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Can not do the bottled cans? 2017-09-05 10:41:06Canned cover so hard to open, that is who screw up it? - canned cans so hard to open, that is who screwed up it? 2352849 5 kelvinFood Auditor food Cock silk men 29 really answer you, in most of the factory which is also screwed up, only a small part of the strength of the factory was on the machine, the reason is very simple, expensive machine. But the effect is almost the same, the machine speed. You can say that the canned glass should be it, in fact, the principle of sealing is very simple, is the principle of thermal expansion and contraction in the food into the cans when there is a certain amount of heat, when the heat will cover the spin, and then sterilization, cool down. Canned, covered very tight, because you understand it, after cooling the gas volume decreases, so that the pressure outside the tank than the big, so sealed. 2011-12-23292 Early foreign user identification medicine excellent answer 73 is the assembly line of the robot screw up. Questioner, please say hello to the inhabitants of your planet! 2011-05-167312 more 1 is folded (why?) Download client and world knowledge, why hard shot the bottom of the cans, and then twist it easy to unscrew? - Why do you join the mechanics of the bottom of the cans, and then easy to twist open? If the liquid inertia forward force generated by the action to move out of the cap, why the outbreak of the vertical action on the lid of the force than the role of the lid in the lid on the edge of the force easier to unscrew the 720812 users 2 The bottle can only be vitreous, the glass is clearly impossible to shoot under the formation of continuous deformation. Similarly, the bottom of the glass bottle can not be fixed to the inside of the object relative to the acceleration of the bottle. So can only guess is a kind of vibration will solve the complex combination problem, the vibration can always be so, do not believe you screw together the screws and nuts in the box shake, they always tend to loose and loose, in the final analysis This is the fact that the entropy is always increasing in the thermodynamics problem. Just as small pieces are placed on slopes, vertical gravity can still cause small pieces to fall. And continue to increase the force to increase the lid is not at the same time increase the static friction and punch the moment to increase the pressure to balance the internal and external pressure, reducing the static friction Posted by admin on Dec 11, 2010 Download client and world knowledge Experience and opinion


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