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Anti - cancer effect of canned asparagus 2017-08-15 23:08:35Online anti-cancer food really anti-cancer it? Do you add healthy anti-cancer food online? We can often in the microblogging, friends circle to see such as \Measures are multifaceted, where diet and nutrition measures are one of the most important aspects. In addition to the above mentioned increase in the intake of protective food, but also reduce the intake of carcinogens or carcinogens, to ensure a balanced diet, enhance the body resistance, in order to achieve the purpose of diet anti-cancer. For example, try to avoid the intake of contaminated food, such as pesticide residues, heavy metals, environmental estrogen, etc .; eat less saccharin, synthetic pigment and other additives processing food; do not eat moldy food, cool dry place storage Mildew; eat some meat canned, ham, etc., as far as possible cryogenic storage of some perishable protein-rich meat, fish, shellfish, etc .; eat less fried potato chips, fries, instant noodles and other high-temperature fried starch Food, eat pickles and other pickled food. To ensure a balanced diet, it is recommended to plant food-based diversified diet, to develop eat more fruits and vegetables, eat red meat, limit the total fat and oil, salt control, do not drink and other good habits. In addition, adhere to physical exercise, to maintain a good mental state, adhere to a reasonable and regular way of life, regularly participate in physical examination or predict the risk of genetic testing, but also to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer methods. Author: LIU Ping-ping, Sina amp; micro letter: LIU Ping-ping life nutrition 2016-05-2118 old lady we psychiatric care, hey! It's a pleasure today. 12 I will tell you a logic, if a food can be anti-cancer, it must be inside it contains one or several anti-cancer substances, then these substances have long been extracted for cancer prevention and treatment , The popular can not be the food itself, but should be to obtain more efficient formulations, but now no, explain what? I do not know, only know that the United Nations Science and Education announced a list of anti-cancer food: the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Red wine, green tea, corn, sweet potato. If I remember correctly, then these four kinds. Which red wine can be replaced with red grapes, but to eat skin. Because the anti-cancer ingredients mainly in the red grape of the skin ... ... PS, 1. This list is relatively early, I was no longer concerned about, so it is not clear whether there are new members. 2. I believe that this \Or have a good lifestyle 2016-10-270 Sun Xiaoxi are unreliable ah 2016-10-270vincent full of daydreaming lazy goods as a family of cancer patients with relatives, said the family is more emphasis on There is no anti-cancer effect I believe that theory is theory, but one thing can explain, the diet is reasonable, the normal work at least the risk of reducing the risk of getting sick , Who do not want healthy and healthy time to do what they want to do it 2016-10-260 more 4 was folded (why?) Asparagus tea was drunk, it is said to be anti-cancer? - add a drink tea anti-cancer asparagus tea was drunk, it is said to be anti-cancer? 1134 download client with world knowledge, experience and insights download client with world knowledge, experience and insights

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