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Can you eat any hawthorn can drink? 2017-09-06 08:09:35Hawthorn canned - ask to join the hawthorn canned car research and development, love the sea Amoy. View the details concerned about the private letter dynamic answer 210 questions 52 attention to his answer by time sorting girls repeat a year or specialist but also continue to upgrade it? Hawthorn canned car research and development, love the sea Amoy. Sorry, you describe the secondary or this is the problem I do not understand. I am 28 years old this year, and you are as confused as the future, but I believe that: learning is a lifetime thing, when can not give up learning. Diploma in society is really important, although a lot of time between people is the ability to fight, but once you need to use a diploma, you will feel its value, even if only once in a lifetime so twice. And I agree with the study to see too utilitarian, because the high school, college, university years, to read the full text of the orange petals between what stick together? Hawthorn canned car research and development, love the sea Amoy. I think it was crowded together [serious face] 2017-02-27012 next page personal achievement won 46 times approval received 35 times, 50 times participated in 16 public editor concerned about 27 attention 23 attention 51 attention to column 3 Attention to the problem 67 attention to the folder 3 often see this food and the food can not eat together, there really? - add health food safety medicine nutrition food poisoning often see this food and that food can not eat together, is it true? Every day to see that can not eat together, that and this can not eat together, how many are true, if they are true, why the omnivorous animal human beings have not yet extinct? For example: it is common to eat shrimp can not drink orange juice and the like. Especially persimmon - eat before meals, that can not eat fasting, eat after dinner, that can not eat after dinner, in addition to eating persimmon can not drink can not drink tea can not eat meat can not eat fish and shrimp can not eat spinach - how to eat Not how things have not been attributed to the poison but was returned to the food? In addition, take cephalosporin and alcohol example even if it, cephalosporins are drugs, not food, drug taboo is ... 96160396513 109 three coins doctor! A little entertainer! My head is just a rabbit 403 first figure, you know true and false right? Image source http://DXY.CN these are the stomach stone! Get a case! Patients, male, 52 years old, due to \With the students you usually rely on this stuff to eat it? Followed by the phase grams, this part is the focus of the fuzzy area, because any food phase grams of the icon are not accurate measurement, and some friends just take things to say things. Is an adult can imagine that anything with no taboo, eat more will be a problem, bread will also Chengsi water distribution, it is not bread and water can not eat myself? Answer, as I said that the fact that a lot of things, but have their own views, this difference is right, the above said, the human body is a complex system, no one knows what will happen in food, but also Do not mention different people, put aside the different eating habits and physiological characteristics of the food phase g is not less scientific than to put aside the measurement? But who can have this theory accurate to every individual body? Yes, I eat crabs to eat persimmon no problem, does not mean that no problem with others, I eat two persimmon good, others may eat a hospital into the hospital ... it seems that the food behind the table should be attached to the names of people around the world, because Is the result too uncontrollable? Therefore, the internal assertions of the strict and external samples of the numerous unknown, led to this theory can not be falsified, not falsifiable science is not pseudo-science yet? At first I did not want black Chinese medicine, but the statement was happened at that time, it happens that some people condemnation, but also to the Western medicine planted. I would like to ask you from which English translation of the food out of the word four words? Listen to the word, the authentic Chinese ah! How to meet my Chinese culture, how consistent with the profound Chinese medicine philosophy ah! But now the Chinese medicine to play the slip, began to intervene in other countries' internal affairs, the Western chemical composition is also incorporated into their own system, in fact, this is a good thing, advancing with the times, but do not buckle your mind the world conclusion, Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as funny as ignorant. Well, it may also be the proliferation of populaceous ideas, folk remedies to borrow Chinese medicine theory, pull tiger skin to do the banner, helpless Chinese medicine back pot ... that's better, Chinese and Western medicine do not recognize the food phase g, is it more complete, but also discuss what The Everyone scattered it Edited in 2017-04-011450 plus sun medicine (acupuncture and massage) 22 serious answer not shaking clever: eat a lot of seafood after not eat special acid fruit is true. Summer vacation to Dalian play, five people eat a meal of seafood, back on the road two people drink a cup of fresh orange juice, the two silly there is me. The results just returned to the hotel two people at the same time have responded: the night to eat the whole TM spit out even last night to eat are channeling dilute out of the night we fool the wall of each other ridicule ... anyway in this life is no longer Dare ... the next few days a few other friends in the spirit of fearless test another hotel sour plum soup, a few people unscathed. That sour plum soup is not too sour, it is estimated that the powder is red, so you may need fresh fruit to have this effect. 2016-12-032242 please call me a small spirit seriously, do not shake the clever 15 first allow me to pretend about the force, to tell you about eighteen Chinese medicine: Materia sketch eighteen anti, Algae and corpses with a war grass, the public cited Xin Shao rebel veratrum. This is the traditional Chinese medicine in the formula must pay attention. In the daily life is also some significance, and now people pay more attention to health, nothing like their own soup with traditional Chinese medicine, but some things are really not together, such as: ginseng and radish, ginseng is Dabuqi medicine, Radish is the drug of qi, the two can not be

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