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Canola production method 2017-09-06 03:04:56How can the melean yellow croaker be opened? - Join Meal Meilin Can Bean Canned How to Open? Eat the sadness of the food in front of it but not open 72026 View all 3 Amy LuBe profound, be funny or be quiet.2 just succeeded! The The No time to wipe the forehead sweat, first to answer. I use the fruit knife, the head is relatively sharp, can be inserted into the lid below the lid. Insert in, little by little pry. How many times in the middle want to give up. The Suddenly heard the sound into the air, gave me confidence and courage. Then pry. I was prying a lap after the focus on attacking a point. Finally opened. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, feeling exhausted. I am a female man, pure Khan words, it should not take so long 2014-10-12212 View all 3 Download client with world knowledge, experience and insights Related questions How to deal with \Waste of the problem. 3. About to the fish thief really sorry this step no photo did not shoot well, this is the camera brother's pot Keke, but we all know that my donkey someone painting merits, this little thing .. forget to blow down I will not draw the next time to do the fish remember to shoot about 4. on the degree of difficulty of this dish belongs to the process Vegetables, knife workers really high point. There are many friends let me make a simple homemade side dishes. But I really did not see any questions related to let me pack a wave, if a friend can see you can invite me, the high price of raw materials do not want to, and a pig also save money to marry a wife! There are a lot of friends say that with the mandarin fish do, this is not a pig buckle, the saying goes to teach people to fish as a grant to fishing. What is important, right? Yes! Will do on the line, right? Correct! do not mind the details. Finally talk about that want to cook the female students @ Ye Liangqian lunch really is not a person to live live, slip of the tongue ... not the ordinary people do live ... tired to death, if only simply want to eat, Keke to the waiter ah, most of the chefs are married to the waiter, do not believe? The chef can not marry the chef. To lurking for six months, when a waiter, choose a blue chip stocks, from the trend to eat the peak of life, perfect. What should I do? You can not come to me! \K praise) how to make delicious fried chicken? How to make delicious fried chicken? - small Xin zing answer (12k praise) men cook, eat fitness, small Xin global food record, micro letter zingfood, Youku Sohu [small Xin global food]. Editors in the 2016-06-013.1K148 Shu Xiao Xie Mi Mei / beauty makeup people / operation meow / food fans / animation crazy 1005 I usually do the fish is unspeakable preferences, the most favorite is to eat big fish, especially Is to make their own big fish and meat. On the practice of fish, first of all we have to understand what fish, a variety of fish characteristics. In fact, each fish has its own best and delicious practice. The variety of fish species, we generally eat grass carp, black fish, carp, bass and so on. The practice of fish is very diverse, but not all practices are suitable for cooking any kind of fish. The practice of fish generally have steamed, soup, stew, baked, braised, fried, fried, stew and other practices. Yes, there are boiled fish, pickled fish ... ... one, steamed The heat is done the key to steamed fish, and a lot of steamed dishes, be sure to open the water in the pot, then the fish into the wok, the general fish out of the drum that fish steamed out. Also, steamed fish in the process of the best bang, do not frequently open the lid to see, as is not conducive to hot air circulation, steamed out of the fish is not tender, bad taste. High-end fish is the most suitable for steaming, such as mandarin fish, shad, etc., this type of fish itself has a unique delicious flavor, meat is also more delicate, steamed to keep the fish's original flavor. Ps: I like steamed bass, and easy to do delicious, there is the most important reason is that it thorn less, no small thorns, but the relative will be more expensive. Shad thorns are more. Eat fish I most do not like is some thorns too much, in general, the fish did not basically thorn (small thorn less), the lake and the river in the thorns too much. Soy sauce, ginger, ginger, onion, soy sauce, steamed fish, soy sauce, sugar, peanut oil practice: prepare ingredients, bass clean up, onion cut, ginger Shredded; fish cut the knife, cast salt, cooking wine pickled 10-15 minutes, in the fish belly stuffed a little light green ginger (can taste); steamer water preheating, water burn and then put into the fish Big steam for about 8 minutes; steamed fish will be part of the soup, drained (so that the fish will not be too heavy). The ginger and scallion tile in