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Lunch meat canned 2017-08-14 00:45:17What is the best thing to eat lunch meat? What kind of lunch is the best to eat lunch meat? If you can, please accurate to the specific models, thank you! 9856202729413 203 sharnodo beauty (chi) food (huo) home public: West eight (ayixi8) included in the editor recommended 15974 has been hesitant to answer this question .... always feel that after the publication of \2013-11-2415K1209 Penguin Jun micro letter: qiechihe / microblogging @ penguin eat and drink guide 1060 Penguin Jun in July when the search from around the world 52 cans of lunch meat (≈ 15kg), and then waving a small wings and cut Is the fried and boiled, and then open the power of the universe of prehistoric, they are finished ... ... na, we have eaten 52 lunch meat, are here. Na, we have eaten 52 lunch meat, are here. I. Criteria for the evaluation of meat (1-10 points): Since it is called luncheon meat, of course, under the foot to be considered qualified. Those like sponge as soft and lying lazy lunch meat, you can directly pull into the blacklist. Greasy (1-10 points): I know you will not eat lunch meat as the main course to eat, after all, was tired before death, you may be first salty ... but the greasy degree can still affect the taste of lunch meat, especially open When the cans eat directly, a slippery greasy lunch meat is a human nightmare. Brackish (1-10 points): This will be based on the evaluation of the test team to eat the experience, combined with the packaging of sodium content to score, but each person tastes different, preferences are different, so the score level for reference only, Does not mean merits and demerits. Of course, too salty lunch of meat is still very influential food consumption, taste light children please consciously avoid minefields. (1-10 points): Lunch meat is a magical thing, empty mouth may be flat, but after frying or boiled, often there will be interesting changes. Therefore, the penguin Jun braved the risk of being burned goose wings, the 52 cans of lunch meat are fried / cooked again for the hot pot party and instant noodle party reference. (Here should be applause) Ⅱ. Those years, we stepped on the original thought that the lunch meat this kind of thing will not be too much difference, eat it, delicious lunch meat is similar, and unpalatable lunch meat But each have their own unpalatable. Salty fried day SPAM: original luncheon meat, cheese luncheon meat, bacon luncheon, pecan wood smoke lunch lamb meat day: original lunch meat Royal Taste: original lunch meat Tuilp three flowers: original lunch meat (European version) Of the lunch meat for the next meal, but the salty taste of a loss of taste, boiled after the slightest loss of its power of luncheon meat, or less eat better. The non-salt version of SPAM is a well-known salty, and the original sodium content is 1410mg (per 100g). And Tulip three flowers (European version) is amazing salty, sodium content of up to 2300mg, almost three times the number of domestic brands. Although the meat is good, but the taste is too heavy, if you can eat empty mouth, I respect you is a man. Starch too much Merlin: luncheon meat (lunches), lunch meat (Hong Kong version of cans), luncheon meat (Hong Kong version of round cans) special forces: ham luncheon meat, beef luncheon mori: boutique Yunlu lunch meat Meining: Lunch meat Eagle money: Lunch meat canned flywheel: Lunch meat canned Q3 card: high quality lunch meat canned starch can help lunch meat and maintain moisture, but if added too much, it will become a soft ham sausage, brought Fried also barely decent, under the hot pot a cook becomes languid, almost to worry about it will be in the soup. Many domestic lunches have this problem. Germany and the lunch meat meat several grades, \And more compact. But low fat is replaced by some pork to replace the pork, the taste has a certain impact, so no special recommendation. Royal Taste 40 low sodium ham lamb meat sensation: 5 points greasy: 4 points brackish: 4 points and SPAM with the US brand, Royal Taste of the original flavor is salty can not bear But its 40 low sodium version, per 100 grams of sodium content is only 607 mg, lower than the SPAM sodium version is more light. Royal Taste starch content is not high, but the texture is very delicate, but still no fleshy chewy. After the fried taste is not a color, but after cooking soft taste, dense texture, glowing gentle pink luster, want to be very suitable for shabu hot pot. Royal Taste cheese ham lamb meat sensation: 5 points greasy: 5 points brackish: 6 minutes Royal Taste There is also a cheese ham lunch meat, mixed with small particles of the car to play cheese, eat a touch of cheese aroma, but not greasy people. The salinity is slightly higher than the low sodium version, but it is also acceptable. Compared to a lot of wonderful taste of the luncheon meat, it is a very tricky fancy taste. But this lunch meat fried after the salinity will be high, cheese aroma will be covered. We recommend the use of broth boiled, can only play its strengths. (Mainland version) (Hong Kong version) Merlin: ham luncheon canned (Hong Kong) canned (canned meat) Version) SPAM: 50 low sodium lun meal meat Royal Taste: 40 low sodium ham lunch meat Royal Taste: cheese ham luncheon 77 minefield salty SPAM: original luncheon meat, cheese luncheon meat bacon lunch meat, pecan wood smoke lunch meat Tuilp three flowers: original lunch meat (European version) Royal Taste: original lunch lamb meat days: original lunch meat too much meat Merlin: lunch meat (domestic) lunch meat (Hong Kong version of cans) lunch meat (Hong Kong version of round cans) Ham