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Pear canned raw materials 2017-08-14 00:43:09Canned fruit, in the end containing no preservatives - Add food food science food safety fruit canned, in the end containing no preservatives? This morning argued for a long time canned fruit, in the end containing no preservatives, the Internet said no, but in real life, we generally think there are, and that there is no iron, food additives added to the composition of what is the name, If not contain, how to prove it The The Up to the posture (do not take it for granted) 278705475 45 users 219 Under normal circumstances, the cans do not need to add preservatives, because the basic are sealed after sealing and then do sterilization, so after the completion of sterilization in a sealed state , The internal is sterile state. But as a result of small companies in the production of time to save the cost of sterilization to add some preservatives is not easy to say, the days of the manufacturer's imagination is infinite. The preservative used in the country is listed in GB 2760. Please refer to GB 2760-2014 National Standard for food safety food additive standards, as long as in accordance with the type of the standard and limited to add, are legitimate and can be considered safe. As for how to prove that no preservatives are really sad, all the types are checked again? Seems to be the behavior of burning it, and some other fruits may contain their own natural anti-corrosion ingredients, but also interfere with the test results, and seems to prove that they have no crime. BTW: say something extravagant, and now the media in order to find a gimmick, the additives demonized, the additive itself is no error, within the prescribed range without any security problems, and the food flavor, safety, preservation have played a great effect. For example, a bottle of drink, do you think is the risk of preservatives within the scope of compliance or the risk of microbial exposure? More brain remnants, to create the so-called \Say a few words, really like to eat canned fruit will not do their own words, just buy those regular manufacturers like the big. 2015-05-2954 User 6 Xie Lin invited to see before the problem is, just afternoon, nothing to answer this question. This thing is not to fight, no real right or wrong, some people are willing to say so, some people are willing to do so, some people are willing to sell so, some people are willing to buy so, some people are willing to eat ... ... can, but since the answer, first clear Point: why add preservatives; fruit cans are allowed to add; fruit canned is all fruit canned or a fruit canned; why do you want to prove this problem; food added the name of the preservative. Well, to answer, first of all, from the literally to understand the preservatives on the Well, the preservative is nothing more than the growth of food freshness and preservation time, it is clear and well understood, businesses add preservatives to increase shelf life by reducing Cost, which is also very consistent with the characteristics of businessmen Well, but this business is not good yet? On the black heart of it? Obviously not the case! The The Had to say that preservatives are a great invention in the human food industry, not only for businessmen, but also for all mankind, where there is no detail, single pull out can be said for several days, and as @ Claude Li In his answer, the use of additives as long as the use of a reasonable dose in the atmosphere are relatively safe (here also asked why I think you do not need to continue to read ~), but it is necessary to mention the The country's laws and regulations are different, although there are differences, but do not worry, there is no national legislation is to make their own nationals to eat and die, but also in the maximum edible amount will have a protective coefficient, after the end is the standard display Of the maximum available, China's protection coefficient is still relatively high, theoretically can be assured, but this does not affect the unscrupulous business to add chaos, so there are some such people know the misunderstanding \There are some degrees of possibility. To sum up: theoretically, canned fruit should be completely natural, it should not need any additives, and put a long time after and just picking is the same fresh. Of course, manufacturers are often not so good, they want to profit. Edit at 2015-05-3024 smallker more to see how much less to say. 2 first thank you @ Lin Jia's invitation. Insert a few Baidu to the picture, invaded. There is no peach in the can. There is no peach in the can. There is a calcium chloride, this can be. As an inorganic preservative. Of course, mainly in the food is the role of stabilizer coagulant thickener. There is a calcium chloride, this can be. As an inorganic preservative. Of course, mainly in the food is the role of stabilizer coagulant thickener. This is not. This is not. This is not. The The This is not. The The This is not. This is not. -------- I was separated from the line line Jun ---------------- more than the map is not looking for the only find a related or is a fruit flavor jelly The Added potassium sorbate. Read the picture, we look at how GB2760-2014 Jun is the provisions of the. Propionic acid and its calcium and sodium salts can be used in the processing of canned cornflower, the maximum use of 50.0g / kg. Benzoic acid and its sodium salts and p-hydroxybenzoates and their sodium salts are prescribed and can not be used in jam cans. (Jam can also be considered in the canned fruit) sorbic acid and its potash can be used in jam. 1g / kg and then mentioned so much. Here's why the fruit cans are mostly preservatives. Because it is not needed. The role of preservatives is to prevent food spoilage, to extend the food storage period of the material. Canned fruit processing process involves sealing canned, that is, require 121 degrees Celsius, 15min sterilization operation, in this condition, the standard canned aseptic. That is, after loading canned, no bacteria. No bacteria, that even if the fruit canned in the