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Cans canned production line 2017-09-06 14:51:47What kind of material is the inner wall coating of the cans? What kind of material is added to the inner wall coating of the coated tin box? Whether it is a threat to human health 23961 Uncle data analysis is mainly aluminum paste coating plus varnish, used to waterproof. No harm to the human body at room temperature, high temperature heating will release harmful substances on the human body 2016-06-030 good product packaging design which? - Join the design packaging design packaging product packaging design which? 65305248505 123 s skull 2951 I think there is no best packing, only one after another blow my mind. After two weeks of the answer to the slightest answer is actually a thousand praise and also on the daily newspaper, thank you for the positive point of praise, at the same time learn a lot of new things (after all, not a professional shooting lion) big god @ Liu Zhipeng In fact, there are a lot of good packaging I did not put up [like to invite to answer but I feel good busy ha ha ha] -------------------------- ----------------- God urge me to update, to do a collector is also a good thing, at the same time through the guidance of the understanding of the packaging also has some new knowledge, put a big God Say first-class design. \Acne puncture 10, acne treatment pills, take the tablets out, you have to squeeze this acne 11, cabbage T-shirt 11, cabbage T-shirt 12, peach buttocks 12, peach buttocks 2016-09-2214212 Sun Lingling 38 words, Japan's packaging design can always easily capture our hearts. This summer, Kylin KIRIN for the female market launched a song called moogy ginger barley tea, the bottle consists of a variety of illustrations, there are actually 16 style design, each design style is very small and fresh, very suitable for summer The mood. Bottle design and publicity posters such a lovely little bottle, finished the drink inside, can also be used to do something else? Kirin in twitter and instagram launched a photography contest, to the majority of users to collect a variety of photos, so moogy properly became the bottle of the network of red. Picture content from the network 2016-07-20381 selling mineral water little boy 92 read the answer, are foreign packaging design, domestic good pitiful. But recently saw a domestic brand of mineral water, but also a bit forced grid, the other I have not seen, it is also seen the best one, paste to see for everyone. Probably like this, this is my current domestic brands to see the youngest mineral water brand. 2015-07-099229 First Financial Weekly User logo 1 business, a little meaning 871 first rejection map. Japan Kylin this year 's new drink Moogy. Hey, but how can we only thrown it? A wealthy in a serious and responsible attitude, but also talk about why the packaging design is \O Designer: Guan Hao Pan17, Snack Food Snake Bear Russian designer Lacy Kuhn design practical nut packaging 18, bottle design BLK functional drink to be finished to see the word bottle This drink has a rich electrolyte and partial Alkaline pH, no addition of any sugar, no carbohydrate Origami packaging 24 bottles Packing Red wine Compressible red wine Gloji - Drinkable light bulb Gloji is a major European hotel for fruit juice. Bomba (bomb) soda water The design of the hourglass design of the soft drinks in the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, There are seven sieves of this bibling of beer, the temptation of beer beer beer Milla Choco Milk milk minimalist milk milk milk molecular geometry geometric wines German wine brand Motif Wine vodka 19, honey class Pooh honey Bzzz Honey Packaging-Designed by Backbone Studio fairy tale Cute and drop of hexagonal honey like bees Of the honey 20, volcanic seasoning packaging VOLKAN-Designed by Pénélope St-Cyr Robitaille65 sauce jelly Swiss Alpine caviar packaging This package looks like a crystal clear ice wrapped in attractive caviar, passing a fresh And pure feeling. Guitar seasoning bottle Italian Rocket olive oil Gino's Garden olive oil packaging 21, chewing gum you have the heart to break off its teeth 22, raw meat from the animal shape can see what meat fresh fish Fish Packaging -Designed by PostlerFerguson Russian people even in the fresh food will do this packaging. This is the food brand \Type Ⅱ diamonds souvenir bronze medallion (19) pumpkin soup emmy rice glamor vanilla night の の month KIRIN BREWERY Owners ClubGEORGIA COLD BREW Fuji Palace carrots drinks ginger black sugar kuds KING donuts tomorrow dessert FERJUVE fermented cosmetics Kao replacement bag gauze Howat medicine neo: n Miura の radish sauce ORANGI box foreign fruit division white gold hall PURE & MILDGREEN LABEL GREEN FRIENDS inspector special award (4) Dove bubble wash chocolate × cocoa tea IPSA METABOLIZER Niigata fodder Source: Puguang Industrial Design Station Edited at 2017-04-101


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