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Big meat canned bones soft 2017-09-04 19:02:52Is there any special delicious canned meat? - join the gourmet life cooking kitchen canned food what is particularly delicious meat canned it? From the snacks Gan Zhu licensing beans cans, and later eat the old captain's eel canned, what is particularly delicious canned it 71713 has not answered 1 was folded (why?) Download the client with world knowledge, why tuna canned, meat Canned are lawns, but canned corn without? Every time you open a lot of money. The - join the common sense food industry corn canned food food packaging why canned tuna, canned meat can have a pull ring, but no corn cans? Every time you open a lot of money. The 639324 Knight FreedomAmbition6 First, but certainly not the most important, no pull-ring cover is cheaper than pulling the cover, and the technical difficulty is much lower. Easy to open the lid than the non-pull cover each cover at least 5 cents less, odd value of the cover even reached 1 yuan. Second, the canned food cans and easy to open the lid of the cans, the biggest difference between the two: ① sterilization process ② opening size. We usually drink drinks generally pasteurized, sterilization temperature is not higher than 100 ℃, and food cans generally sterilization temperature of 121 ℃. Early in the food business can not be a good control of positive and negative pressure (or easy to open cover pressure is insufficient) case, easy to open the lid is easy to burst tank ah, there are wood! The In addition, we usually eat the food cans, in order to facilitate the pour out of the contents of the basic is full of open, and the beverage tank is basically a small opening. Full opening of the easy to open the lid of the smaller opening of the easy-pull in the transport process is more likely to cause cracks due to extrusion cover. Easy to open the lid really is not simply add a pull ring only, it is necessary to ensure a canned open smooth (as easy as possible to open), but also to meet the basic requirements of sealing pressure, or have some technical difficulty in the. China is also nearly 15 years to start easy to open technology is gradually mature. Again, the inner wall of the lid is usually coated with a layer of paint, used to protect the tinplate is oxidized. Production is easy to open cover (in terms of no pull ring cover), easier to cause some mechanical damage to the coating, it can not be dense to protect the tinplate. (The above materials are from the network data finishing, do not like not to burn) 2015-03-0761 Anonymous users 1 why there is this difference, I do not know, I can provide the information is that the food business procurement tinplate cans are sealed bottom , That is, easy to pull the lid side is already in the body. Unless it is two cans, the general food business is sealed is not easy to pull the lid side. Canned food as a military supplies included in the procurement of troops within the scope of the procurement, the development of specialized standards are not easy to pull the lid, the reason is easy to pull the reliability or not high, prone to damage. Corn cans and tuna are not the same, do not know is not on the sterilization process pressure requirements, or corn cans because of low value of goods so the tank is thin, for the sterilization process can not use the pressure on the lid. Even if it is not easy to pull cover, in fact, is also very good to open, with a knife to assassinate a round out. I still do not understand, why so far civilian consumption but also the production of metal cans.... 2015-07-080


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