the fish body; hot pot into the oil to boil, smoke can smoke, and then roll the oil from the beginning to the end of the body in the fish, and quickly seasoning sauce (soy sauce steamed soy sauce Mix thoroughly) in the same way. Skills: steamed fish out of the water is best to pour out pouring juice, so you can remove the heavy smell of gas. But I for convenience, every time I are in advance will be salt, soy sauce, cooking wine with pickled fish, and then plug the green ginger onion to eat. Efficacy: the general population can eat carp. Perch is rich in protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients; with liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, Huatanzhike effect, the liver and kidney deficiency people have a good tonic effect. Second, do soup More suitable for soup fish with large yellow croaker, mandarin fish, carp and so on. Mandarin fish and crucian carp are freshwater fish, tender meat, fine quality, high nutritional value, a high rate of soup, especially for patients, the elderly and maternal consumption. I most like to do is the carp tofu soup, one of the most heart of a food, praise! Soybeans, tofu (to buy the kind of non-friable) Accessories: mushrooms, ginger, onions, salt, pepper, cooking wine, tofu (to buy the kind of non-friable) Practice: the carp open to the internal organs to the scales to the gills (usually called fish stalls handle), washed, with the right amount of salt and cooking wine for 15min, spare; mushrooms cut, tender tofu gently with water, and then Cut into small pieces, with water soak for 10 minutes (can remove the bean smell); hot pot into the peanut oil, put carp, fry until both sides were golden yellow; fish fried after adding the right amount of water to boil, , Mushrooms again burned in the small simmer for about 20 minutes, add the right amount of salt, green onion can be opened to eat. Skills: the fish tiled in the bottom of the pot, the fish must be fried on both sides, not too early, too much flip, so as not to break the fish. To the first fish to stir the fire and then boil water, or skin easily broken, and this will ensure that the fish soup was milky white. In addition, you can also add some white radish seasoning, I also like to put some mushrooms go. Efficacy: carp tender meat, sweet meat, high nutritional value, less fat Carassius medicinal value is extremely high, its sexual sweet, flat, warm, into the stomach, kidney, and in the tonic, dehumidification and water, make up to win, warm stomach eating, make up the effect of angry. Tender tofu protein content is very high, little heat, can protect the liver, promote the body metabolism, increase immunity and detoxification. Three, stew. Eel, blackfish, crucian carp, cod and other delicious taste itself, the meat is relatively tight, so suitable for stew to eat. Loach may have parasites, stewed to eat will be more secure. I generally stewed are black fish yam soup, in fact, and the practice of carp tofu soup quite like. ^ ^ Black fish yam soup * _ * Ingredients: a black bones, a yam, carrots Ingredients: a black bones, a yam, carrot accessories: red dates 3-5, wolfberry 10, salt, light blue, ginger practice : Boiled water, boiled, into the yam carrots, and then into the red dates wolfberry boil, turn For a small fire stew about 30min; stew after a little green leaves, salt and pepper seasoning pan after the plate ok ok! Skills: stewed fish, can add a few pieces of tofu, not only delicious, the two amino acids there is a complementary role, and the fish in the vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in tofu. In addition, the yam peeled into pieces into the cold water, to prevent oxidation black; if the placement time is very long, then add some white vinegar in the water; blackfish washed to drain some, so to prevent fish sticky pot. Efficacy: black fish and other freshwater fish compared to its relatively small fish, flesh and white and tender and delicious, rich nutrition to black fish to the soup, the delicious soup fresh. Blackfish is considered a precious tonic, commonly used in postoperative wound convergence, postpartum prolactin, body weakness blood. Black fish soup to add natural fill lungs moisten the product of yam, but also has the role of beauty, can nourish the skin, hair function, moisturizing Quchi, autumn and winter to eat the most appropriate. Four, baked I also like to eat grilled fish, especially roasted saury, but too angry, can not often eat, life a big regret ah! General fat more fish for baking to eat, such as eel, saury, etc., this can produce unique aroma and flavor. White pepper powder, salt and pepper powder, chili powder 2 grams, peanut oil practice: saury to the internal organs, it is best not to belly the belly, , And with two chopsticks will be out of the internal organs, so that the fish is more complete; the saury and wash the