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Canned fruit and vegetable report 2017-08-14 00:45:34Dangshan peach Dangshan pear. I heard that Dangshan pear tree has 300 years Oh ~ so count, I used to eat three hundred years ago, people have eaten? Ah ha ha ha ... ... just burst Zhang Zhao, to prove that I said nothing! I was not burst like a mad, so when I think of this, I deleted friends ~ I was not burst according to mad, so when I think of it, I deleted friends ~ said so much, I To show that, according to my test, of course, the test object is me, this six months I did not have any discomfort, and the body gradually sturdy up, it seems, and I eat the most is the source of Meng Yuan Yuan peach and orange Canned, I intend to re-check the recent time, but I still on the road, so I go back to say slightly, ah, the next destination! go ahead! GO GO GO! Weak weak say, on the current view, I feel okay ~ ~ serious statement! This is not advertising, it's not advertising! If you want to eat, go to TB or see if there is no dealer. I heard that Meng Leyuan company held a free trial in Shenzhen activities. Edited at 2016-08-0443 more download client with world knowledge, experience and insights

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