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Canned lobster sauce 2017-08-16 04:52:01Why is the soak of the fish bunches in the custard? How do you make fish at home so that fish bones as soft? - join the gourmet cooking to eat goods kitchen fish lobster sauce mud carp canned fish bones why so soft? How do you make fish at home so that fish bones as soft? 741861510 cOMMANDO user logo game, online game excellent answer 9 pressure cooker, pressure cooker. So that the key to the fish bone is the pressure cooker, I once like to buy the worst octopus, and then braised in the autoclave, do pancakes with tuna this dish. 2012-12-1594 Zeng Yinghong 2 as long as the can is to be sterilized, that is, canned sealed, the use of industrial sterilization pot, the temperature reached 121 ℃ above, cook 30-40 minutes, so at home to do the bones to be soft to use the pressure cooker Cook 2014-04-112 more 2 is folded (why?) Download client with world knowledge, which brand of lobster sauce dace canned delicious? What brand of food to join the lobster sauce Cudian delicious? 541428212 Anonymous User 8 Gan Zhu, Yuehua. 2014-03-218wumiaojl10 Why did not the eagle money so domineering brand? 2014-07-28101 More Download Client with World Knowledge, Experience and Opinion


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