skin and dry the skin, the fish are positive and negative side of the knife; brush peanut oil, and even cast spices, pickled 15 More than a minute; baking pan wrapped in tin foil, the fish on the baking tray, and then into the preheated oven, 200 degrees, bake 15 minutes after the flip, and then brush the peanut oil, continue to bake about 10 minutes; A little lemon juice can be opened to eat friends. Skill: Before baking, you can first put the fish in the ventilation of the skin dry, so that the baking will be easier. Grilled fish also pay attention to the furnace, try not to scorch. Eat when the fish squeeze a little lemon juice, the taste will be better. Five braised. Most of the fish can be braised, like carp, silver carp, silver carp, grass carp, octopus after safflower flavor better, in addition, the freshness of the fish can also choose a little braised. Braised not only for the relatively heavy smell of fish, but also for very light fish. Because the fish is relatively heavy fish can be braised to cover the smell, and light fish can be cooked according to the user's hobby. Soy sauce, sugar, sugar practice: octopus washed, with scissors to help remove the fish gills after hand pull out, Cut into small pieces after the bowl in the spare; pepper cut circle, ginger cut thick slices, garlic shoot flat; hot pot under the oil, put the fish and 1 teaspoon of salt, do not immediately after the flip. Side fry and then turn over, fry to both sides of the golden; into the green pepper ring and ginger garlic stir fry about, cooked into the soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar stir fry for a while to the soup to concentrate to open to eat! Six fried (fried). Many fish cooking pretreatment will be used to fry, such as braised, do soup. Like octopus, grass carp, many fish can be fried directly after eating, it is sweet and delicious! ^ ^ Fried grass skills: in the fried fish before the first salt can be used in the fish body to cast a thin layer of small fish pickled for 5 minutes, big fish pickled for 10 minutes or so. So go fry, it will not break the skin. In addition, the pot heat with a ginger wipe the bottom of the pot, so after the oil and then put the fish, but also to prevent fried fish when the skin or skin. Seven, stewed. In fact, many fish are also very suitable for stew, like grass carp, carp, silver carp, bass, crucian carp and so on. Usually stew before the first fried and then will be more delicious. There are stewed fish time should not be more than 20 minutes (of course, depends on the size of the fish), if the stew for too long, too old fish is not delicious. ^ ^ Sweet and saucer stew fish ^ ^ boiled fish ^^ pickled fish ......... follow up and then continue to add ......... The following are some of the things I often come to do often eat fish characteristics -- grass carp, there are warm stomach and Zhongping liver expelling wind and other functions, is the temperature in the tonic health food. Carp, there is Qi and spleen, water swelling, detoxification, under the network under the milk and other functions. Ascites patients with fresh carp and Chixiaodou a total of soup with therapeutic effect. With fresh carp and trotters with simmer, even soup consumption, can cure maternal and young milk. Crucian carp oil is conducive to cardiovascular function, but also reduce blood viscosity, promote blood circulation. Carp, there are spleen appetizer, diuretic swelling, cough and asthma, quenching through milk, detoxification and other functions. Carp and melon, light blue soup to take, cure nephritis edema. Large carp to stay scales to enter the complex mixed with simmered service, cure jaundice. With live carp, trotters soup soup to eat pregnant women less milk. Carp and Chuanbei end of a little soup to take, cure cough and asthma. Eel, there are Qi and blood, Roujin bone and other functions. Silver carp, with warm gas, warm stomach, moisturizing the skin and other functions, is the temperature in the gas health food. Herring, have qiwei stomach, dampness and water, Qufeng Chufan and other functions. It contains zinc and other trace elements to help anti-cancer. Black fish, there are spleen and water, to stasis new, heat Qufeng, liver and kidney and other functions. Blackfish and ginger jujube cooking have an auxiliary effect on the treatment of tuberculosis. Blackfish and brown sugar stew can cure nephritis. Maternal food steamed black fish can milk milk. Octopus, with warm stomach, tonic, skin, expelling wind, insecticide, make up the five internal organs and other functions, can be used as persistent hepatitis, chronic hepatitis adjuvant therapy. Hepatitis patients with fresh fresh fish after eating the upper oil, Jiufu can improve the symptoms. Loach, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, eliminate wet evil, thirst, sober, quench in addition to