environment (medium) nutrient content so rich, there is no way to reproduce. On the fruit will not cause the impact of flavor changes. (The words do other fruit canned after the flavor ...) so manufacturers do not need to add preservatives to prevent corruption. Having said that, food additives are the cornerstone of the development of modern food industry. We really do not need to talk about the kind of preservative ah like the tiger on the change. These are the ones that require the addition of the maximum added dose (regular manufacturer). Or that sentence, do not talk about the dose is rogue, as long as the manufacturers are in accordance with the provisions of the standard to add, then, consumer safety issues can be guaranteed. Pull away, hope that we can still correctly understand the food additives. Efforts to improve their level of posture is falling roar, we all need to learn one. 2015-05-292 Li Xiaoming 6002 food industry to eat a 1 first I want to tell you the production of fruit canned principle, you will know the answer after reading. Canned raw materials through the full heating of the microbial bacteria to kill all, into the tinplate box, the hot seal to form a negative pressure, so that the outside of the bacteria can not enter, and then high temperature sterilization. This series of processing technology has reached the purpose of sterilization and anti-corrosion, where also need to put preservatives! Proper! Besides the food used in most of the preservatives are invented after 1980, and canned more than 200 years ago, so we can rest assured that bold eating Kazakhstan. To recommend you around my friends love to eat a brand - Li Xiaoming canned peach, packaging on the grade, peach block, sweet and sour taste crisp, sweetness is not greasy, the elderly pregnant women are eating! Edited in 2017-06-191 Wang Dong 1 read a lot of science from the origin of the answer, I am an example of their own home. My hometown is the country of civilization fruit, Dangshan, before are Dangshan pear. After the open people built canned factory, where we began to peaches, canned the basic are peach, my family also has a kind of peach, where we have a lot of people have been to the canned factory workers, but also learned to do canned. Sold peach every year, on their own home to stay a little peach, do canned food. Above background. The method is also very simple, peeled to the nucleus, cut into small flap, on the can of the bottle, add water, put the right amount of sugar, cover the lid, on the big pot steamed, the water opened, steam about 10 minutes, Come out hard to tighten, cool in the cold water. The basic procedure is that, if the seal is good, probably more than a year basically no problem. My family never put additives, other people I have not asked, but probably no one put. On the sauce, the first time in such a serious answer, hope to give you some help. Hope everyone advice. And where we have fruit juice factory, but I suggest that we do not drink pear juice, industrial production, are made with broken pears. Good pears are all seen in the fruit stand. Anonymous users 1 Thank you invited to late, to see the front has been a lot of people said. In fact, fruit cans are generally not necessary to add preservatives. Fruit canned sugar content is not low, high concentration of solution can effectively inhibit bacterial growth. I just just eat a canned fruit, the bottle is so inside the sodium cyclamate is a common low-heat sweetener (over the body of the liver and the nervous system will cause harm), as well as citric acid as an acidifier, Of course, because of its low pH, can play a certain role in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. And vitamin C, is also a common food additives, but also the role of antioxidant. In summary, if in accordance with a more general definition, citric acid and Vc are considered a preservative. But in the inside to add the purpose of more can also be the taste of the debugging, not really for the anti-corrosion and deliberately added. In addition, add a preservative and do not be afraid. Disinfecting the dose is talking about rogue. More than 2015-06-2611 more 2 is folded (why?) Canned fruit are good fruit? - add food and fruit food safety canned fruit canned with good fruit it? Remember to see before, the fruit is generally the best to do canned, medium to sell, the worst to do fruit juice, do not know right, from the Internet can not find the relevant content 2099911431 quest like to eat Apple's pianome beauty 166 in a Canning factory holiday odd jobs (xxxx canned factory) student party ah, make money very hard. This is a tank production workshop (the noise is really big enough for the machine is also relatively old waste rate is also relatively low cost Well) Most of the products exported to Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea that time has been in the factory to eat and work may have a lot of this Learn first, most of the canned fruit is eaten without any problems! The The Those who do not understand the small side of the small factory, but the kind of small pieces of canned meat or as little as possible to buy less to eat, because when the cut how to say it, and some really not fresh, the pulp was almost into the paste , Do the cans or taste good ... ... although the bad place are deducted ... ... canned fruit, especially the most classic canned peach, be sure to buy big fruit flap! Is the kind of half of the kind of peaches, high quality, although can be more expensive, but we are not every meal to eat, eat you should eat well, you say a car has a few pounds, a month down, Brachial biceps thick a lot of the above are all small canned coconut, Vietnam imported raw materials, that time are tired of eating. (I was obviously eating) canned this thing is a good thing, there is nutrition, no preservatives (vacuum packaging is enough, plus preservatives simply MDZZ, you add something, the taste of the damage, Life ... ...) resistant to storage, I hope you do not demonized cans, enjoy life. Some people do not have a strong answer. I have discussed in a post, good goods in the