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Canned fish equipment 2017-08-14 00:39:15Catfish effect is really fake? - join the daily psychological analysis cold knowledge biology fish marine science catfish effect is really false? The story is this: Norwegians like to eat sardines, but sardines are very delicate, very suited to leave the sea after the environment. When the fishermen put the paved sardines into the fish tank back to the pier, the vast majority of sardines still died in the middle of suffocation, and the sale of sardines sold several times higher than the dead fish. But there is a fishing boat always let most of the sardines alive back to the fishing port, the captain strictly keep the secret, until the captain died, the mystery was opened. The original is the captain in the trough filled with sardines into a fish as the main food catfish, sardines met catfish is very tight, left and right suddenly, around to avoid, ... 256548996 16 Wang Penguin seafood biology, All-round primary school students, equipped with serious, pulled the light. 747 If you are a high school student, please believe it is true and ask yourself to make up 800 words. If you have graduated from high school, huh, huh, hats for claws what are when chatting good. Come to non-crap, the same space, strenuous exercise oxygen consumption should be exacerbated, the oxygen content of the same circumstances, Gee. Maybe sardines have a specific function? Pretend sardines have a specific function, let's see catfish. A friend said catfish is freshwater fish, in fact, there are seawater catfish, such as eel catfish, but this cargo is toxic! So this sardine even if not eaten also. The The Gee, maybe sardines have specific features? Continue to pretend that sardines have a specific function, let's look at the living area of ??eel catfish, usually in temperate and tropical salt water, the Norwegian fishery in the North Atlantic, simply speaking is not. Smoothly stroked the next search table, unfortunately, the North Atlantic catfish no fish. Really is to cross the sea to see you, this catfish should be a fan of Uncle Li Zongsheng. So love to listen to Li Zongsheng's eel catfish went to Norway, met with anti-toxic sardines, they happy to play, the rapid consumption of oxygen in the water, the results more lively and healthy, is simply a pair of heaven and earth, from no shame life Together, cover your face. You see, as long as the brain hole big, brain supplement 800 words is not difficult. Mobile phone typing on the code so much it By the way, catfish catfish, mobile phone typing is not specifically distinguished. 5.14 update I was so long-winded people to come, come Give you some dry goods. Is still a mobile phone, layout, do not Tucao. Penguin Jun Q & A time. 1. There is no catfish in Norway. Phone typing too annoying, copy an encyclopedia for you to see it [The phone in the end how to quote ah, forget the first quotation marks, \A person stealing things, causing everyone to indignation and mutual suspicion, Huang Zihua played Mai Ti Shuang not only cleverly out of the people who steal things, but also \The higher the degree, the better the effect, the use of biofeedback can increase the contact of patients and doctors, will have a positive effect. Thus, the guidance and the high quality system review suggest that biofeedback can be considered as an alternative. And for electrical stimulation, the effect is still controversial, domestic and foreign guidelines are that the efficacy of electrical stimulation is not accurate, taking into account the cost of the problem should not be as a routine routine recommendation to do. As for the vaginal dumbbells, all the guidelines and system reviews are considered invalid. Invalid meaning is that the vaginal dumbbell alone, the effect is not as good as Kegel movement; Kegel movement plus vaginal dumbbell, no more than a simple Kegel movement more effective. Therefore, this method, clinically not recommended. When we are doing medical decision-making, it is not that we can find articles that have evidence. There are more than 2 million new biomedical articles published each year. The opposite is everywhere, and many people can find the \Pelvic muscle training (Kegel exercises) can be extremely effective in treating some forms of incontinence, especially stress incontinence. These exercises are effective in treating some forms of incontinence, especially stress incontinence. General of urethral hypermobility. The patient is instructed to repeatedly tighten her pelvic floor muscles as though she shes were voluntarily stopping a urine stream. Biofeedback techniques and weighted vaginal cones are available to assist patients in learning the Proper training is the number of episodes of incontinence; however, once the patient stops the exercise regimen, incontinence special recurs. Other results for stress incontinence include various pessaries And continence tampons that can be placed vaginally to aid in urethral compression. Urinary incontinence) Non-surgical treatment of lifestyle interventions help alleviate incontinence, including weight loss, reducing caffeine intake, fluid intake management to reduce physical exertion (such as work and exercise), smoking cessation, and relieve constipation. Pelvic muscle training (Kegel exercises) is extremely effective for certain urinary incontinence, especially stress urinary incontinence. This movement can enhance the pelvic floor (function), thereby reducing the excessive degree of urethral movement. Patients under the guidance of imitation of the initiative to interrupt the way of urination, repeatedly tighten its pelvic floor muscle group. Biofeedback techniques and vaginal cones can help patients learn the right training skills. If used correctly, the success rate of Kegel training can reach 85. Training was successfully defined as reducing the number of episodes of urinary incontinence. However, once