hemorrhoids, swelling and liver function. Loach and garlic fierce cooked can cure malnutrition edema. Loach with fried fried to the yellow plus water soup can cure children sweating. Loach stew tofu can cure hot and humid jaundice. Loach and shrimp yellow with cooking, can cure impotence does not lift. There are also on how to buy fresh fish - gills. Fresh fish gill cover closed, fish gill color red, and some also blood, no mucus and dirt, no smell. Fish gill pink or gray red, the fish is not fresh. Such as fish gills gray or black, with a thick mucus and dirt, and smell, indicating that the fish has been spoiled. Fisheye. Fresh fish eyes bright and clean, slightly convex, perfect without cover. Not fresh fish eyes dark and dark, and even cast a layer of thick paste or dirt, so that the eye blurred, and was concave. Corrupt deterioration of the eye rupture shift. fin. Fresh fin fins close to the fins of the fins, intact, bright color. No fresh fins skin color diminished, and there is a rupture. Corrupt spaghetti skin exfoliation, fins spread out. epidermis. Fresh fish skin shiny, scaly integrity, close to the fish body, scales clear, the body attached to the thin mucus is the body of the inherent physiological phenomenon. Not fresh fish skin gray dull, scales loose, the level of blurred, and some fish scales discoloration, skin thick mucus. Corrupt the deterioration of the fish color change, the skin has thick mucus. Corrupt the deterioration of the fish color change, the skin liquid sticky hand, and smell. Fleshy. Fresh fish tissue tight, solid meat, hand by elastic obvious, hand loose by the depression at a long time difficult to calm down, the hand can make the meat and bone off. posture. Fresh fish picked up hard body straight, some fish such as yellow walls or bass, mullet, etc., listed for the preservation of ice into the head and tail to the upturned, and is still fresh. If the meat in the hands of inelastic, head and tail soft sagging, not fresh enough. Fresh fish lips solid, do not change color, abdominal tight, around the anus was a round pit. Not fresh lips pale and even bone separation cracking, abdomen swelling soft, anus prominent. -------------------------------------------------- -------------- In addition, the beauty of skin care and other aspects of the problem at any time to welcome you to a small partner to consult, must know all without exception! The The Or to communicate with each other. The Welcome to edit in 2017-02-271.0K48 fat cool handsome and cool and handsome 280 bought a silver carp, five pounds after the dismantling, fish scraping gum, egg pie cake to get a fish and egg rolls another piece of fish Fried to do a piece of eggplant fish row of another piece of fish fried to do a sauce of fish and fish and stinky tofu to do hot pot flavor stewed fish head fried stewed fish bones out of the lard boiled soup a radish So that a fish four tastes, you can dinner 2017-05-0728071 anonymous users 237 last week, my husband made a boiled fish, taste delicious enough to force! With the outside to do it out! I was shocked! Always boast! Because he usually tastes the taste of cooking ... can not describe. Asked him how to do it, he was right and wrong, what pickled ah, pouring oil ah, Bala Bala. Yesterday, I thought and told him to do, the result is delicious enough to force! It seems technical stability ah I rely on! This is his possession of the special dishes ah I rely on! I can simply open the restaurant ah I rely on! Before do not do to the little bitch smashed eat ah I rely on! Then, after dinner, I saw this in the kitchen ... no longer believe in love! Ps: and then I began to look at his whole face ... and then he was very upset not to material possession ... unified reply: 1, the answer is the Sichuan people. 2, the fish is a small one of the kind, the size of the same with the yellow spicy Ding, do not need tablets into pieces, delicate meat, thorn soft, good quality, the supermarket to buy, that is to come to the fish (supermarket chaos), not expensive. 3, this material is indeed delicious, the second meal is also very delicious to eat vegetables, spicy and delicious, it is suitable for the taste of Sichuan, the brand will not say. 4, in Taobao to buy friends, you can add bean sprouts, mushrooms in, go under the rice. 5, no! Yes! wide! Tell! (Heart tired) edited in 2016-05-3023794 MiyaHave courage and be kind94 only four steps to complete a beautiful and delicious peacock open a glass of cooking methods: steaming cooking methods: steamed material: onions, ginger, garlic, small pepper, , Salt, oil, cooking wine, parsley! Personal practice is as follows: (not professional, for reference only) 1. Fish handling clean, fish head tail cut. Fins cut off 2. fish back against his own direction, the fish knife knife cut, careful not to cut off. 2. fish back in his own direction, the fish knife