if you need to speed Mother on the WeChat contact Oh outdated invalid ~ WeChat 17730427827 remarks like home to the fruit can be more friends like the original answer than the original heart of the peach is the late peach the higher the maturity of the color will be more beautiful late peach maturity higher color Will be more beautiful light more peaches will have red, often eat peaches are aware of the best to eat, look at pictures will be drooling, but fortunately my mother gave me tomorrow (29òωó29) there are home nectar, name Very strange is the appearance of a particularly smooth peach, Shaitu ~ the following is the original answer to the answer to say that this is simply to send the title, home in Dangshan, dang, four, in the Yellow River Road, both sides of the impact of the plains, so fertile soil, suitable for planting Pears, apples, peaches, watermelons and other fruits, whenever the summer vacation home is the most happy time, summer peaches, watermelon, winter vacation There are pears, apples, their own species such as pears, peaches, casually eat, their own no, like watermelon, roadside market, a few cents a pound easily pull several home, and super sweet, sweet Ah ~ ~ here is not only rich Dangshan pear, crown pear, there are well-known peach, the market is a lot of canned peaches are Dangshan production, a lot of canned food factory here, our family contracted orchards, all year round More busy, the village people will be idle when the canner to work, seriously said. The The Canned peach is more famous is the technology, more delicious is the Tao Youmei, home thirty acres of pear, more than a dozen acres of Taoyuan, July is the peach picking period, although the market is rare, but in July should be There are a lot of other months due to peach intolerance storage, and more acid, taste less than other fruits, made cans are almost the best of both worlds. The The These governments are very supportive, after all, belong to the agricultural and sideline products, can expand employment, increase sales ~ ~ ~ then we say that the peach can directly flow to the market, and what can not pull into it. The The Of course, is the high taste of fine fruit, in fact, I have been wondering, home to sell the peach pears so beautiful so delicious, why outside the supermarket fruit shop is like a bad taste, those fruits are running to which corner of it? The (29`н0729) left some fruit type small, completely without a trace of rosy, taste super acid, call all pull into the canned factory friends, the two prices more than doubled. The The This no picture, his brain make up the next ~ ~ Amway under the fruit of the experience, it must be fruit-like delicious ~ mother said that as long as the fruit type is good, the taste is not bad, the so-called crooked melon split date. The Certainly the second fruit ~ ~ the second look at the color ~ ~ watermelon green oil delicious, of course, is more yellow roasted delicious friends, yellow peach is green and yellow are between the orange, green is not cooked Of the super acid, not sweet, orange is completely mature, if a little bit of red on the better friends ~ ~ ~ (red is generally a good light performance, so the top of the fruit on the top of the mouth are the bar, ha ha, (29 ^ o ^ 29) is the last pear friends, eat so much pear outside, pear, pear, pear, pear, pear, pear, there is no home delicious, Many brands on the market name Dangshan pear brand, in fact, really is not it. The The Two more than a pound want to buy authentic Dangshan pear really not ah pro ~ ~ ~ because my family sold to buyers, are generally more than two friends. The The After a few twists and turns to your supermarket it The The Then you say what to buy. The Must be a universal treasure. The The Ten pounds also 包邮 ah ~ ~ rural people selling things really not easy ~ ~ said more tears The I want to comfort the next dad ~ ~ ~ Finally you have seen here, that you really is a really good to eat friends, do not forget the upper right corner praise Oh ~ Edit 1017-07-1215482 User 10 As a result of peach Very impatient storage, in addition to processing into cans, the export is more difficult. Frozen peach processing costs are low, foreign markets are widely used (according to market demand can be re-processed into canned, peach juice, peach sauce, can also be used directly for dessert or freezing point) so much foreign welcome. North China, Central China, Southwest planting more. Maturity is generally in July to September. 2014-08-09101 Zhao Minhui music afternoon tea / casual snacks / canned peach / free shipping 6 fresh peach taste slightly a little acid, the appearance of more hair, transport storage is very convenient. Made cans can be preserved for a long time, the color and good-looking, golden color, the key is soaked in sugar, peach flesh sour and sugar full contact, taste do not have flavor. My home is Anhui Dangshan, the country's largest peach cultivation base, we are made of the peach canned, exported abroad. 2014-08-2163 Mr. Tao WeChat Syy888084 fresh yellow peach acid, eat up more rigid, generally mature in late July, not easy to save. After processing, sweet and sour taste, soft and hard moderate, and easy to carry preservation, I think it should be the reason for it, but be sure to buy good quality canned peach! 2016-05-314 Nier medical bitter gourd juice children ... ... 3 peach is not easy to store fruit, but its high nutritional value, so do sugar cans is a more convenient choice 2016-08-0731 anonymous users 3 Dangshan last encountered a field work here to say that the only reason to let her stay is that there are delicious fruit all over the year there are delicious fruit 1. Papaya mature time is not easy to save cans easy to save 2. Peach acid can be sweet and sour taste more suitable for everyone 3 ... ... peach peach production as high peach peach? Just cooked peach home to eat 2016-06-273 users 4 now is the season of peach listing ah, as the origin may be relatively cold some, Jiashan, Yanling, Zhenhu and other places are produced why not see the sale of fresh What? Because the peach is more soft and not easy to long-distance transport and storage, in addition to the origin of the region to sell a sell, and then far away may be the nearest canned cans, and then sent to the Quartet, while the yellow canned sweet Then the acid, add 70 80 after a little bit of yellow peach feelings then carry canned than carry mybal plum face so as a