the patient stops training, urinary incontinence usually reappears. Other treatments for stress urinary incontinence include pessary and continence tampon, which can be placed in the vagina as an adjunct to urethral contraction. Pillvic Support Defects Description of the Pelvic Support Defects 8516-06-0132251 Hu Yuan-dong User Logo Medical Outstanding Responders 854 The advertiser who advertised himself in the UK to engage in bioengineering and \The end of relaxation, whether the indications, whether it is sterile clean, whether the operation is correct, and finally if you accidentally to a vaginal tear or infection, or vaginal foreign body, and ultimately back to the doctor, this time, I believe that admissions doctors Is the nest of fire. However, the most important thing is, why in a female postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation answer will have a lot of unsightly message comments, in fact, I can understand, because at that time is also like a taste of five flavors, involuntarily covered with chicken skin (I can say enough Elegant). Because this thing, I thought a few years ago, follow the instructor on the clinic, summer, I did not mind wearing a beach dress (that is, the legendary Bohemian wind), in fact, I was not the ghost Style, I do not know how the day hit a ghost. Beautiful floating wind skirt set in the white coat inside also showed a long length, the beginning of the mentor did not notice that the clinic to half of the time she looked back to see me drift out of the dress, To the back of the examination room, solemnly told me: vigorously, although I hope you wear girls, do not like a man every day, but the dress is not appropriate, not allowed to wear later. And then leave a look of strange expression out. Know how i did at that time? Out of the clinic to the half, and no way to go back, so the skirt up a drag, pull the chest above, the skirt exposed to the knee, not short not long, and then fixed with rubber band, go out to continue to follow Outpatient, a look of righteousness. Since then, I have never been through the dress to the hospital. Before writing an article on women's sexual desire, when I write repeatedly thought, in the scrutiny, how can the ordinary people for the more humane things easier said, without any erotic colors in which The On the kind of irrepressible flapping desire - female Yu Yu - column was thought to see the meaning of my mind directly delete, delete, delete, and then drag out to cut, but ok, and did not appear, May not have a few people to see. Back to the original title, the original intention of the question itself is good, more and more sister who are concerned about their own discomfort, hope to be resolved, if you really have such a problem, please go to a regular hospital, listen to the professional doctor Guidance, intentional treatment. In fact, a lot of information, with the Pudmed, Cochrane Library, Google Scholar, Scopus, etc., to understand the latest pelvic floor rehabilitation research. Because my sister complained that I always put in English, do not speak people. Well, I'm talking. What do you need to know about pelvic floor rehabilitation? 1. why postpartum couples will appear the difficulties of the same room. Except for those who are really in the production process of vaginal tear and other issues, even if the normal production of the sister, in the puerperium even after that, due to high levels of prolactin, ovulation inhibition, lower estrogen and progesterone levels, the entire reproductive tract Of the mucosa is very thin, vaginal state may not be fully restored to the level before pregnancy, even with the same postmenopausal (really feel the life in advance), so do in the same room will feel dry, strong sense of friction, burning, Even pain. Do not have to be shy, do not have to be difficult to speak, bold to tell the child ta father, you have difficulties, powerless. 2. Is there any medicine or surgery can improve the problem of vaginal relaxation do not know your friends in the circle of micro-business there is no selling shrink drugs, I have. Free to find a search \Because PubMed's article level is also good and bad, the inside of the article is difficult to become a clinical consensus and clinical guide. Often, we want to get a more accepted clinical point of view will go to inquire uptodate (UpToDate clinical adviser |). This content is through a large number of experts to read a large number of literature after the consensus to write the views, basically the same as the guide, so basically Here's the point where you can rely on and believe. (Rather than relying on a few articles or what any doctor's point of view to win the trust of everyone) so the following list is the contents of uptodate. 1. First of all, we found the pelvic organ prolapse topic. 2. point to open the topic can see the red box is POP (pelvic organ prolapse, the following abbreviated as POP) patient management methods (there are many), horizontal line is mentioned in the patient education content, mentioned here we have been In the tear of Kegel training. 