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Canned newsletter 2017-09-07 01:33:37Wang buried the king through this method to reward those who are willing to dig out the big stones. Rick uses this story to suggest that Ezekiel, of course, refers to the Nigan and the Salvation Army, and Rick compares the good life into gold, hoping that Ezekiel is willing to live with them against Nicky, The king is metaphor who? Should be a metaphor for God, through which God rejects those who are willing to kill others for others. But the West knot gave Rick one: the morning I will drop the purpose of this sentence to the audience point of view sounds really funny, from the point of view of Rick sounds simply stuffy do not want: you fucking I die A teammate, heart bleeding painful, you still give me early fall down, is it not the end of the world, is back to ancient times? In summary, the plot is a good understanding of the plot, Rick and others on the top of the village, to persuade Gregory agreed and they fight against the army, the results of course can not say Gregory, Jesus with Rick and others to the country of God Ezekiel, Ezekiel is not willing to fight together, so the three communities together against Nigan this thing is still no clue. And this set also threw out some questions, such as the priest how the middle of the night with a pile of cans to drive to run? And Rick finally saw a large group of people pointing to him and his teammates, Rick how laugh so happy? Rick rarely so laugh, very strange, then say the priest, first to say Rick. Probably guessing that the first condition was before Mijonne applauded him and said, \See the king of Ezekiel, and the king of Ezekiel. Jesus did not have this kind of urgency against the salvation of the mood, may be with his family or no love to take care to protect there is a considerable relationship, it seems that Jesus is a person, Jesus background story, have to see follow-up plot. And then talk about Maggie, Maggie after Glenn's death, even now pregnant, she became more determined, the top of the village in her several times after the rescue, the more trust she, Gregory do not want to fight against Nigeria Roots, the top of the mountain some of the people actually willing to join together to resist Nigan, to accept Maggie training for them, Maggie led the mountain village of the situation more and more promising. The feelings between Enid and Karl seem to be getting warmer, and when Karl heard the people at the top of the mountain, it was told that Enghid told them that Maggie and others could train them against the army. This set, the state of Morgan in a certain degree with Jesus is a little bit similar to that is, Morgan is currently no family no love to protect, because he lost his wife and son, finally slowly out, Carol killed in the community Let him shock, but also let him think there is a little change. Until he was in order to save Carol, kill a Salvation Army, Morgan seems to have no idea of ​​their own murder, in fact, his heart is struggling, so he did not go back to the Alexandrian community, he stayed in the kingdom of God. Morgan did not expect to be in the kingdom of God and Rick and others together, when Rick and Daryl asked him about the status of Carol, Morgan said Carol would like to leave all the talent to leave, and later encountered the Salvation Army, he was saved Carol, had to kill a salvation army, then Morgan said Carol in the kingdom of God after treatment, left the kingdom of God, Morgan did not say Carol in the vicinity of this fact, after all, Carol has repeatedly told He, do not tell anyone. When Ezekiel asked Morgan about whether he was against the Salvation Army, Morgan still felt that resistance would die, not just dead enemies, but he would die, so he felt that there should be other ways. Now that Ezekiel and Ezekiel do not want to resist the Salvation Army, Ezekiel has always mentioned that everything is costly. In fact, it is similar to Morgan's idea, that is, fear of death, death is a must pay the price, it is likely to follow the class Jeming's father died to have a relationship, Xizi feel that they have the responsibility, so he can not let more people are dangerous. Ezekiel let Rick see the state of the kingdom of God and look at the people who are amputable to engage in archery. He does not want to let them go into danger again. In other words, he and Morgan are at risk. The same escape, but the risk is completely unavoidable and can be reduced, but not zero risk. Obediently to the Salvation Army, is a way to reduce the risk, but also to lose is not just free it, this point I think this set of writers said slightly shallow, in the lines of Rick, and the lines of the West On the use of are for