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Canned beef pictures 2017-08-14 00:38:14You eat the best canned food is what? - add food food to eat canned food you eat the best canned food is what? 19870382586272 1414 muse475 would like to answer this question ah! When I was a child my father's own business, family life well-off. At the beginning of the eighties the Northeast money can not buy anything for children to feel delicious things, except canned. Cans can open a door to the world! Dad is someone around me that I think is the most stressful way of education. He hopes I can experience more experience and more experience life. One day he decided to buy me all the cans he could buy. Let me try to know more about the taste of food. From then on, every weekend afternoon, my father riding a motorcycle with me to the non-staple food store to buy canned. Every time standing in front of the canned food counter, looking at the dazzling cans, that feeling with the emperor in the thought of the turn of the concubine brand is the same ah! In this way, I spent more than six months to our local side of the food store cans eat all over again. The passage of time has been for so long, whenever I see canned words. My thoughts will be able to jump all the time back to thirty years ago, those afternoon afternoon, I sat in the back seat of the motorcycle holding my father's waist, all the way to the wind to the store, a small girl in front of the counter Tiptoe head, my father stood behind me, do not have to go back can feel his loving eyes, smiling mouth ... ... is really the best time! Miss father ... ... Edit at 2016-05-13475101 users 111 live in Heilongjiang, so eat some hair canned food. What impressed me most was a series of cans of a woolen brand, what animal was painted and what canned. Porcelain is the pork canned, the head of the cattle is the beef canned, until one day I eat a canned with a bear ... ... taste, then very delicious. Taste similar to beef as thick, but also a bit like dog meat, is the kind of carnivorous unique taste. Pirates of a picture ... ... edited in 2017-07-0711137 mysterious yellow heart of the heart you try to love, the edge of the also have to chic away. 29 hours to eat the military for the special egg rolls canned pork, a little hot with hot, eggs, mellow and pork lubrication in the soup under the soaked with a pot of helmets, and then cold a dry old man green pepper tomato cucumber silk, I can eat To the old days old The The 2016-05-092918 Lelda read a few books, can fry a few dishes 25 canned in no particular order, please the following canned factory initiative to the advertising cost to my personal account ~ Cologne braised pork canned northeast has a dish called Chaos stew, this stuff has a variety of practices, I am potatoes, eggplant pepper tomatoes and then add a pot of stewed pork. This dish is salty-based, a bit hot and sour, and rice is absolutely perfect match. Porcupine canned I have tried several models, said the ancient dragon this, the price is moderate weight, fat with a reasonable, more soup, especially pork skin fat and not greasy, used to stew is really better. Cologne brand mushroom meat sauce I went to college after two thousand years, then no Taobao shop, logistics and transportation may not be too developed, that is, in the province of A is rarely seen far in the horizon of the B province food. At that time roommates have a Fujian Xiamen people, eat the school food, every time home will bring more than ten cans of cans and tomato sauce and the like. Which I most favorite is this mushroom meat sauce, braved the heat of the rice, dig a spoonful of meat into the rice to open, mushroom, meat and rice and rice mixed together, eat a mouth is full Full of happiness. Meilin horseshoe ham which cannabal meat is best to eat I do not know, but this lunch is the meat I can easily buy the best to eat, casually find a supermarket there. Different from other domestic luncheon meat and Merlin's own box lunch lunch meat to join the starch, this lunch meat meat content is amazing high, particularly good taste. The figure can be seen, this meat is a frozen meat, it may seem a little tired actually not, this is not good to bring the bibimbap. Canned fish canned Canned fish Canned fish I did not put pictures because I could not eat the taste of those who better, the red tower Cologne and some other, I eat all special! do not! Fragrant! Tomato sauce canned my childhood memories, a child only to the guests at home will be opened a can of tomato sauce canned fish as a snack, I am waiting for the guests to eat dinner when I am on the table when the basic left The soup tastes the taste. Later, after high school, and sometimes do not love to go to the cafeteria to buy a can of tomato sauce fish, buy two big steamed bread, eating bread dipped in fish soup, the meat is not like. But love to eat tomato sauce canned and nothing, is simply love to eat. Strange is why tomato sauce is not inside the eggplant it? The The 2017-06-122525 Liu Lily4Eat. Pray. Love.16 True brand of yellow peach in the northeast of the University of any fever can not eat something roommate to buy me a big tank really roommate said that the northeast side of the fever here what the family gave Buy canned and really the best I try to try the idea of ??a taste and then. The The Nima a big pot all finished ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!! It is so big after eating really much better even the soup did not left (0711

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