3. Click on the link to see the Kegel training introduction, which has the patient \of! Our hospital is attached to the wall! 2016-06-03516 Users 32 pelvic floor muscles, is a pelvic group of traction of the urethra, vagina, anal muscles. Imagine the pelvic floor muscle is a net, holding the bladder, vagina, rectum. Women during pregnancy, with the increase in the fetus, pelvic floor muscles are under increasing pressure, this network has been under the weight of pregnancy, some people in the third trimester cough, sneezing will leak, that is, Causes of Relaxation of Pelvic Floor Muscle. Female postpartum, the pressure of the pelvic floor muscle finally breathed a sigh of relief, but after October pregnant, or multiple production, this network may be involved in the loose, 1:30 will not restore elasticity, leakage, vaginal swelling Out, the situation of the fall of the anus occurred. If still young, or muscle elasticity is better, postpartum may not have the feeling, if the above situation occurs, it is necessary to pay attention! Now some hospitals have postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment, a course of about 1 to 2 thousand dollars, the best condition in the postpartum 42 days to do it, postpartum half a year is the best recovery period. This treatment is through low-voltage electrical stimulation therapy, wake up due to pregnancy too much weight of the pelvic floor muscle. Specifically is a treatment head connected to the power cord, inserted into the vagina, the patient according to the animation icon on the computer, do vaginal contraction movement. The hospital may also be vaginal dumbbells to the patient home to practice their own, vaginal dumbbell is a group of different weights of the oval ball, each end of a line, into the vagina, the patient to do all kinds of exercise, combined with self-contraction of the vagina, from To the purpose of exercise pelvic floor muscle. After the above treatment, the patient is best to adhere to life-long self-treatment, usually often do levator ani, contraction of vaginal movement. The greater the muscle's elasticity, pelvic floor muscle relaxation caused by leakage of urine, vaginal bulge, uterine prolapse, etc. may be gradually revealed, so the pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation as early as possible, to adhere to, even if the pre-treatment well, Usually have to do more contraction levator ani movement. Introduce one of the methods of self-contraction exercise: wave (wave sport) specific approach: supine knees bent. Part of the part of the exercise pelvic floor muscle. First as if to prevent fart, shrink + on the anus; keep for 5 seconds and then relax for at least 5 seconds. And then as if holding a sanitary napkin, shrink + on the vagina; keep for 5 seconds and then relax for at least 5 seconds. Finally, like to prevent urination, shrink + on the urethra; keep 5 seconds, and then relax for at least 5 seconds. This is a practice of kegel. And then add the need for exercise pelvic floor muscle, all know that old people will lose their elastic sagging, right? Pelvic floor with the same, with age, a variety of sagging situation will become increasingly prominent. Aged, pelvic floor muscle relaxation will make people more likely to feel it, so the elderly up early in the morning to squat toilet, older, and more can not hold back the urine. So pelvic floor exercise, is a lifelong exercise. Edit at 2016-05-023215 User 8 After consultation with obstetrics and gynecology professional doctor, do a little added: superficial understanding is that this exercise is a rainy day, rather than remedy. As for the other side, other respondents have done enough work. Remind you friends, medical problems, please doctor, public large hospital regular doctors that kind. As for ds like kneeling licking, tulip likes to fight the problem of money, then I can only say that you are happy like. Edit in 2016-05-3182 floating in the air of the shark positive and optimistic efforts to drop medical interns now large rehabilitation center, there will be this, our hospital has not carried out this, so do not understand, just know that in some big cities already have 2016- 05-310 anonymous users 16 Well, after seeing a controversy caused by a high praise answer I went to search the relevant literature, Wan Fang and Pubmed are looking for. Because it really do not know what keywords are appropriate, take a lot of detours, such as Vaginal dumbbell this looks quite shy keywords I was the first time with the middle of the detours do not say, I think The most reliable, the most relevant part of the up to: 4.3 pelvic floor rehabilitation measures in the pelvic floor function of the system screening assessment analysis, according to the purpose of treatment to develop the appropriate rehabilitation treatment plan. In the pelvic floor rehabilitation process, including the following specific rehabilitation measures: manual massage aid, pelvic floor muscle exercise, pelvic floor rehabilitation support training, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, integrated technology applications. Which controversial answer in the \Hospital to the hospital to the public hospital 2016-05-310 small Bodhisattva 2 pairs of canned fish answer is to keep in doubt, almost all of Shanghai has a gynecological 2-3 grade a hospital, have the pelvic floor muscle strength testing and treatment Of the department door has a corresponding publicity, postpartum examination also have this one. I heard from the gynecologist there to see, as long as the situation is not particularly serious are the most devaluation of rehabilitation and their own exercise, if not improved, then surgery (of course, if the patient is a serious injury, then, certainly recommended surgery) Generally after exercise, not serious can be restored to normal. I have to do every day after the exercise of their own exercise, postpartum more than two months of stress urinary incontinence to recover, adhere to 6 months after the feeling of more control YDao muscle, sexual experience has improved! (Of course, there may be because of the relationship between natural childbirth) natural postpartum YDao greater tolerance, to adapt to more posture, time is longer. Female GaoChao comes from YDi, and stretching over YDao's inner wall is more likely to stimulate the extension of the YDi tissue (that is, the saying goes G). So I feel nothing before the production of YDao, since the production is very feeling! Serious face :-) exercise this piece of sphincter, GaoChao when the contraction is more powerful, postpartum stress urinary incontinence is absolutely effective! Refueling exercise it pro editor at 2016-06-19212 view more answer 6 fold (why?)

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