the freedom to Xizi to the children before going to bed that words, too. In fact, obediently pay tribute, but also the basic dignity of the people are not all to the requirements of the Salvation Army for the first, after their own, this pain, the king may not immediately feel, after all, Rick had to wait He was down early, and this point should be very clear Dwight, why his chicken teammates would rather leave and do not continue to stay in the Salvation Army? Because living too useless. Benjamin met the Carol in the woods, Benjamin said he was out, was coming out of my honing and practicing shooting, and he did not expect to meet Carol, because he met, he knew to tell Carol, he knew Ezekiel is very concerned about Carol, so he wants to carry his own food and water to the Carol, of course, Carol does not need his things, so Benjamin so back. Benjamin told Ezekiel what he had told Carol and asked why he was carrying food and water to prevent someone from meeting, and asked if you told me, \The way to make Ezekiel change their minds, to find Darrell, and finally did not succeed, because Richard De's approach is to sacrifice Carol, this is entirely against the bottom line of Daryl. Morgan continued to endure the Salvation Army, even if Daryl's attitude to Morgan is unacceptable, and know that Carol is in the king of the country near the Dalier, of course, saw the Carol, the two together for a short time, the Set the final end in Daryl to leave the kingdom of God, ready to go to the top of the mountain to do the preparation of resistance. In general, if you do not like to see the delicate changes between the characters, will naturally feel dragged, in the end when the war, if you like to see a small change between the characters, as well as some small places in the plot, you will still Feel that the corpse has a fascinating place for you. First of all, this set of the beginning, Ezekiel and others and the Salvation Army to meet the delivery of goods, the salvation of the army that long hair Jerede had and Richard had a conflict, the two Again in conflict, Morgan in order to prevent \Change, and 20 years old is different. If boldly compared to the old truck 40 years ago, the past effects, the past road car chase, absolutely no modern technology is strong, simple, old, but in any case this old truck in Daryl heart Is special, irreplaceable, it is someone else can not understand. On the part of the Rick and others and the black group, and finally said that the first part of the Carol, Carol noted that Ezekiel appeared, Carol opened the door said before told Richard De, do not go To see her, Ezekiel said they just just clean up in the vicinity of the corpse, \Expensive, he felt that he could not do such a thing, which was too much pressure on him. In fact, this set, Daryl back to this sentence \And he knew that Daryl had fled to come to his room, and that the little doll should have been knocked over, and Dwight had a bottom. Eugene was brought into the building by a salvation army, he was afraid, on the way he said several times! Do not, days! Do not, do not know where to be brought, Eugene, of course, fear. Did not expect to be a comfortable room, this room before the Nigan used to seduce Daryl, Eugene after entering, inquire about the surrounding, he certainly can see that the room was like a gift to him, but he still can not relax , After all, Nigan took Lucy's death game, it is creepy. The female salvation army to Eugene handcuffs removed, and then said \Dwight when the wounded, the two talk, the doctor thinks that Shirley put Daryl, he thinks she does not know much about Shirley, but there is enough understanding to understand that Shirley put Dari Seoul, the doctor of these ideas, perhaps told the Nigan is not necessarily. See the doctor to Dwight as a trusted person, so cynical to say their own ideas, the doctor reminded Dwight, Shirley too soft-hearted, and she was so quiet and selfless, willing to save her husband and marry Ni Gen , Such a person, this should not live to the present, the doctor's words on behalf of his belief that Shirley was brought back, probably a dead end. Dwight heard this, while wearing clothes while said lightly \Also do not understand Then later, they asked Eugene to do the bombs? Eugene was told they moved, with them to demonstrate demonstration, a few scientific skills to Frankie and Tanya happy, Eugene's performance is consistent cold talk, but in fact the whole person Are laughing, the focus is, Frankie and Tanya Eugene's ability to have a convincing. The other end Dwight came to a broken room to see if Shirley is in? This is their home, he called \~ Lt; / pgt; lt; pgt; curtain call ~~~~ lt; / pgt;

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