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Canned flowers 2017-08-16 00:51:02? And the owner is so lazy, and the meaning of the plant where it is ▼ to think that good-looking flowers should pay attention to the following points: · not overwhelming; · florist and plant style coordination; · flower style and decoration style; How to take the simple style is never wrong. The following is a more recommended style. One, ceramic categories: clean white porcelain can undoubtedly meet a variety of tastes, both can be lush vitality radiance can also be stupid white sweet animals can also be elegant and charming ▼ too white too monotonous? Then add a little bit of color, the United States to choking ▼ or to fight a color ▼ do not want to be too small family jasper, add some rough elements, rough pottery or then bend a beautiful shape ▼ happy words your mug can be divided into minutes gorgeous turned , Glass flowers: the first choice of non-pattern transparent glass bottles, simple to the United States can also see the beautiful roots ▼ and dried flowers is the perfect partner it ▼ three, cement: ordinary cement pots without any decoration, suitable for vitality Booming plants, warm home feeling blowing ▼ to do the old style for the balcony or yard grandchildren, rustic ▼ add some letters or color elements, but also different kind of style ▼ four, rattan class rattan flowers and tall plants are perfect CP ▼ Looking at the cool ah, other categories: Qingqi imitation stone small flowers, can be seamless mix with tea, appreciate the slow life of Zen ▼ cardboard box touch is not with the dry flowers with it? Country style? Iron bucket to a proper ▼ flower pot put on paper bags, beautiful rise a grade ▼ first write so much, later thought to update again. Thank you for seeing here, then come up with eggs, Dangdang when ... ... self-made high-heeled pots ~ fresh hemp rope vase walking ▼ kraft paper can be made with you so do the wool can not only be used to make sweaters Inside the bottle, wine bottle immediately changed vase, than the vase to buy the United States and then continue to open the brain, the balloon in addition to blowing can also do baa? ▼ to find so many plans really tired, but who let us is not the whole family uncomfortable Sisk it ~ hope that the new home can be the United States and the United States ~ ~ ~ 2016-06-1432624 Suede Zhu \The - Mr. Lu's answer to become an excellent floral designer need to have what conditions? - Mr. Lu's answer The following recommended for the family flower arrangement of some basic models of flowers, more wild and practical. → Garden Garden Glass Vase. Vase has been very beautiful, not so much the flower arrangement of the vase, more inclined to art ornaments. It is my heart good. A treasure search brand can be. → very simple high cylindrical glass flower. In fact, the family does not need to buy so much. To the mood, the fruits and vegetables put a pendulum is also excellent. And the home of the monstrous bamboo, the plot of the branches of the gods of the horse cut a few on the entrance, is also a good choice, this investment does not need too much skill. (Entrance general light dark) basic models, Taobao a pile. → small art glass flower group. At least two or three of it One of these categories is too monotonous. Home flower arrangement is more casual, easy to be very beautiful. → dark gold metal / copper flower. If you have such a metal flower to plant the above, then the golden simple flower arrangement will have the role of echo, and you see, are simply put flowers can be. → minimalist ceramic square flower, black and white can be. If you do not like transparent glass. Such a flower is a good choice. Simply put a few on it will be very nice. The same is the basic models, Taobao search. --------- Recommended shop links articles ---------- Exemption: I have not bought a lot, just look at the picture feel good looking yo. This is done to do the main simulation flowers, European-style glass flowers are very beautiful. -bixuan flagship store mainly do European-style glass flower. - Juhan home occasionally go shopping can find a good planting flowers. Looks like his family did not finish - Planting intuition - Taobao a little temperament of small plants, although not cheap. Temporarily posted a few, follow the good shop and the East will come up to fill the dawn, the map is exhausted, give me a praise you ~ ~ ~ Posted at 2015-11-24524 Singer public: gezhee designer beauty We recommend that we have a lot of designers come out of the list of home furnishings, including furniture, lamps, flowers, incense and so on ... ... which one of the flowers, the lowest threshold, the audience the most extensive A simple vase, a bunch of fresh flowers are able to instantly make the room full of vitality, the mood will be much better ~ here, we screened seven designers flower works, in order to avoid advertising suspects, here is not a link, a treasure Search on the product name can be found. If you really need to purchase a link, you can get it in the menu bar of our public ID (ID: gezhee). Small request: In the past we have recommended a number of furniture, lamps, a lot of people, and the point of praise only one-tenth. If you think we recommend something good, please also point a praise, when the mutual benefit. Qing bamboo home in Japan bamboo flower handmade, natural bamboo into the material, bamboo skin color changes, the formation of a unique beauty, with the thickness of uniform, delicate edible rattan fixed, every detail is totally natural, reveals a strong Oriental charm, plug in the flowers, matched with a good tea is no better. Between the hand-made black walnut flower device generous simple, typical of the new oriental design style, the biggest feature of this flower is not rigidly adhere to the type of illustrations, whether it is a white plum, or a daisy, can be very good Style show, simple and clean, should be livable. Longquan celadon purple flower that wiping rain over the sky, with celadon flower arrangement, subtle and restrained. The most suitable for those who do not like too much publicity. Delicate style, small and lovely, put in the desk corner, a book as a companion, to see flowers blossom, pleasant and beautiful. Ziquan home Japanese Zen enchanting pottery Daozao rich thick pottery, contains the strength and vitality, both nostalgic antique style, readily placed green plants and dead branches can immediately become beautiful, do not have too much thought Can have the effect of returning to nature. Only one holding water, you can Jian Shan Li Gui. Taiwan JIA feast series of flowers with modest bamboo ring, surrounded by white jade-like bamboo, as a gentleman imaginary, section of unyielding character, absolutely called the West and the superior. Yan Ku, natural wood vase light material, fineness simple, built-in copper tube bile, coupled with exquisite unique burning Tong process, giving it a heavy sense of history, but also with a grand ceremony of the Japanese tea ceremony. Just a simple flower can be a sense of silence set out, accompanied by a good tea, in good weather, taste the life of Subway. Muzi West years Japanese-style ceramic vases absolute literary youth essential goods, full of petty bourgeoisie ~ ~ This flower is particularly suitable for dried flowers, highlighting nostalgic style. Lazy cancer patients are also very suitable for Oh, really is a good care of it, white ceramic, warm hemp rope, facing the 45 degrees of the sun, to meet all your literary feelings. Space relationship, flower machine for the first time on several. Most of the works in Taobao search links can be found. Need to complete the contents of the list of flowers, we can get in the public. --------------- \- Net beans home modern minimalist glass vase artificial flowers floral suit Buy Link Product Details - beans home network Nordic countries | Site Bo creative American country ceramic vase; this Site Bo ceramic vases made of natural clay, through layers of glazed surface Smooth and delicate. Faint blue, shallow gray, such as Scandinavian bright and translucent, with different floral, elegant and fresh. Bottlenecks at the vague thread, as if left by hand traces of the bottle of fine engraved engraved flowers, revealing a strong artistic style, it is elegant and gentle. Buy Link Product Details -


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