northerner I have also eat the canned peach also quite delicious 2014-07-3043 The wind must eat rice stars every day. 2 I am now eating, but it seems that this year only to see the sale of rosewood, perhaps before the attention did not notice it 2016-06-2822 blue deep blue explanation is not clear 1 most of the peach was bought to go to do the peach canned 2016-12-151 peach raw source of the total generation of eggs eggs vx: 5462005021 cans made of canned peach than the taste of fresh peaches much better. In general, people are willing to eat canned peach after all. Edited in 2016-05-311 Qing days Xing love music, love writing, love dance, love martial arts, love opera, love Korean flow of science and engineering men. 2 because the city people do not eat we did not package the rotten peach, it touches on the processing of the supermarket they can see to stay for a while, will be considered about how long and how long shelf life, and then finally into a trip to the city How much you can earn, but if the bulk transport in the past, peach peaches are rotten it If you want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables or go to the farm music, oh no back home to eat the hands of the kind of ha ha 2016-08-302 ancient moon song talk about peach, have to say it is God's presence. Whether it is to go to the supermarket, fruit shop, or fruit wholesale market, simply can not find this fruit peach. As the peach is extremely difficult to store, in addition to origin, almost all the peach has made canned. Research data show that the processing of canned fruit, vitamins, vitamins, vitamins B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, folic acid, etc., will be a certain degree of loss, fruit canned vitamin C is almost all destroyed. There are a lot of cans to prevent rot, will add a lot of sugar, salt, eat too much may cause high blood sugar, edema and other issues. Pregnant want to eat canned peach, worried about a variety of preservatives, dare not eat? Baby love canned peach, mothers worry about the food safety of canned food? Want to eat fresh peach, can not find authentic delicious how broken? China Fruit and Vegetable Industry Brand Forum Organizing Committee for you Weapon, eat Yanling peach, my mother no longer have to worry about food safety issues! Yanling peach, also known as alpine peach, fragrant, crisp and sweet and famous, is the \Hunan Province, the Pearl River Delta can be reached within two days, the country can arrive within three days. Peach - fresh picking peach - ready to go with peach - ready to go relative to other peaches, peach also has a very high nutritional value. 1. raw thirst: peach is a fruit juice and more sweet fruit, its juice contains a variety of trace elements, people can eat after the role of thirst quencher. 2. Runchang lax: yellow peach contains a lot of pectin and cellulose components, can help promote gastrointestinal motility, remove gastrointestinal waste, play the role of laxative, for the prevention of constipation also have some help. 3. Beauty beauty: peach is rich in α-carotene, β-carotene, vitamin C and tomato flavonoids and other antioxidants, can effectively remove free radicals, with the elimination of dark spots, anti-aging effect. More people praise is that the peach can be used with a variety of fruit salad, dessert; not only excellent taste, even with color are perfect. Like to try to eat goods, you can develop a bold heart with Oh. 1. Peach fruit salad 2. Peach egg tart 3 Peach yogurt so delicious, healthy peach, you deserve it! The The From the July 25 sale, only one month sales period, missed you have to wait a year! The The The National 包邮, 5 pounds and 10 pounds installed two specifications, 5 pounds 98,10 pounds 168. Speed ​​to buy friends, you can call 13725238490 purchase, can also add WeChat tell18352512412! The 2017-07-190 apache wang live full 1 first, I also Dangshan, home peach is also considered a lot, of course, the most famous or Dangshan pear. I first answer the title of the problem it, peach is seven or eight months mature, ripe after the meat is more soft, easy to store and transport, is so simple. Today saw my mother at home canned, the way to make an ad, I have written in advance, paste directly over, hehe. I have never been so serious about my mom's life - July 29, 2016 I do not know where the mother's leisurely, perhaps the little nephew sent to the grandmother's house, the great socialist workers of the disease (free But also on my dad that character, sure that a peach was cut to three, but also to the end of the day, One by one, every five peaches were also stolen one. Closer to the past, yellow peach can be in accordance with the (self-encyclopedia) process processing, rich in what nutrition and so on. In fact, so much stress, that is delicious, especially after the summer refrigerator, more delicious. My mother at home in the production process is slightly simple, the main is the peach peeled to the nuclear → cut the valve, cleaning, bottling, add sugar, cover (not tight) → big pot boil → remove and then screw cap (hot ) → cool place cool, pressure difference automatically tighten the cap. Focus on a few features it: 1, my brother at home agent Unilever water purifier, the home naturally installed, the water should be more than the tap water. 2, no preservatives, can not afford, no need, only water, sugar, peach. 3, the purpose of cooking two, one is cooked pulp, sterilization and enhance the taste; Second, the high temperature will be the air out of the bottle, put the pressure inside and outside the natural pressure to tighten the cap, time-tested. 4, vacuum packaging, long time the same taste. My mother said one year, I know that when the New Year was certainly no problem, the end of the family a cold dish - canned peach open cover dish, table. Like the peach acid that sweet, sweet with sour taste, put a period of time canned, it is these flavors into the water, scattered evenly, mutual moisture. Above the sense of hair, at one go (Oh), the mother also gave enough face, \Download the client and the world knowledge, experience and insights related to the domestic military canned food preservatives do? 12 Which brand of tuna canned? 12 lunch meat canned why not pull the ring? 6 Why are the cans on the market now? 5 if I am in the downtown area to eat herring canned with Laoshan white snake grass water, illegal? 7

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