knife cut, careful not to cut off. 3. Keep the fish on the plate, put onion ginger garlic pepper, pour a little salt of cooking wine, pickled twenty minutes to half an hour. 3. Keep the fish on the plate, put onion ginger garlic pepper, pour a little salt of cooking wine, pickled twenty minutes to half an hour. 4 on the pot steam for 7 to 8 minutes. Take out, pour raw, parsley! The pot is hot and the oil is poured on the fish. Finished 4. on the pot steam 7 to 8 minutes. Take out, pour raw, parsley! The pot is hot and the oil is poured on the fish. Finished 5. open to eat, my cat and so long, not happy. In addition to do grilled fish is also good, practice in another said, no longer talked about. In addition to do grilled fish is also good, practice in another said, no longer talked about. Editors at 2016-07-279426 Bean Food User ID 1 Open a delicious life 85 To say great, in fact, many traditional Chinese way to do the fish has been wonderful enough. Chinese people love to eat fish, and fish are very particular about, steamed, braised, dry stir, boiled, all gusto. Today, the main introduction of several traditional Chinese characteristics of the fish, respectively, is the appetizer pickled fish, spicy braised fish, squirrel mandarin fish, steamed bass, I think you must eat in the restaurant a few dishes, in fact, at home can do. 1, pickled fish, the main material grass carp 1 a la carte 100g pickle 30g ginger 10g onion 5g garlic 10g dried chilli 3 eggs 1 white pepper 5g cooking wine 10g white sugar 5g chicken powder 5g white vinegar amount 1. prepare a grass carp, remove the internal organs , Fish gills, and then by the fish tail into the knife, along the fish stern forward, the fish cut in half, and then the other half is also so cut, the fish stern will naturally cut down, and finally clean the maw on both sides of the Black film. 2. All the fishbone on both sides of the maw cut off. 3. The fish from the tail oblique knife slices, as thin as possible. (Figure can be) 4. Will cut the fish with salt, white pepper, eggs, starch, cooking wine, the amount of oil, grasping evenly, pickled for 10 minutes. 5. the head, fish bones, all cut into pieces, plate spare. 6. Pickled sauerkraut, wring dry water, cut into coarse wire. 7. Pickle cut, ginger thick silk, garlic slices, dried chili cut oblique slices, chopped green onion. 8. Wash the pot clean, the amount of oil under the pot, into the head, tail, fish bone, pour into the appropriate amount of cooking wine, fried to both sides of the golden. 9. head, fish bone fried golden, put the right amount of water, the fire boil, cook until the soup milk white. 10. put the fish head, fish bones and other fish out into the bowl, the soup into another bowl of spare. 11. a small amount of oil pot, five hot when into the ginger, garlic, pickled pepper, fried to incense. 12. saute ginger and garlic, pickled pepper, pour into the sauerkraut, continue to stir fry. 13. Soke sauerkraut fry the aroma, pour into the spare side of the fish soup. Add appropriate salt, sugar, chicken powder, pepper, white vinegar, the fire boil. 14. After the soup is till the roll, pour the pickled fish and cook for about 2 minutes. 15. Put the cooked fish into the bowl with the fish head. 16. pot wash again, into the amount of oil, dried chilli small fire slowly fry to fish out, fell on the fish, sprinkle with chopped green onion,Continued heating, take the smoke, the average sprinkle on the fish can be. This recipe comes from the staple food. See details: summer appetizer must - pickled fish practice _ [map] appetizer appetizing essential - pickled fish how to do how to eat _ summer appetizers must - pickled fish homemade practice _ _ Kitchen _ bean fruit two, spicy braised octopus difficulty: side dishes (intermediate) Time: 10-30 minutes Ingredients octopus 2 accessories ginger 1 small pieces of garlic 6 petals pepper 2 soy sauce wine salt sugar 1. octopus washed The With scissors to help remove the fish gills after hand pull out 2. cut into small pieces after the bowl in the spare 3. pepper cut circle. Ginger slices. Garlic shoot flat 4. from the pan. Place the fish with 1 teaspoon of salt. Do not immediately turn into the side after 5 fried and then turned over. Fry until both sides of the golden 6. into the green pepper ring and ginger garlic stir fry about 7. cook into the soy sauce, cooking wine and sugar stir fry for a while to the soup can be concentrated in fact anyway, no soup inside the soup. You can not close very thick. Soup bibimbap is really super ultra-super super delicious QAQ this recipe from the bean curd food up to people sugar cake see details: [spicy braised octopus] put a drop of water mellow practice _ [graphic] [incense Spicy boiled octopus] do not put a drop of water mellow how to do how to eat _ [spicy braised pork fish] do not put a drop of water mellow homemade practice _ sugar cake _ bean fruit three, squirrel mandarin fish difficulty: Intermediate) Time: 10-30 minutes Ingredients Guiyu 1 pea pods 15 pine nuts 30 dry starch 250g peanut oil 50g eggs 1 cooking wine 50ml white vinegar 100ml tomato sauce 150g sugar 100g water starch 25g garlic 50g1. Fish close to the fish from the fish Keel piece out of the fishtail so far not cut off 2. the opposite of the same 3. cut the keel, the big thorns to the chest, fish hit the word flower knife, because the fish a little transparent, my kitchen light dark, change the knife can not see clearly! When you can take a starch! 