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Bottle cans 2017-09-05 02:05:46What are the methods for women to easily open the cans? - method of adding knowledge of life life skills for women of easy open cans bottle of what? If all the conventional methods (mats, hot water) are uncertain, I have a trick to kill - take out the chopper, grip the handle, with a kitchen knife close to the kitchen knife, Handle the side of the tip, mercilessly to the cans covered a knock. moment! The pressure inside and outside the bottle to lift the ~ the world Datong ~ find God horse man ~ tell them ~ this chopper castrated their line ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ No chopper, any iron goods can be, such as spoons, the spoon cans into the canned edge, the use of lever light pry, release pressure. And then you can easily open, which is many years ago I saw from the CCTV channel, Kaopu. 2012-02-15308 more 2 is folded (why?) Download client with world knowledge, experience and insight download client and world knowledge, supermarkets common canned bottles, the inside of its cap (pictured) What is the material? - join the material materials science and engineering materials science supermarkets common canned bottles, the inside of its cap (pictured) What is the material? 2330 View All 1 User Food Contact Bottle Cap Gasket 1, Cap Gasket Industry Description and Status The cap gasket is made of rubber, copper or paper used to fit between two planes to strengthen the seal. Material, with the role of preventing fluid leakage. With the continuous development of the economy, cap gaskets are widely used in alcohol, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries. According to the relevant news reports, the current domestic wine packaging and beverage packaging on the cap gasket growing demand, and wine packaging bottle cap gasket cover the use of the total amount of more than 70. With the rapid development of China's alcohol and beverage industry, cap gasket industry gradually rise. China's cap gasket production in 2014 compared to 2013 year on year increase of 14, this huge demand not only pull the cap gasket prices all the way up, but also to the number of manufacturers of cap gasket increased rapidly. At present, China has become the world's largest cap gasket consumer and exporter. Second, the cap gasket The main product category and material cap gasket in the food packaging application is extremely extensive, including health care products, spices bottles, beer and so on. 2014 market survey shows that China's cap gasket market as many as hundreds of products, various types of specifications and types of cap gasket filled with food packaging container market, the material mainly in the following types: 74 PVC material Bottle cap: soy milk, beer, health products, caps 74 PE material cap gasket: soy milk, beer, health care products, and other 74 cap material cap gasket: epoxy resin coating seasoning, etc. Third, At present, the use of food packaging in the gasket with PVC, PE, back to the pads, aluminum foil composite gasket, Zhisu aluminum composite gaskets and other materials, including PVC, PE-based material. This kind of PVC, PE material gasket is made of chemical raw materials or through chemical reaction made in the process may exist organic residues to contaminate the food, such organic residues mainly include plasticizers (phthalates ), Environmental pollutants (nonylphenol), etc., the health of the vast number of consumers may cause potential security risks. Fourth, the domestic and international control of the cap gasket Since the late 1950s, the US FDA, the European Commission and the EU member states have promulgated a series of food contact materials and product safety laws and regulations, and some of the risk The compounds were monitored (Table 1). Edit at 2016-05-130 View All 1


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