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Canned production process 2017-08-14 00:46:52How can the Swedish herring can be made? - join the gourmet food safe herring canned Swedish herring canned how to make it out? Please pay attention to the question, the problem is how can the canned out. 218340965415 92 burst uncle flying trumpet 4142 you think his love is not fineness, let him eat Oskars Surstr02mming it. If he is tears in his eyes, but also against you smile, is true love, and this love 100 shining golden glory. - Oskars Surstr02mming factory training this brand, established in 1954, it is said that the establishment of the day there are two rainbow, flashing strange and dazzling light. In 1981, Germany, a tenant will be salted herring canned juice splashed in the room stairs, the landlady wailing anger, and immediately to the residents to get rid of the last we rushed to the court, after the judge in court on the spot smell of evidence salt Pickled herring canned after the taste immediately after the judgment of the landlord innocent. In April 2006, Air France and British Air were unbearable and finally bravely stood out, and several major airlines were unblocked to carry salted herring cans. The main reason was not the taste but the danger that the cans could explode. Subsequently, Stockholm's Arlanda airport also stopped selling salted herring canned, although manufacturers denied that the cans had an explosion risk. However, this matter did not end, and finally in May 1, 2014, Hu Dixi Si Er of a warehouse suddenly fire, followed by thousands of fermented warehouse ... ... salted herring cans violent explosion And flew out of the warehouse, the strong smell of greed swallowed the surrounding air, hissing, known as the new era of the second Chernobyl event. The government then evacuated the surrounding residents, the survivors later accepted the local radio interview, they dressed in rescue blankets, murmured: unforgettable, unforgettable. So how can salted herring be produced? Today, please everyone ranked good form, with the burst into the science of uncle into life. Let the smell burst, but also let your life burst it! Traffic warning, traffic warning, traffic from here will be fast consumption, local tyrants at random. Salted herring canned food (Oskars Surstr02mming) X file, the world's most disgusting canned fish is how to produce it. The existing enterprise at the helm, should the engineering uncle asked us to hide his name. Enterprise Logo jar, he said he was very young when McDonald's, feel red and yellow is good, looked forget. Uncle said, a good product, be sure to impress the consumer's mind, I said, no, uncle, your product is crushed the soul of the consumer. The world's greatest products, are in the humble place to breed, here is like a small farm in Texas, the surface is quiet undercurrent. First of all, herring was transported by the refrigerated trucks here, salt water immersion, room temperature 4 degrees can not be high can not be low, 365 days and nights, the Swedes with their strict assurance of the quality of the product. With the Swedish dry and cold spring water continued to reconstruct the herring flesh, 45 degrees of Sigma industrial hands, water friction can make herring internal blood to speed up the leakage of lying groove, like a little hot eyes, are illusion, withstand! Everything is for life, life is not only far away from the cliffs. Stir, do not machine, machine mixing herring, and finally produced the product is not so smelly ... ... so disgusting. After cleaning the line on it, in fact, every day can not do more, the boss said blanket: we do not canned, we do is feelings, feelings of some fragrance, feelings of some stench, obviously we are the latter. Herring group, followed by the rhythm of the machine on the tour, like still in the deep deep sea so free, unrestrained. Head The machine is pulled down after the do not, and can become other \How to distinguish between butter, cheese, cheese, cheese, cream and cheese? - food China food safety problems frequently because the quality inspection department is not as it? Do you want to be harmful to people in the end, short and long? How to identify the repeated use of edible oil? How to distinguish between crabs, crabs, crabs, crabs, crabs, red 蟳, crab, king crabs, pine crabs, etc. crabs What kind of oil is the most appropriate choice? What is the difference between different types of edible oil? - Molecular cuisine answer goblins think taste of how to learn -? Answer edit think taste goblins in the case 2016-06-255228 I said, since ancient times more than white table confession, marriage never less reason 13 chemical and biological weapons this label who posted ah 2016- 05-08134 pomelo pears Yoli dessert lovers eat eat to lose weight to lose weight 65 that is, in the production of herring when the fish is still fresh and did not produce odor and after sealed in the cans of 8 months long fermentation Will this smell out of the fermentation but still sealed so it will not produce workers to produce biological and chemical weapons damage ... ... otherwise else ... ... not all strike The The More than the answer from Baidu plus my guess ... see the answer you put the link youtube ... you can also see I also went to see ... add knowledge base guide edit at 2016-05 -096515 Anonymous users 482 (update) I would like to name the name of the \, Eat a part, I noticed a herring canned, and then more greedy, and friends say to open together to eat, then the high-energy warning, we use the can opener to open Germany moment, his family from the second floor of the golden jump , I was stunned for three seconds, you can imagine what is the experience of these three seconds? That can not use the language to describe the taste, I turned around and ran, even the shoes did not wear to run home, sitting on the sofa, my mother smell the smell of my body asked me, son you are not out of public toilet? Mother! Really is the mother! After a friend of my family had a floor out of the people, his father hit him