4. raw wine to add egg white break up 5. fish wrapped in egg wine 6. shoot on the dry starch, the gap can not let go, shake off the remaining powder 7. carrying fish tail with a spoon of hot oil poured on the fish, So that the final shape, and then the whole fish into the fried golden yellow 8. head also wrapped in egg liqueur, beat powder fried dry, remove and wobble plate 9. peeled peas, pine nuts bought on the stripped! Usually want to put the refrigerator frozen Oh! 10. peanut oil spicy garlic under the red incense 11. Tomato small fire fry for a minute, under the white vinegar, sugar, chicken powder fry a minute 12. under the pea, wet starch thicken 13. with the spoon will be wrapped in fish on the fish, Sprinkle with pine nuts! This recipe from the bean curd food up to people vicky Lin Mei details see: squirrel mandarin fish # # my taste of the practice of food # [map] squirrel mandarin fish # my taste how to do food how to do to eat _ squirrel Gui (Primary) Time: 30-60 minutes Ingredients Perch 1 ginger 10 slices of ham 1 red pepper (pepper) 2, steamed bass difficulty: cut pier (primary) Time: 30-60 minutes Ingredients Perch 1 ginger 10 slices of ham 1 red pepper 2 ingredients salt 10 grams of rice wine 20 grams steamed soy sauce 20 grams of pepper 10 a few pieces of aniseed 1 onion silk 10 grams 1. fresh just slaughtered a perch, head about 1 kg 2 or so is appropriate. 2. The bass is washed and dried to the end. 3. The bass is cut from the back, and the belly is not cut off. 4 bass in the salt 10 grams, 20 grams of rice wine, steamed soy sauce 20 grams, 10 grams of pepper, aniseed 1, onion a little pickled for 30 minutes. 5. Ginger and ham slices placed in the bottom of the plate, put the bass, pose shape. The pot is boiled and steamed for 10 minutes. 6. small fire 2-3 minutes blooming pepper, bass after the pan add a little onion and pepper, hot pouring pepper oil can be hot. More food fancy cooking methods can be obtained in the following platform ~ WeChat: Douguo food (ID: douguocom) microblogging: @ Douguo food 2017-03-06855 users 58 first on a \The In the location of the fish gills by the belly severely cut a knife, and then put the water in the side of the fish while swimming side of the blood. The The This bloody picture to skip, and warm Tip: do not put fish and fish will be very fishy Ordinary fish can not eat the first blood to wash and then put the refrigerator fresh. Shake clean fish scales after bleeding. How to catch blood In the location of the fish gills by the belly severely cut a knife, and then put the water in the side of the fish while swimming side of the blood. The The This bloody picture to skip, and warm Tip: do not put fish and fish will be very fishy Ordinary fish can not eat the first blood to wash and then put the refrigerator fresh. Surgery. The fish looks white and tender. From the fish is a knife knife workers, no skills can not work. Surgery. The fish looks white and tender. From the fish is a knife knife workers, no skills can not work. From the fish, dry water and then go to the skin. The skin is so crisp and can be made of cold. The rest of the fish bones porridge, the most delicious in my memory or fish porridge. The The From the fish, dry water and then go to the skin. The skin is so crisp and can be made of cold. The rest of the fish bones porridge, the most delicious in my memory or fish porridge. The The Red part of the meat smell also removed. Red part of the meat smell also removed. Leaving the most essence of the fish cut into thin fish, cut to immediately put the refrigerator fresh Oh. Leaving the most essence of the fish cut into thin fish, cut to immediately put the refrigerator fresh Oh. Take the lead is to start preparing a variety of equipment friends. The The Fried yuba. Fried yuba. Fried fans. Fried good fans delicious, I only eat ingredients, ha ha ha. The The Fried fans. Fried good fans delicious, I only eat ingredients, ha ha ha. The The Coarse salt to saute, peanuts, hot pepper chopped, ginger, onion silk, onion, acid buckwheat head, basil, the key is the same as the green mustard. Start up The The Fish round out of the refrigerator and a variety of ingredients with fishing, fishing, fishing. The The Simple and rude food. Start up The The