luncheon meat, beef luncheon fleshy: boutique lumbar lunch meat Meining: Halal beef luncheon meat Q3 card: quality lunch meat canned Eagle money: lunch meat canned flywheel: lunch meat canned 78 quite satisfactory In addition to the above mentioned lunch meat , We also tried these brands and tastes, which also lack a lot of well-known brands fans. However, compared to the above recommended lunch meat, we believe that these lunch meat is only quite satisfactory, or both bright spots are also flawed, so only list for your reference, not specifically recommended. Great Hong Kong (Hong Kong version): high quality garlic luncheon meat, high quality chill lunch flesh and sour: classic cloud ladder lunch meat, Xuanwei ham lunch meat Meining: fine ham meat, halal beef luncheon meat treasures: Jinhua ham luncheon meat dragon: Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Lamb Meat Moguchon: Authentic Lunch Meat, Cheese Lunch Meat Day: Garlic Lunch Meat Hansung: Black Pig Lunch Meat Clean Garden: High Calcium Lunch Meat Meat House: And Flavored Meat Meat | Ding Xiaosui, Mei Yi Tu | Min Edit at 2016-12 -161.1K119 green ugly commoner N stream Programmer, manual party, after the drive, off-road fans 75 to say lunch meat, these two are really high-end goods. Hebei Qinhuangdao production, military grade. Taste, taste absolutely spike Merlin, Germany and the stream. Just the supermarket is difficult to buy. Edit the user in the 2014-09-147566 users to understand the special food trial department understand 2016-08-302817 User 49 Chinese People's Liberation Army No. 403 factory production of lunch meat canned 2015-11-294924 wang vivo hypocritical. 3 do not like the three flowers Tulip, a little meat Sao taste and more salty, Hong Kong to buy. From the refrigerator to eat out to eat two meals have not finished eating a photo to explain the problem. The The But canned design is good! Great Wall card that white pig, is simply a sense of separation of flesh and vegetables, when eating quickly cry out there are wood. The The Relatively speaking, think Merlin is more suitable for their own tastes! SPAM is also good, the hearts of the second row. 2013-11-2535 Muzik crocodile beauty Dili study monks / small purchasing a 32-year brand of lunch meat as long as hanging egg juice fried to golden on both sides, that taste is invincible praise 2013-05-293213 users 26 our Yunnan and Germany , No second 2013-07-20264 Text Surreal kitchen loitering lunatic9 I also admit that the Great White White is eating well, but this is strictly speaking can not be called luncheon meat? People on the jars are written on their own \Tasty lunch meat canned? I have a soft spot for canned food - except for canned fruit. This is something as a combat readiness food, in the previous material is not so rich in the age should still belong to the relatively good things, after all, see the patient to see what a friend to bring two fruit cans as a gift is still very common, and now even now Part of the rural areas, take relatives with gifts still have fruit cans exist, of course, I do not like fruit canned. I love all the meat. Often used to describe the situation of the bus crowded sardines; tall water immersion tuna, oil canned tuna canned; everywhere have their own signs of lobster sauce dace cans ... 621735212 users 1 a elbow flower ham in hand, all lunch meat is not And then ... 2016-10-221 Salsa 9, almost famous canned I have eaten only like the altar, just at hand, the map to show you. 2015-09-1096 Extreme treasure Internet veteran 1 I came to Amway a favorite lunch brand myself. Yunnan de and cloud leg luncheon canned. Taobao on a lot of supermarkets also have. 2015-11-0511 Zero two good A seven transparent leader 1 Merlin Meilin Meilin Meilin Meilin Lin Lin Lin really naive do not like lunch meat canned is not eaten Merlin lunch meat! God, in fact, canned Meilin good times! The The 2016-05-25111 Huanhuan engineering design Beidaihe canned, the taste of a child 2017-06-1002 Huaxing Li Veterinary Yunnan Ningzhou incense 2016-09-110 Ni for the clothes love pigs, law school escape students, eat dog meat Yunnan Bought the lunch meat what brand forgot to write a canned cloud cans and canned a special cloud cans. Especially the taste of dry, ordinary is very smooth. 2016-07-2204 users low salt Spam and little white pig best to eat. What other three flowers, de and cloud legs, Merlin are not good at 2017-01-110 eat eat delicious food research / psychology / furnace stone / food industry / climb (fragrant) mountain enthusiasts ... I do not think so. The original intention of canned food is not intended to be delicious but to facilitate a pile of broken meat with a lot of starch and flavoring no taste is not natural taste inside a little sour how could it take ham and fresh meat than? 2016-01-180 Xie Xiao Cong, of course, ah, a lot of direct eating is very delicious ah. The subject does not like to eat directly, then you can work, will be a lot less canned flavor, such as rinse in the hot pot, scrambled eggs, are very good ah. 2015-07-100 Anonymous users personal feeling Lunch meat canned more greasy, free to make their own lunch meat, taste will be refreshing a lot. If you can not eat directly can not eat, can be used as cooking raw materials. Domestic Merlin, Cologne, flywheel, Meining four canning factory personal like the flywheel ... ... although not delicious ... ... If you tell me that lunch meat can be put more than 20 years to maintain the taste is not very powerful it 2015-07-1003 Anonymous users Shuanghui's pants lunch meat canned and gold ham pork cans taste super good! The The 2016-09-040

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