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Canned processing technology 2017-09-06 04:05:53Can the process of canning of canned fruit and canned food can be different? - canned food processing canned food canned food canned fruit canned and canned meat canned processing technology / process difference? See online introduction, canned meat can be the first canned, iron cans sealed mouth, and then high temperature heating sterilization after the completion of cooling. Can the process of canning of canned cans be the same? Always thought to do tinplate cans, entry threshold is relatively high, (sterile environment, high temperature sterilization, time control, sealing, etc.), degree of my mother a bit, in the bar where a lot of family workshops are tin cans of canned fruit. 3242 has not yet answered Download the client with world knowledge, orange canned production process in the orange is artificial peeling or machine peeling? - Join the manufacturing process Orange canned production process Orange is artificial peeling or machine peeling? Artificial peeling is not exhausted. Machine peeling how to peel so perfect 1719654 Qiu Mohyeehttp: // [Japanese science and technology] orange canned production process to see it, in fact, is automatically the main, manually supplemented by the editor in the 2016-04- 0471 User 2 Recently food course has just learned to do canned orange. Our labs are skinned. First with 80 degrees Celsius water bath to orange about 20 minutes, and then peel the skin with hand, tear off the capsule on the meridian. And then slowly tear capsules, be careful not to damage the pulp, really hard, an orange peeled ten minutes. So, you eat the canned fruit of the factory, only the skin and the flap are artificial. The process of removing the capsules is a method of neutralizing with the acid and alkali, corrosion of the capsule and washed away. Not you imagine, with the machine Shua Shua Shua's peeling Oh. Canned orange is actually very healthy, but also very nutritious, that is, sugar more points. I do very good to eat, usually home homemade is also very convenient, nothing to play very good. Make-up, homemade sugar canned orange. Edit in 2016-04-2222 more 2 fold (why?) Download client with world knowledge, experience and opinion


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