end is more likely to stay in the countryside or stay in the city. Before are small workshops, to the countryside to take some fruit. Modern industrial play are the production base, the supply is required. No other, people want is the reputation, for this reputation, dig money also willing to spend money. So that rotten fruit is made of canned food? I believe that there is, sold to the township, rural small workshops are more likely to save costs in this area. But is it for big brands? Unless they can not. This fruit can save a few money, people exposed to the back of a farmer is not enough. Small workshops are not the same, another name to continue selling. So for the landlord this issue, I suggest that if you care about food safety, then at least to buy the brand canned, they have a national general inspection, safety is generally no problem; and if you have food hygiene requirements, I suggest you Buy the best of several brands of canned, the bigger the brand the better. The same logic can be used on almost all food issues. In addition to say ah, when answering other questions have encountered, it was trying to use the Sanlu incident to prove that in China, even if the big brand also nonsense. Then my explanation is: first, Sanlu was due to Mengniu after the addition of milk to the tension has been no way to control the quality of milk, and they began to private milk, that is known (pure green safe and pollution-free) Private dairy farmers where the milk, and the gang of grandson added melamineamine. That's what I said, \Want to love only one person 1 like a long time ago to watch the TV station reported a pear family, that pear is to do canned, no medicine, orchard chicken, not weeding, the whole is the wild feeling, On the sweetness, moisture and fruit size should be strictly measured, so I always felt that the fruit inside the cans should be good fruit 2016-02-201McDonald1 this general from the raw materials, the general factory acquisition of raw materials, which is good and bad , The factory can only probably confirm the quality of a batch of raw materials, and then in the processing of raw materials according to the standard classification. According to different customer needs will be different quality of raw materials canned. The factory will also adjust the product according to the different requirements of the market. Juice drink drink less wonderful, raw materials will certainly not use the best, the other will add some additives to ensure the flavor. In addition, the cans are boiled, that flavor and fresh fruit is certainly not the same. As for the canned inside the canned, do not rule out the individual small factories will add some should not add additives, but most of the cans will not add that thing. Fruit cans are generally added a lot of sugar, plus the fruit itself, sugar, sweet should be. 2016-01-241 users to open the factory is to make money, the site selected in the fruit of the province and save a storage charge also save a manual (filter out the bad part of the fruit). The key is that the additives do not have money? Can be less plus less chanting. 2016-12-060 small half of life in different states, cold and warm self-knowledge. Buy a large piece of fruit canned like a ... 2016-12-040 and off three view is not bad temper. Paste the process of our laboratory canned it [sugar canned orange] process: raw material picking - cleaning - stripping the skin - to tendons, sub-valve - acid treatment to capsule - water rinse - sorting - cans - row Gas - sealed - sterilization - cooling - finished technical points: 1. Select the skin thin, uniform size, no damage to fresh oranges. 2. Hand to the skin, keep clean and hygienic, separated from the gloves to remove the orange network to clean 3. to capsule, the orange petals soaked in 40-45 degrees 1 hydrochloric acid solution, orange and water ratio of 1: 1.5 ( 1: 2), 10min, depending on the thickness of the capsule depending on the thickness, when soaked to the capsule soft, immersion liquid opacity, you can remove, put in the rolling water rinse to no turbidity, and then lye treatment, hydrogen Sodium oxide 135-40 degrees, 5min to most of the bag easy to fall off, not loose, soft rotten as the quasi-lye treatment immediately after cleaning. 4. Remove the flesh on the muscle and the nucleus, hand light anti-broken valve 5. empty cans and cover, washed water, 85 degrees, disinfection 5min 6. said 220g orange petals cans, the remaining space filled with sugar, leaving the gap 4mm7 . Raw material squeeze juice, with a hand-held sugar meter to measure the amount of sugar, according to the formula to measure the concentration of sugar 8. Heating exhaust, when the tank after the pre-sealed (lid is not tight, leaving seam), heated water, to be boiling water to maintain 5min9 (80 degrees, 60 degrees, 40 degrees) 11. Inverted storage for one week, check whether there is mold, the end of the sterilization of the cans, Change, expansion tank. In general, the preservative is almost impossible, canned this [packaging] is produced for a long time to save food as is not rotten fruit, the normal process of fruit selection is very strict, and large manufacturers generally have their own orchard Or a specific supplier, for a few fruit to hit the sign is not. 2016-12-0401 fat graduate students suddenly think of a teacher told a story, said a lot of people on the food processing industry misunderstanding, including our own has also been, such as a child when there is a piece of Li Zilin, plum mature when the day will pick plum Sent to the market for sale, but a variety of natural or man-made part of the ripe plum will fall, then have been thinking of a good distress of these falling plums, if there is a machine, then you can put these plums (including rotten) processing , Do fruit juice ah, or do canned to sell, and now think about Oh. 2016-12-0302 user question digression, in the see a source with low-quality fruit juice production this thing is true? I fucking love to drink that, because it is strong ah 2016-12-0304 more 1 is folded (why?)

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