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Canned corn cooking 2017-09-06 04:36:22Can corn cans do at home? Would you like to be able to do it yourself at home? Can you do at home, how do? Followers 1227 download client with world knowledge, experience and insights download client and world knowledge, maize canned corn is first peeled after boiled or cooked first after stripping - join the food brain hole corn canned corn is the first peel or cook after the first peel With the nature of the corn cup, is the first stick from the sticks of corn peeled down and then cook or cook the whole corn and then down the corn grain it? 76271 Ma Jingyi funny than, Tucao people, not very coke first cook and then, one to facilitate the operation, the second corn grain which will not have too much water, the taste will be better 2014-12-280 download client and world knowledge Experience and opinion


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