Fish round out of the refrigerator and a variety of ingredients with fishing, fishing, fishing. The The Simple and rude food. Because it is raw fish, so the children do not eat. When I was young and I joined the adults together, pick up the bowl and then pour into the rolling fish porridge as delicious. And now I dare not eat raw fish, because it will not drink liquor. In fact, even if I can not eat to eat. On the fish film to eat, all over the way to eat, mainly on the different ingredients. We are basically the local use of freshwater fish to produce fish, and later the table is also slowly appear fish, such as salmon. PS: personally feel that the most simple way to eat fish, fish to bone, fish cut thin butterfly film, a pot of water boil plus 2 pieces of ginger, fish in the water rinse a few, and so on are fillet Roll, pick up sticky ginger sauce, one by one, perfect. The The Edit in 2016-01-14216128 Liu commander company staff 18 I think the number one of the guppy do not put a good PK I do some of the other if the most fresh fish, then certainly steaming delicious This is me Do their own seafood steamed (fish for sea bream) If it is relatively large fish, baked to eat is also very good, salt roasted better. Personal preference for smoked, this is my own smoked sea crab fish, but some fish are also suitable for frying, the following is my own fried fishing, and their own sardine tempura, of course, always can not avoid or sashimi (This is not what I do personally, but it is my own to eat, wood Haha!) Freshwater fish, then grilled fish or freshwater fish, then the fish can still be 2016-07-12189 small waste class clothing designer 31 Of the less recent on this group of pictures ~ ~ ~ 2016-01-06318 Cao Moumou medical dog reading ⑨ can not lift the energy 27 milk soup crucian carp, to fry the fish directly pour the hot water, boiled out is milk white Soup, pour the cold water is the soup my grandfather had a boiled soup lost, secretly poured into the milk I was drank out, but particularly good drink, so then I have been asked to cook carp soup plus two tablespoons of milk powder and Soviet-style smoked fish , The herring silver carp and the like of the film, add ginger ginger wine marinate for half a day to the day, drain the underwater pan fry golden, we call the fish here. Blasting the fish just the pot is hot to eat has been very good to eat, my father like to use diluted soy sauce with sugar and sugar soaked for a while to eat. If you put the fish back to the pan plus soy sauce and so on to re-cooked juice is the Soviet-style smoked fish, and can do the toppings or cold, my home do a good job in the meal before I will quietly have to get a few pieces when the snack to eat. In addition, to cook sweet and not salty delicious. Steamed words, steamed fish, soy sauce is simply artifacts ah there are raw fish, the disadvantage is not immediately eat, then the infiltration into the meat will be too salty 2016-01-132713 old Li Li thirteen did not go to primary school will fry eggs. Can now become a chef. 15 last week went to Taiwan's Islands - Lan Yu, spent a week. Every day in addition to learning to dive, is to study flying fish. AliBangBang, flying fish (AliBangBang), is the blue island people (Yami / Dawu people) the most important food. Local does not produce rice, so taro is the main staple food. Taro with flying fish, is the standard on the Lantau people table. Capture the flying fish is the core of the traditional culture of Lantau Yamei / Dawu family. Every spring, the fleet of fish will come to the waters near Orchid Island with the Kuroshio, where the Lanzhou people will hold a cocktail (MIVANWA), and the flying fish season begins. At first, only in the night to light traps, to the summer can be caught in the daytime flying fish, this flying fish during the flood season Lanzhou people usually do not catch other fish. In the summer, Lanzhou people will hold a ceremony, stop catching the year of flying fish, to change other fish species. In accordance with the tradition of Lanta, after the Mid-Autumn Festival can no longer eat flying fish, to eat unclean flying fish. Lan Island people will be divided into three categories of fish: the elderly fish, man fish, woman fish. Elderly fish is only the old people can edible fish, men fish refers to the skin rough, fleshy fish species, usually only for men to eat; women fish is delicious, delicate meat fish. In fact, more than fish, even crabs also have this classification model, such as light hand maid crab (Eriphia sebana) in the blue island only the elderly and women edible. Q1: How Long is Flying Fish Season? Lan Yu's flying fish season can be divided into three stages: flying fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, Season, which coincides with the spring and summer season, suitable for the sea, flying fish and flying fish dry for