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Can you eat canned peaches? 2017-08-26 14:01:20The spirit of the canned cans to buy cans, heavenly taste, the next day the throat just fine. From this canned yellow peach has become a cold sore throat essential items. 2017-06-190 Liu Xiao Bai Jin Mao's dog food machine once I want to eat Hawthorn cans, usually simply do not eat it, feel too sour, that day to eat up sweet and sour, good times edited in 2017-06-190 Peach Xiao Pan professional green peach fruit canned childhood feelings in 2017-04-220 users in 00 after the heart, canned fruit is a magical existence, can cure. Because a war of resistance against the soul of the war! In the heart after 80, canned fruit is given to the patient to eat, you can cure. Because every time you see are in the hospital bed! 2017-03-120q1nhan Because delicious 2016-01-110 Zhao Minhui music afternoon tea / casual snacks / canned peach / free shipping may be a child's habit! But canned really good, and now rarely eat it! Some time ago in the supermarket to buy a few bottles back, feeling and eat the taste of a child is completely different! 2014-08-2101 Anonymous users I'm sick every time you want Kentucky McDonald's. The The I do not believe that I am a person 2017-07-090 anonymous users because I was a child when a fever my mother gave me cans, of course, when I was young did not seem to eat canned peach, only orange, pears and loquat. Anyway, I am a fever my mother to buy canned orange, give me a conditional reflex. Now a hanging water on the feeling, hey, canned bottles ah? Feel like a puppy ... edit in 2017-06-1903 more 2 be folded (why?)


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