for a week without a walk, it is said that he canned herring to the ground, and later alerted the Public Security Bureau, specially sent a special investigation The group, suspected his home to create chemical weapons, and later my friend had canned fear, psychological branded an indelible shadow. Now met him asked him still remember the situation at that time, my friend said the brain a blank, see his grandfather. Said the experience of a feeling of death, since then his sense of smell degradation. If not dead or any hatred of the case, a lifetime do not buy or see herring cans, anyway, I was and my family square dance dance hate, three years of the weekend do not let me sleep, I decided to put Hatred turned into a herring canvas return square dance. The So many of the reply to feel we all quite curious about the herring cans, I and we say in detail about it For someone asked the special investigation team, not necessarily the country to send down there, my hometown there is a force, my friend's house there are troops in the executive, minutes only need to mobilize a phone call, national conditions is like this You believe it or not, I am telling the truth. Golden hair jumped from the second floor after the front leg fracture, but after three months nothing happened, but there are psychological shadows on the cans, and friends said that canned out of the dog, golden hair instantly ran to the door, then only eat dog food , And later things big trouble, but also on the local news, but friends also a little bit of energy for a long time to the matter of the. For the square dance is not really annoying, that is, the weekend aunt grandfather from the too early, I would like to sleep for a while will not work, my house 23 floor can listen to the clear, every day listening to horse riding, horizon clouds, Really collapse ah, there are times the dream and the birds together with the old club has left him. Because I and friends open up a little canned up, should be the internal fermentation, and later see the net that canned into the refrigerator, or fermentation, the more powerful fermentation on the taste the greater the cans will rise up, because the time For too long, just remember that canned big, after 21 years, the smell of herring cans engraved in the soul of the inside. Edit at 2016-05-083.1K574 Yuan He Cong 33 when the production is certainly not smelly it In the canned fermented after the smell of it. 2016-05-07336 food color ginger warm food lazy world 17 this time around the cans of eating herring very lively, could not help but to explore the next life of this canned. Summed up the three videos to meet you full of curiosity gluttonous guest. The first one, do not die do not die to eat the juvenile. In order to smell the smell of canned, went to successor have heroic death. Eat the Surstromming salt herring canned food is the god of food color shiseji second, the correct herring can eat, family gathering canned herring , Is actually a very happy thing. Enjoy the salt herring canned Surstromming correct eating method food color shiseji third, Surstromming salt herring canned factory exploration, look at people's township enterprises How to sell the product to the world. Surstromming salt herring canned factory exploration food color shiseji Finally, irresponsible tips, want to complain about the first study, use The latest cold violence each other's fate will be worse. Edit in 2016-05-081714 puff miss in the wind today, the sun suddenly so gentle 195 just feel funny hair, shaking a clever so much praise is also a little fear those who say I am running shaking shrew the baby all the way back pot. (Just remembered that someone said the exposed address so come to delete the map) edited in 2016-07-3119535 Rurotus user identification aerospace excellent answer 1 in canned anaerobic fermentation really afraid to produce botulinum toxins? 2016-05-1012 Zhang Xiaomeao website editor 3 The following is from Baidu Encyclopedia Note: 1, before opening the canned must inform all around people, to prevent accidents. 2, do not open the canned in a closed environment, or the consequences are very serious. 3, open the first to put in the refrigerator before the cold, reduce the internal pressure, if the room temperature may open at the time of opening a lot of liquid, it is difficult to clean up. 4, is strictly prohibited to bring this canned aircraft, once because of pressure problems caused by cans broken, may have a security risk. 5, after enjoying the perfect food, remember to keep the canned box sealed after, so as not to affect the city environment. 6, after opening must be finished, do not waste food. 7, vomit must be handled clean. When I saw the fifth, I knew how terrible it was. 2016-05-103 Please send your valuable halal food to the gentle and friendly Muslims. 12 What happens if extremist Muslims are eyeing herring cans or warehouses? 2016-05-08126 Peng Daoxing tied the sky 54 turned out to be food 2016-05-075410 Penseur44 --------- fire clamp stay pit, after I will come back to the direct open cans! The The ---------- (1799`ω0711) (29` ^ 0729) I would like to know how the smell of herring herring in the fire! The The Push me every day, I could not help it! The The Always wanted to buy a school! The The Read the \Is the process different? - canned food processing canned food canned food canned fruit canned and canned meat canned processing technology / process difference? See online introduction, canned meat can be the first canned, iron cans sealed mouth, and then high temperature heating sterilization after the completion of cooling. Can the process of canning of canned cans be the same? Always thought to do tinplate cans, entry threshold is relatively high, (sterile environment, high temperature sterilization, time control, sealing, etc.), degree of my mother a bit, in the bar where a lot of family workshops are tin cans of canned fruit. 3242 has not yet answered the download client with world knowledge, experience and insights

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