the island on the island of the main food. If you want to see the door of every household are covered with dried fish on the Lanzhou traditional culture, to fly fish festival before the start of the visit is better. Also said that if you want to taste fresh flying fish, to 4 to 5 months is better, 6-9 months when there is no catch of fresh flying fish, and fly dried mainly. I late in June to the time, there is no fresh flying fish, the door can only see sporadic flying fish dry. 1 | flying fish feeding fish flying fish flying over the water. Held every year from February to March, intended to call the flying fish, pray for bumper harvest. After the festival, the Dawu people allowed to catch the flying fish at night with a torch to catch the flying fish, and in April, allow the day to catch the big fish with a boat, but no fishing at night, five to seven months can catch the fish during the day, but can not capture other Fish species. 2 | flying fish to pay the fish are so free to hang on the bamboo pole. Some people will use the net yarn to isolate the flies and other bites. Held in June to July each year, said the fish flying season has ended, from this day can no longer catch flying fish, change the other fish eat. And the whole fish flood season to catch a large number of flying fish are dried to prepare for the winter in the consumption. 3 | Flying fish after the Mid-Autumn Festival after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Yamei people to prohibit the re-consumption of flying fish, and eat endless fish hanging in the house on the side of the shelves for pigs and pigs to eat, do not arbitrarily discarded to express respect for flying fish. But ... ... with the popularity of modern, the island's young people have not been in accordance with the tradition of the past. Mid-Autumn Festival did not eat the dried fish dry or can then eat, and few people can accurately say which is a man fish, which is a woman fish. Q2: How To Eat Flying Fish? According to the locals, Lan Yu people cooking food is nothing special about stress. Catch the fish in addition to boiled, is roasted. The thought of every day to eat boiled fish with taro, then suddenly lost appetite. The local restaurant will provide some \Favor it By the way, give you a look at the fish that looks delicious. ▽ But I'm not sure what is really delicious Oh ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ because ... ... Lantau local is not possible to have \Ginger and garlic. Wait until the fish frying almost, pour two spoons of cooking wine, then add ready to open the water, open the fire cover the lid to burn the fish soup. Add boiled fish soup must be milky white soup, this time to join the red pepper, garlic white, mushroom, and then put some soy sauce, cover to continue cooking in the fire. Cook seven or eight minutes, try the taste, this time the fish has also been cooked out of fresh, add lettuce, cook for five minutes or so, if you like to eat a little soft little lettuce, you can cook a little longer time. Seasoning, add the right amount of salt, a little white pepper, a little sugar, monosodium glutamate can put, Sheng pan. Sprinkle with garlic and scallion, dotted with fragrant. 2, steamed bass 2, steamed bass fresh bass, open back to kill. Because the bass back flesh thick, open back easy tasty. Treat the clean drain surface of the water. Cut the ginger, scallion, plus two tablespoons of cooking wine pickled, there is a tips is not to wipe the salt, because the salt will precipitate the fish in the water, fish will become tight, and we want to eat is fresh fish. Bass into the refrigerator, pickled time fifteen minutes to half an hour can be, and then you can start the sauce. Three spoonful of three spoonful of steamed soy sauce spoonful of spoonful of spoonful of wine, mix well. Boil a pot of boiling water, the fish must be steamed in the water after the steaming. The fish as shown in the tile on the big plate, together with the pickled juice into the pot steamed. At the same time will be transferred to the juice also put into the pot steamed together. Steamed into the fish eye burst, also about ten minutes or so, the fish out, down the juice on the plate, so the fish will not fishy. Folder to the fish on the scallion and ginger, put fresh cut ginger and scallion, the pot heat a tablespoon of lard, heat to smoke, and poured into the fish, and then pour juice evenly Fish on the finish. The leaching of oil is best lard, especially fragrant. Onions can also use a toothpick to draw a root filament, and then go to the water fishing a fishing, you can become my map of the onion roll. This practice and the same sauce can be applied to the opium head, it should be noted that the opium head must be handled clean, the head of some mucus smell very heavy. As shown below:


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