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Canned fruit production 2017-09-06 00:01:45Can the process of canning of canned fruit and canned food can be different? - canned food processing canned food canned food canned fruit canned and canned meat canned processing technology / process difference? See online introduction, canned meat can be the first canned, iron cans sealed mouth, and then high temperature heating sterilization after the completion of cooling. Can the process of canning of canned cans be the same? Always thought to do tinplate cans, entry threshold is relatively high, (sterile environment, high temperature sterilization, time control, sealing, etc.), degree of my mother a bit, in the bar where a lot of family workshops are tin cans of canned fruit. 3242 has not answered the download client and world knowledge, canned fruit are good fruit? - add food and fruit food safety canned fruit canned with good fruit it? Remember to see before, the fruit is generally the best to do canned, medium to sell, the worst to do fruit juice, do not know right, from the Internet can not find the relevant content 2099911431 quest like to eat Apple's pianome beauty 166 in a Canning factory holiday odd jobs (xxxx canned factory) student party ah, make money very hard. This is a tank production workshop (the noise is really big enough for the machine is also relatively old waste rate is also relatively low cost Well) Most of the products exported to Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea that time has been in the factory to eat and work may have a lot of this Learn first, most of the canned fruit is eaten without any problems! The The Those who do not understand the small side of the small factory, but the kind of small pieces of canned meat or as little as possible to buy less to eat, because when the cut how to say it, and some really not fresh, the pulp was almost into the paste , Do the cans or taste good ... ... although the bad place are deducted ... ... canned fruit, especially the most classic canned peach, be sure to buy big fruit flap! Is the kind of half of the kind of peaches, high quality, although can be more expensive, but we are not every meal to eat, eat you should eat well, you say a car has a few pounds, a month down, Brachial biceps thick a lot of the above are all small canned coconut, Vietnam imported raw materials, that time are tired of eating. (I was obviously eating) canned this thing is a good thing, there is nutrition, no preservatives (vacuum packaging is enough, plus preservatives simply MDZZ, you add something, the taste of the damage, Life ... ...) resistant to storage, I hope you do not demonized cans, enjoy life. Some people do not have a strong answer. I have discussed in a post, good goods in the end is more likely to stay in the countryside or stay in the city. Before are small workshops, to the countryside to take some fruit. Modern industrial play are the production base, the supply is required. No other, people want is the reputation, for this reputation, dig money also willing to spend money. So that rotten fruit is made of canned food? I believe that there is, sold to the township, rural small workshops are more likely to save costs in this area. But is it for big brands? Unless they can not. This fruit can save a few money, people exposed to the back of a farmer is not enough. Small workshops are not the same, another name to continue selling. So for the landlord this issue, I suggest that if you care about food safety, then at least to buy the brand canned, they have a national general inspection, safety is generally no problem; and if you have food hygiene requirements, I suggest you Buy the best of several brands of canned, the bigger the brand the better. The same logic can be used on almost all food issues. In addition to say ah, when answering other questions have encountered, it was trying to use the Sanlu incident to prove that in China, even if the big brand also nonsense. Then my explanation is: first, Sanlu was due to Mengniu after the addition of milk to the tension has been no way to control the quality of milk, and they began to private milk, that is known (pure green safe and pollution-free) Private dairy farmers where the milk, and the gang of grandson added melamine. That's what I said, \Metamorphic, even if the appearance of bumps, even if there is no visible deterioration of the naked eye, will pick out. According to the size of the shape of the re-classification, very consistent with the general standard is the export, a certain error within the range is excellent, beyond the error range is excellent. The first two kinds of canned do peach, canned is half a half of the peach, the last canned is a peach diced (but the third feeling more delicious). The fruit is eliminated, the vast majority of the fruit than the supermarket fruit is better to sell, the specific flow where I did not understand, the factory gate is to sell, cheaper than the vegetable market, some people buy a lot, may be to take the vegetable market or where Sell ​​it, just guess, not nonsense. Grape canned goods control is also very strict, with a large grain of Kyoho grapes, than the market on the sale of Kyoho grapes is so much good, made cans really pity ... why say pity ... because they are hot filling, fresh fruit nutrient loss is serious, Plus high sugar, that is junk food is not an exaggeration, eat less wonderful 2016-12-01122 evonne zhang28 Many people think that rotten fruit was made canned, do not know whether there is evidence. In my home near a brand canned factory, export domestic sales are sold. There are friends and relatives in the work, the summer time to give me a box of Kubo peach, but peach tip a little soft, very delicious, is the factory inspection failed to do raw materials, employees can use a lower price to buy. Production workshop into the words are for the special clothes shoes, but also disinfection. Canned fruit is certainly not fresh fruit delicious, but I know this is certainly not rotten fruit to do, when the fruit is very high when the inspection standards. 2016-02-022810 Li Moumou professional duck duck neck. Not on the surface. 5 \There will be their own orchard or a specific supplier, for a few fruit to hit the sign is not. 2016-12-0401 fat graduate students suddenly think of a teacher told a story, said a lot of people on the food processing industry misunderstanding, including our own has also been, such as a child when there is a piece of Li Zilin, plum mature when the day will pick plum Sent to the market for sale, but a variety of natural or man-made part of the ripe plum will fall, then have been thinking of a good distress of these falling plums, if there is a machine, then you can put these plums (including rotten) processing , Do fruit juice ah, or do canned to sell, and now think about Oh. 2016-12-0302 user question digression, in the see a source with low-quality fruit juice production this thing is true? I fucking love to drink that, because it is strong ah 2016-12-0304 more 1 is folded (why?)


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