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Canned fish video 2017-09-05 09:40:09In most cases, the development of these categories of enterprises, there will certainly be exceptions, but here only to discuss most of the here can only provide a framework for everyone, as for the more detailed content, but also everyone in the work process slow Slow experience. From the state-owned enterprises to talk about: investment and control by the state government enterprises, which also includes participation by the local government; (2) / bgt; Investment and control of the enterprise. Most people are working in state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises is characterized by high stability, good welfare, low income, then, many people from school after graduation, to enter the state-owned enterprises To work, to be a lifetime, or even life and death by the state-owned enterprises arranged. The so-called stability is no longer exist, many laid-off workers life is very miserable, northeast old industrial area devastated, until now, the Northeast are not Resurgence, and do not see any signs of recovery. In the century, due to the shareholding system reform, some state-owned enterprises have survived, the attraction of state-owned enterprises has been re-big, college graduates rush, as if into the state-owned enterprises is holding iron rice bowl, especially Into the oil, banks such state-owned enterprises, then, what is the characteristics of state-owned enterprises? Lt; brgt; is a word: stable; lt; brgt; is the word: very stable; lt; brgt; is three words: very stable; lt; brgt; all to stability for the first, stable is the premise Such as the stability of the staff structure, the stability of the production process, the stability of the management system, so the work of state-owned enterprises, unless it is made a very big mistake, generally will not expel people; unless the production process is clearly keep up with business development, otherwise Will not change the process; unless the management system has been significantly behind the development of the times, otherwise it will not change the management system to stabilize first, stability overrides everything! Many people say that state-owned enterprises lack vitality, change slowly, in fact, because the state-owned enterprises is too stable, if you want to change, then the overall changes, the impact is very large. Staff in the state-owned enterprises, each person is just a screw, because the division of labor is very clear and very clear, so everyone only need to do their own share of the job, the entire production process can continue to run, long-term Work mechanically and reproducibly, unless you take the initiative to learn, otherwise you can not learn any new skills. So many state-owned employees laid off, it is difficult to find the right job in the community, because the long-term work in the state-owned enterprises environment, will only do their own job, such as control room work, such as process Work, in addition, did not grasp the other able to settle down the skills. In state - owned enterprises, individuals have outstanding skills, and can not play the greatest value, because the whole framework is limited, even if you have the ability, it is impossible to go beyond this framework. Lt; brgt; then, college students to go to state-owned enterprises? It depends on what you want. If you want to live nine to five regular life, the daily desire is to live a common day, do not want to face too excited competition, then you are suitable for state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises need is this Kind of staff, diligent and willing to take root. If you pass the state-owned enterprise recruitment exam, into a good state-owned enterprises, but after the second distribution, you assigned to the more remote areas, then how do you do? First of all, you should be soberly aware that the mobilization within the state-owned enterprises is very difficult, remote areas naturally no one wants to go, a little bit of resources certainly want to share a good place, if you have no resources, No more background, you want to work back to the headquarters by diligence, it is simply more difficult than the day, because the more remote areas, the more the lack of proficient in business people, if your business is doing well, then the local leaders will naturally Try to leave you, will not let you go. So, when the results of the distribution down, you have to ask yourself, whether in the remote areas of root development, if the inner answer is no, it is best not to go, I have seen too much of this tragedy Example, wasted a few years of good youth, take a lot of detours, and finally took the right path. The development of the times so fast, the flow of talent so frequently, almost no one can guarantee that this life only in a business, even if the business is now a good benefit, the future situation and who can predict What? Perhaps when you try to stick for years later, and finally see the rising dawn, but this business has been collapsed for various reasons, then before you overdraft their future pay is not wasted? We first look at the next category of enterprises: lt; brgt; lt; brgt; lt; bgt; foreign companies lt; / bgt; Bgt ;, refers to the enterprises with foreign investment, both joint venture type, there are foreign-owned type. Foreign companies to enter China's development, it is to meet the reform and opening up the spring breeze, enjoy the state to give foreign policy dividends, nineties, work in foreign companies is so that everyone envy, people of foreign employees generally the impression is: High income, high class, high grade. At that time, foreign employees, wage income can not be compared with the foreign parent company, in the country is also the strength of the pack, often the domestic average staff income several times, or even more than ten times, my mother in 1995 when the monthly income Three hundred dollars, she knew the work of foreigners in the monthly income will be able to reach three thousand dollars, and this income gap can not imagine. With China's accession to the WTO, and the world's economic ties more closely, foreign enterprises myth aura is also slowly bleak, these years the rapid economic growth in China, foreign employees wage income relative to domestic employees, has no obvious Of the advantages, but the international aura still exists, many people still willing to enter foreign work. I also have students working in foreign companies, in the usual chat, I can understand some of their working status and living conditions. Lt; brgt; foreign business really like the legend so good? First of all, I want to say is that graduation to enter the foreign work, definitely not a bad choice. The management system used by foreign enterprises is based on the system of foreign parent companies, and with the local system of some habits and comprehensive development, but it is still a foreign system that set. We all know that European and foreign foreign companies attach great importance to the work system and process standardization, so if you work in such an enterprise environment, then you can learn more standardized business processes and related business skills, Your personal growth is helpful. But after all, is a foreign-funded enterprises, your upside is limited, the ceiling is inevitable, because they will never trust the country's employees, but their employees, therefore, When your career rises to a certain height, you are hard to rise again, even if you accept the ceiling restrictions, then, you can always go in this post do? Thank you, you can not be in that post to retire, because every year want to enter the foreign college students have a lot, they are young, dynamic, strong learning ability, the most critical is that they do the same as you live, The wages are much lower than you. If you are a capitalist of a foreign-funded enterprise, how would you choose? Of course, is more cheap people to do more live, I am sorry, you have been naturally eliminated by those young people, then you will be slowly marginalized, talk about a little bit of the company will take the initiative to suggest that you leave, and then give You make a payment; do not talk about the company directly refused to renew your contract, until the expiration of the contract, you should move the box to leave. So when you enter foreign companies, you almost do not see those over the age of 40 old people, not they are really willing to leave foreign companies, but they are naturally eliminated, the capitalists move more young you come in, Naturally they old man in the career of foreigners will come to an end. Of course, if you become a core member of a foreign company, such as a core technician, a core business person, or a manager, then 40 years old for you may be just a new chapter in your career, but For those who still do the basic work of the staff, whether it is learning ability, or hard skills have been significantly less than those young employees, is also a very normal thing to replace. However, in the foreign work is still more people, many people from the foreign company after leaving, still can still find a good job, they have to go to large and medium-sized enterprises, there are Of the small private enterprises to go, still able to play their professional ability to open up new world. I know a sister, when she was thirty-five years old


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