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Canned 2017-09-07 10:41:55Can there be preservatives in domestic military cans? - Join the military chemical food additives military supplies canned food domestic military canned with preservatives? 62198242 12 summer maple Thunder Lei said the basic correct, but there is something wrong, there are food additives canned, but do not need to add anti-rot agent. Canned can be preserved for a long time without deterioration, thanks to the sealed containers and strict sterilization, and preservatives have nothing to do. Can be processed in the process: the first raw materials to fully heat, all the micro-organisms to kill; at the same time to fully sterilize the packaging tank; and then sterile food into a sterile container, hot sealing; finally heat sterilization, cooling , The container inside the headspace of the air volume shrinkage, will produce negative pressure, the original seal of the bottle even more open, and outside the bacteria can not go. After these processes, the food will naturally not corrupt, do not need to add any preservatives. Even if there is no more than a variety of snacks inside, the general snack sterilization degree of rigidity compared with the canned is equal to streaking. Edit at 2017-04-0610 User 6 What is the food since ancient times without additives? 2013-08-1867 End of the end of the wheat field 4 in accordance with the \The Think of the Pasteur goose bottle experiment. (Due to forget the name of the search \GB2760 in the preservative is not mentioned allowed to use in the title of the fruit canned, so the problem is obvious. but! but! The but! The The The third point, I must say it soon! The The Just the screenshot you have seen, canned corn canned processing canned is allowed to use! The The But canned fruit in GB2760 but it is a separate term! The The He meow the bayberry is not fruit ah? The The Do not worry, whether it is food safety law or additives use GB in the existence of such a problem, there is no need to give examples like this, after all, this subordinate relationship between the definition of the problem is still very high, so it is not surprising. If you are willing to be sure how to define the fruit and your friends and then argue again, I have no opinion, but please do not ask for anything about the fruit canned, thank you! The The The next is the fourth point, this thing really does not need to prove that if you really want to do it can see my previous answer: how to investigate Beijing food testing agencies? How do you do it? - SteamQ answer to find qualified testing organizations to help you check it wants to, but this is to spend money yo ~ fifth point: their check! The The (Otherwise I play 120 to report you lazy cancer attack !!!) But the doctor benevolent, lost a link will not be pregnant, GB 2760-2014 food safety national standard food additives use criteria are interested, then you can see. @Claude Li in the \Edited in 2017-06-191 Wang Dong 1 read a lot of science from the origin of the answer, I am an example of their own home. My hometown is the country of civilization fruit, Dangshan, before are Dangshan pear. After the open people built canned factory, where we began to peaches, canned the basic are peach, my family also has a kind of peach, where we have a lot of people have been to the canned factory workers, but also learned to do canned. Sold peach every year, on their own home to stay a little peach, do canned food. Above background. The method is also very simple, peeled to the nucleus, cut into small flap, on the can of the bottle, add water, put the right amount of sugar, cover the lid, on the big pot steamed, the water opened, steam about 10 minutes, Come out hard to tighten, cool in the cold water. The basic procedure is that, if the seal is good, probably more than a year basically no problem. My family never put additives, other people I have not asked, but probably no one put. On the sauce, the first time in such a serious answer, hope to give you some help. Hope everyone advice. And where we have fruit juice factory, but I suggest that we do not drink pear juice, industrial production, are made with broken pears. Good pears are all seen in the fruit stand. Anonymous users 1 Thank you invited to late, to see the front has been a lot of people said. In fact, fruit cans are generally not necessary to add preservatives. Fruit canned sugar content is not low, high concentration of solution can effectively inhibit bacterial growth. I just just eat a canned fruit, the bottle is so inside the sodium cyclamate is a common low-heat sweetener (over the body of the liver and the nervous system will cause harm), as well as citric acid as an acidifier, Of course, because of its low pH, can play a certain role in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. And vitamin C, is also a common food additives, but also the role of antioxidant. In summary, if in accordance with a more general definition, citric acid and Vc are considered a preservative. But in the inside to add the purpose of more can also be the taste of the debugging, not really for the anti-corrosion and deliberately added. In addition, add a preservative and do not be afraid. Disinfecting the dose is talking about rogue. More than 2015-06-2611 more 2 is folded (why?)

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